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Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Now I better understand Al Gorebull Warnings frustration with not getting full credit for inventing the internet and having the Peeresidency stolen from him!! Fuggedabout Eggs-N-Cysts and Larry Elderberry!! I DEMAND REPARATIONS, DAMMIT!! (or half your months food stamps will do):

" spoken from the very lips of Prophet Al Gorebull Warning!===Posted by: Rocky Mtn. Lioness March 23, 2007 at 09:35 AM"

I've been sitting on this for some time now (something Rush Limbaugh sure can't do-- with his anal cysts..hehehe), But so far it's slipped by everyone here.......

The Shrubinator THOUGHT he could get away with killing Johnny & June Carter Cash, but NO MORE!!! He's been outted!!!

Check this out!!...Back those MANY years ago the Cash's knew about & tried to warn us THEN about the Earths Fever [and the Shrubs unwillingness to acknowledge it]..Not to mention they tried to send us a frontward masked message of how important it was to THEN elect Jesse Jackson as President to cure Earths Fever!!! (or it could be they meant Samuel L, Andrew, or Michael or Jermaine...that's still as unclear as the pus of an anal cyst) But(t) still, they made it VERY clear we should NOT let Dumbya steal the Whiteyhouse!!!

Now look at these prophetic, cryptic pleas from them!?!?!?!:

"We got married in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout,
We've been talkin' 'bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.
I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around,
Yeah, I'm goin' to Jackson,...."

You can't make this stuff up!!

The Shrub killed the Cash's! Impeach The Stoopid Evil Genius NOW!


"BTW, after the North Vietnamese kicked America's collective arse at the peace table, it started a period of unrivaled prosperity in communist Vietnam that is still the talk of the progressive world today." Libmeister

Of course, you are completely correct, Libster! Let's also not forget the shining achievments of the Soviets in East Germany and in Russia itself. Why, before the righteous commies wrenched power from the provisional government, starvation was unknown in Russia (a large and fertile land). However, like an extended month or Ramadan in a Christian land, starvation became the norm...and The People's waistlines were better for it. As John Kenneth Galbraith, the American architect of The Great Society, joyously proclaimed in a 1985 "New Yorker" article: "The Soviet system has made great material progress in recent sees it in the appearance of solid well-being of the people in the streets". About five years later, my aunt in Moscow was dissolving sugar in water as the only source of calories available to her while she was pregnant (the grocery store shelves were empty) while I was going on my first diet to lose 10 pounds in the USA. The similarities in affluence are remarkable.

We should really take time to give the underrated achievements of communism and all variants of socialist central planning their due. The steady stream of people willing to risk life and limb to reach America and its tainted and unfair free-market and rights to pursuit of happiness can be explained away by the inherent stupidity of the masses. Or we can just ignore it. A small price to pay for what academics of all stripes have observed in places like Cuba and the USSR - no poverty, no unhappiness, no racism. Ills of society obliterated with the snap of Castro finger's. Of course, one man's "ills" is another man's father but those are small considerations in the face of "the cause".

Fist of Etiquette

Actually, treason is the highest from of patriotism.

Of course, in this case patriotism correctly refers to support of and allegiance to the Global Nation. Subsequently, if any of the little NationStates, like America for instance, is working in its own selfish best interest, that should be promptly reported to the Global Nation.

Obviously, if you can actively work to stop your NationState from advancing its own agenda, that is also a good thing. (Whether that agenda is at the expense of or benefit to the global community is irrelevant.)

It's all in my newsletter.


Methinks, always remember, Soviet communism would have never failed if American capitalist greed hadn't destroyed it with unfair competition.

Actually we should pledge our allegiance to an Alien Nation. We should never be alienated from an Alien Nation.


FOE. you are an enlightened thinker. If only the masses were so enlightened. But, they're just freedom loving rednecks and that's why they, more than anyone, need the nomenklatura to guide them out of their destructive individualistic pursuits of happiness and demands for "unalienable" rights. I mean, they're so dumb, they probably didn't even want to kill that Polar Bear cub! Morons.

but I digress...

As a deeply and highly evolved progressive, complete with stringy unstylish hair, no make-up, mumus and birkenstocks, I agree with you. That's why, I teach my children that the American political system is dominated by two parties: The republicans and the traitors. Guess which one I vote for!!


Goodness, Libmeister, I always forget to account for unfair competition in my models!! Thank you for your reminder. Especially the reminder that communism didn't fail. That was viciously victimized by the grinding unfairness and inequality of capitalism and freedom.

Interesting note: On a tribute piece to Milton Friedman on YouTube, someone wrote in the comment section "Choice Fascist".

I don't know what a psychologist would say about the first words that came to mind but they were "useful idiot".


