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I don't monger hate, DoubleU, I monger hemp rugs, vegan pies, and sit-ins!

And legalized marijuana.

Fist of Etiquette

And legalized marijuana.

That's not legal yet? WTF has Pelosi been doing all this time? Five day work week, my ass.


Johnedwards, the antichrist. I do not recogonize John Edwards as knowing what Jesus wants. Mittler Rommelney maybe, but not John Lovely Locks Edwards. I don't know why that is.


I don't like John Edwards forcing his religion on me. As good progressyves, we must rally around and denounce John Edwards for not following the acknowledged separation of church and state. Unless his pathetic mating call is for those who are outside mainstream Christianity, the law and reality.

Dude's ghost

Urges on the troops from the comfort of his fat backside.

Posted by: bren

Oh, Bren, you are so right! Limbaugh's trip to Afghanistan was nothing more than pompous posturing by that windbag!

Give me Al Franken! He hates Christians just as much as we do, and he is anti-war! I wish he hadn't quit AirAmerica. I don't know why he was upset because he wasn't getting paid! Getting paid for work is such a capitalistic concept.

We can't have utopia with people working for pay!

Anyway, Rush is a big fat idiot. I know, even though I never listened to Rush, because Al Franken told me so! Now that guy is a genius! I think he should run for president instead of Senator. I could vote for him!


"I do not recogonize John Edwards as knowing what Jesus wants"

I don't recognise anyone here as having the faintest idea what Jesus was talking about.


And this Ms Janny Mae poster (poseure?) has metamorphosed into Dude's Ghost for some reason.


Limbaugh's trip to Afghanistan???


"It's trying to get people to pay attention to all the good things we are doing in Afghanistan," a U.S. official who asked not to be named said of the trip, which is expected to take place next week. "This is just a different kind of outreach."

While it isn't clear who is paying for Limbaugh's trip, or if he is being paid for his time, the comments by the "U.S. official" certainly suggest the Bush administration is using Limbaugh to promote its agenda. [ends]

Dude's ghost

Who the heck is JannyMae?


How the £%$^$& would I know? But she's using two names.


john edwards is against war because it kills taxpayers and it siphons much needed funds off the welfare state.

bren's ghost

I hate it when people change names just to be annoying.

Sean Penn / Obama 2008

the ghost of Rush's anal cysts

I'm already printing up bumper stickers.

Obama / That Dude From Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Is that too big for a Prius?


John Edwards is NOT gay! He's queer.

baby injurer

someone ask john edwards - who would Jesus abort?

Fist of Etiquette



I'm not going to say that Edwards is gay. But if you put a hook in him and cast him into a gay bar you would be reeling them in all night.

Son of the South (c)

I have the faintest idea of what Jesus was talking about.


p.s. Hil does a really crappy imitation of the beautiful Southern drawl . . .

p.p.s. 'First' of Etiquette - am I the only one who caught it?


From previous thread:

It's kind of neat watching sockpuppets bren/Dude act precisely like the moonbats that Lib Lar parodies. You know if all us old school progressyves would simply stop posting and let the bren/bard/Dude collective enjoy their highly-progressive circle jerk, Lar would have proven his point about Dhimmiecrats in spades ... er, in faggots, er, you know what I mean.

Lar posts his stories and the moronic trolls post their responses and the irony of it all becomes even more delightful.

I'm still waiting, though, to hear from our trollish sockpuppet collective how RoveHimmler and Bu$Hitler blew up the Twin Towers on 9/11 and were able to be so effective in erasing the dots connecting them to it. They must have had the help of the Moosad. Damn neo-kkkon Jooooooooooooos!


Dang, did it again! My bad for making Bard part of the sockpuppet collective.


After reading bren/Dude's mindless but kool-aid™ inspired rants on the previous thread, does anyone think feel bren/Dude is worth the condom his daddy should have used?


"john edwards is against war because it kills taxpayers and it siphons much needed funds off the welfare state." - Aha

amen, sistah! Arbiter is LIVID that his section 8 housing may be compromised by the death of all those soldiers.


If the commies aren't a solid argument for birth control, I don't know what is. The Pope ought to really rethink his stance.


Say, bren, were you the victim of a botched abortion or did your mother simply start hating you when you began talking? I only ask because I'm starting to have the same response to you.


I don't recognise anyone here as having the faintest idea what Jesus was talking about.
-posted by irish/bren/mariane/dude-

Especially you. You belong to a country whose predominant religion punished people for reading the Bible, but still printed a version with time off from Purgatory.

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