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First of Etiquette

Who is this mythical "Jesus" I keep hearing about? Maybe He should run on the Democrat ticket in '08!


I actually went to the John Edwards website that Larry linked to and was VERY disappointed.

Wasn't he the one that hired those foul-mouthed bloggers, fired them and then re-hired them? Or am I confusing him with another lefty loser?

Anyway, there were no examples of either "f" word, the "c" word, anti Catholic rants or anything.

Looks like the neokkkons are guilty of censorship once again. Where is the free speech movement when you really need it?


If you aren't a victim of Washington States "education" system, palatial is usually spelled as such and not with a "c" replacing the "t".

However, I can forgive this minor gaffe. It's the only mistake I've ever noticed in Larry's writings. His speeking truth to pouwer, I mean.

We all make mistreaks...

Fist of Etiquette

If it would help, I could probably scare up a couple priest jokes for you here, DoubleD.

You know, private sector giving is all well and good, but it's not reliable. Europe understands that if you tax the shite out of everyone and then take a good deal of that money and pass it out to the, uh, less fortunate, it's a guarantee flow of cash.

Sure charitable contributions made by the people of America are impressive now, but who knows what will come when we finally get fed up with the ingrates? Are we really willing to take that chance?


It wasn't just Jesus hangin' in the hot tub with John, Mohammed was sipping margaritas while Buddah spread oil on his back. They all went out and caught a musical afterwards. And Tuesday brunch was to die for.

Fist of Etiquette

Oooooo, Edwards and Mohammed! What a great photo op!!!

Dude's ghost

Whoa! I can't stand Hillary since I saw her speaking in that church in, for CHRISSAKE, THE REDNECK SOUTH!

I thought this Edwards feller had something afther that shreiking harpie Coulter attacked him. Now, I find out he's some delusional, Jesus freak?

Damn, now, as a good progressyve I don't know what to do. It's bad enough that Bush and Dobson are trying to establish a theocracy. Why doesn't Richard Dawkins run for president?


Barney Frank has anal sex.


Dis Edwards happen to mention Jesus' position on legalized marijuana?



Thanks for the post on Rush Limbaugh's anal cysts. I'm glad you were in a position to check.

Thank the Lord that he has now blessed your planned nuptials to that Big Fat Lying Liar who Lies (a lot).




baby injurer - killer is too harsh dude

Ann Cohitler is SO wrong to call Edwards a faggot - i mean lets be sensitive here. he's light footed, dapper, he prances and he primps, he even channels to unborn fetal matter, and he's been known to switch hit on the basketball field, but faggot??


I've streamlined the entire presidential campaign process down to about three seconds... and having seen Edwards sashay two seconds too long, I have a tip: save yourself some money Prell girl.


These people, truly, have no shame.


Cheney ought to be treated on an outpatient basis at Walter Reed. They might find he has anal cysts, too.


"President George W. Bush has the constitutional power to pardon Lewis "Scooter" Libby, but will he do it? Democrats were immediately suspicious that he will, the White House was careful not to rule it out, and Intrade, an online prediction exchange on issues from politics to weather, opened a futures market on whether it would happen."

Bunch of yahoos, the whole cabal/criminal gang/profiteers.


Rush Limbaugh has anal cysts.

Fist of Etiquette

I would bet Bush will pardon Libby in the last days of his Oval Office occupancy. I hear outgoing presidents sometimes do that.


"I would bet Bush will pardon Libby in the last days of his Oval Office occupancy. I hear outgoing presidents sometimes do that."

As long as it happens after Hillary is elected.



You must have me confused with Dude. I commented about Barney Frank's anus, not Fatty McFascist Limbaugh's.

Get your asses straight.


Speaking of which, Barney Frank has anal sex.


"Rush Limbaugh has anal cysts."


That man is a true patriot, Dude! A cheerleader for war. A hero, dontcha know. Urges on the troops from the comfort of his fat backside.


I knew god who doesn't exists would be on the side of progressives. We do nothing wrong where the KKKonservatives are hate mongers mongering hate.


Wow. Dud is talking to himself just like Eurofilth. This is truly sad and desperate. I wonder how long he's been off his meds.


I don't monger hate, DoubleU, I monger hemp rugs, vegan pies, and sit-ins!

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