You are only an "useful idiot" if you are actually useful to the global collectivist cause. Otherwise one is simply an idiot. Hope that clears things up, Methinks.

"Ad hominems are the highest form of debate." Anon Progressyve.

It doesn't matter who says it when there is truthiness to be truthed.


... disprove that you mouthbreathing kkkonservative fascists!

Justa Joe

...Soviet communism would have never failed if American capitalist greed hadn't destroyed it with unfair competition. - An Enlightened Progressive

Your Thesis is backed up by none other than the great Irish, who said, and I paraphrase, "The Communists had to erect the Berlin wall to protect themselves from the Dirty Tricks of the USA."

You see it was all Bush's and Limbaugh's fault afterall.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

You succinctly cited the masses of South Koreans escaping to the Nirvana of N. Korea & Eutopic Vietnam...HOWEVER, let's not forget how MANY from Gaia forsaken country of Dictator Bush's are DAILY fleeing ---at any cost---in hopes of attaining the N. Korean DREAM.

There's NO question where I'm leaving to too when Dumbya is re-selected in 2008!!! I just hope I won't offend that Pompadourable Saintly Prince Kim Jong, beings that I'm about 10" taller than him. I sure wouldn't want to harsh his mIllow. He's such a sweet, delicate & gentle man & fabulous leader of the free world of NorK.

This much I do know!...Just ONE SCARY reason S. Koreans are risking their lives to flee to the paradise of N.Korea, is that S. Korean Jesus Land--- otherwise known as Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea!! We're talking 850,000 BIBLE BOTS! lead by Theocratic dictator Paul Yonggi Cho. Ain't no kinda scary KKKrap like that going on in Nirv...err...NorKy land!

♪♪NNOooooORTH Korea is the place to be!♪♪
♪♪Freeeee living is the life for me!♪♪
♪♪Lavish living spread so far and wide!♪♪
♪♪Keep the U.S.and gimme the NorK's charmed life!♪♪

The Exorcist

"Fuggedabout Eggs-N-Cysts and Larry Elderberry!!"--RockMyWorld KKKittyKKKat

So, Rox, it's been at Larry's website for about a month. Perhaps the person who stole it from you in February suffers from premature imagination.


You're absolutely right RML. That's why we need better border security ... to keep Amerikkkans from fleeing the fascist regime, the death camps, and internment camps of the evil Chimperor that we gladly brave in the name of dissent and truthiness.

And by Gaia, I'm going to try my darndest to bankrupt the satanic American military industrial complex by availing myself of every resource and opportunity possible. THAT'S WHY I STAY IN THIS EVIL HELLHOLE CALLED AMERIKKKA you Christofascist kkkonservative goons, to make it better!

In case you haven't notice, I'm a very altruistic persyn who believes in personal sacrifice to make the world a better place.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

OH_MY_GORE!!!!....Boy...when you throw a rock in to a pack of dogs, it's the Big Dog who got hit and yelped the loudest!!!

Big Dictator Dog Shrubya vaporized my "this"! And THEN...THEN...>THEN....when I was typing up this correction of the bribed & coherced, HE FREAKIN' SHUT DOWN MY IP!! If he's THAT determined, you KNOW you've ticked him off. I LOVE it! Well GOOD!

"...HOWEVER, let's not forget how MANY from this Gaia forsaken country of Dictator Bush's are DAILY fleeing....."

Great minds feel alike...I tried to use "hellhole" in my Green Acres parody, but it didn't work.

I'm already disappointed in you anyway: "Myz Exorcist"...???..."Mini Van"....??? "progressyve" Poseur!!!

BTW--isn't "premature imagination dysfunction" the thing Reich WingThug BobDole was pimping the supposed cure for..??

This PID could be something the Shrubinator suffers from too, he gave me the flu YESTERDAY. For all I know he filled my bottle of Monolaurin, I picked up today, with placebo (or poison!!!) ...and... re-sealed it. Evil Chimperor. IS there a stupidder evil genius alive??

Justa Joe

The lie is the highest form of honesty - Mary Mapes & Dan Rather

Fist of Etiquette

Those Soviet hacks almost gave Communism a bad name. Almost.

Apparently they didn't realize for Communism to work, everyone has to participate. You can't have capitalists out there gumming up the works with their abundantly stocked grocery stores and their free speech and their hope and whatnot.

I ran a computer simulation of what a Socialist paradise would look like. I had everything factored in. I had some players that could produce more, and some players that required more. Everything averaged out, and within minutes of running the program the need for a central government had dissolved and it turned into a glorious model of a utopian society.

Then my stupid brother added new parameters he dubbed "human nature" and messed it all up. I can't believe my Norton didn't catch that.


Don't forget, "Fake but accurate" - Mary Mapes & Dan Rather.

"Lying is the highest form of speaking truth to power." - Joe Wilson


Of course, FOE, the only reason our grocery stories are fully stocked with food and Amerikkkan clothing stores have 50,000 different kinds of blue jeans is because privately owned stores only prosper at the expense of the slave labor of the downtrodden. Clearly the Amerikkkan economy and our government's budget is being balanced on the backs of the poor. And don't get me started on the slave labor from abroad which made this country "great" in the first place during the Industrial Revolution.

Don't forget, the pig-dog Amerikkkan "founders" even outsourced their illegal and immoral revolution to the Phrench. Modern history books are just rife with reich-wing lies about our supposedly "noble and patriotic" Amerikkkan founders when the fact is they eventually handed out wool blankets infected with small-pox to Native American Indians in order to steal their lands. This clearly constituted the first example of biological warfare in humyn hystory ... excepting, of course, the Phrench catapulting decaying, infected bovine remains on King Arthur and his jolly band of thieves and thugs - Weapons of Mass Decay.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"Lying is not lying if it's a 'truthier truth'" Michael Moooooooooore, PhD

Uh boy!...Looks like Proffesym Chomstein won't be posting for awhile! Maybe if we all pitched in a little sumpin' sumpin' from our Gubmint checks we could bail him out of the hands of the gestapo pig dissenters!!
If you're reading this, Lar...We got your back.(not "_side"!)

The Exorcist

"Myz Exorcist"...???..."Mini Van"....???--Rocky/Natasha/Boris

Well, Moxy Roxy, I'll have you know that Myz Exorcist IS A MAN!!!! And you can't get more progressive than that!

Secondly, Jimmy Carter and his Habitat For Palestinian buddies built a windmill on top of my Men-E Van and you can only get more progressive than that by marrying a man or owning a Prius.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Well, ya won some points back, Eggs-N-Cyst(ers)---for that windmill. That appeals to my Dutch...uhm.... know what I'm talking about.

Che's Lyfe Partner might even be willing to add you to her "whitelist"...well, you know what I mean...Better than being on anyones...uhm....."brown" list....and you KNOW what' I'm talkin' 'bout!

Kinky Bee

"and you can only get more progressive than that by marrying a man or owning a Prius."--Crusty

I am sooooo stinking happy, then. I am so, like, WAAAAYYY Progressyve. I MARRIED A MAN!!!! I am, like, so officially Progressyve now, it isn't even funny. Thanks, Exey. You made my day.

Kinky Bee

"I am formulating a theory that this "restless leg syndrome" I see advertised on the telly is just a subconscious urge to kick somebody's ass."--DonkeySchlong

And, as we know, The Donkey is the expert on all things kicky and Assy. Good theory, my dear AfricanWildAss SkinFlute. Please let me know how your research turns out, YukonWildAss Fur-SeekingMeatMissile

Kinky Bee

"While Lib Lar may appreciate all things Uranus, Dreeeaaamy Michael Moore is my achilles heel! YOWZA! [Kinky Bee...Janny Mae..? Don't make me fight you for him!!!! Capiche?]"--Mounted One with Sharp Nails and Teeth

Thanks a lot, Rocky. Keep all the good ones for yourself. I'll just go over here and sulk...dream about the day I can run my fingers through/slide my hand along the top of Johnny Edwards hair. *sigh* I guess that leaves Pumpkin Orange Lurch Heinz-Skerry for JannyMae. Sorry Janny, but Shrillary is still staking territory on BJ. Maybe when she ascends the throne in the White House, which is her proper place, she might give him the boot,and then you can claim him. Shoot! Why not just go for Hitlery. She's more of a man than BJ.

Kinky Bee

"• Sunni sheiks help turn tide against Iraq insurgency"

Proof again of Bush not just manipulating the weather, but the TIDES as well. Proof that Bush caused any and all Tsunamis by turning the tides.

Kinky Bee

"Yes, I LOVE MY MINIVAN too, Daisy Mae. And, just like you implied, they're surprisingly spacious. I can just toss my Arabian horse back there and head for the countryside like it's nobody's business."

Unlike my 2 dear friends here, I drive a Honda CR-V, which is a compact SUV. It's not a prius, but it doesn't guzzle too much gas, either. And like Exey, I can throw my Lyfe Partner in the back, and go for a ride. Of course, the cops didn't seem to like our excursion, but I reassured them it was a Honda CR-V, not an excursion. I had a fun ride, anyway, and I came home with a smile on my face.

BTW, Exey. When is the Mizzus going to grace us with her presence, and make sure you stay in line?

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