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JM, as soon as they develop the light rail here, we'll be greener than the Hulk!

The Exorcist

"Can someone loan me some of their carbon credits until my bum stops tooting?"-Arby's

You're in luck, Arbs. I earned 300 carbon credit points for having sex with my neighbor's dog. It would've been only 100 points but it was male dog and I picked up an extra 100 bonus points for not using protection.

How many will you be needing to get you through the day?


Exorcist! I knew I could count on you! I'll need about 38.7

I stole (I mean "borrowed") my stoopid Marine Corp brother's gas card and filled up my mini-cooper with Supreme unleaded at Citgo (helping my friend Hugo Chavez). That's worth at least 150 points! I used the gas station's restroom to defecate some tacos and didn't wash my hands (saving precious water) and earning 5 more points! This is soooo fun saving the world!!!

The Exorcist

Oops! Sorry Arbs, too late. I pulled up next to a suspected rethuglican in an M3 at lunch and me and my Firehawk had to send him to the promised land. Burned up all 300 points on that run. But I'll be getting off work from Exorcist Gun & Ammo in about an hour and I'll go huntin' for Fido just as soon as I pull in the driveway of the trailer park.

Menstrual Rainbow

The repugs engage in the politics of personal destruction all the time* so why can't we support the personal desttruction of Dick Cheney.

* For example repeating what we say to each other to the wider electorate.


Has anyone else noticed how Dick Cheney's face sort of sags on one side? Isn't that how The Undead look? What if The Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family is keeping him "alive" with HitlerBurton-developed voodoo medicine?

Anal Cysts

Hey, anyone here seen Rush? I looked away and he was gone, and now I've got to go find him again.


"And one other thing: Dude's mom has vaginal cysts."- Arbiter

That wasn't a vaginal cyst, Arbi! They thought it was but it turned out to be Dud himself!



I tell all Michael Moore’s Muslim Freedom Fighters (MMF F’ers):

You did not fail to plan you failed to wear your tinfoil hat.”

It's simple. Unwrap that turdbin and use Reynolds Wrap. Wear your tinfoil helmet before it’s too late! The Rovian Mind Rays deadly!

...And grow some stone ovaries and eat some Khat.


Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family Jackbooted Thugs Harass Innocent Artiste

ALAMEDA — Controversial art is nothing new for Alamedan Michael McDonald, known here for the provocative displays he puts in the front yard of his Central Avenue home.
He once impaled a sculpture of a human body to protest a local school tax. Neighbors complained in 2004 about a piece that included a profanity aimed at Vice President Dick Cheney. They complained again in 2006 when bloody baby dolls were used to protest the Iraq war.

But a new McDonald display crossed a line the others didn't. When people took offense to it, McDonald landed his second audience with the Secret Service in roughly a year.

The piece in question was a cardboard cutout of President Bush with a knife through his head. Painted blood ran over his eyes and down the bridge of his nose.

McDonald said the federal agents asked if he interpreted his work as a threat against the country's chief executive. He said he didn't.

"They said, 'You've got a knife sitting in the head of the president of the United States,'" McDonald said. "I said, 'No, I got a knife in a piece of cardboard.'"

Although McDonald was not charged with a crime, the incident raises questions about free speech and national security in an era when the government is taking unprecedented actions to protect the United States from terrorist attacks.

McDonald said he came home Thursday to find the card of a Secret Service agent stuck in his door. Agents had already interviewed some neighbors, he said.

McDonald was interviewed Friday after he contacted his attorney, he said. He said two agents grilled him in his home for about 90 minutes. They asked about his personal history and political views and had him sign a document allowing the government to search his medical records, he said.

The Secret Service could not be reached to verify McDonald's account.

Its agents — assigned to protect the president and other national leaders — clearly don't take their jobs lightly.

The Secret Service interviewed two students at Oakland High School in 2003 after an English teacher reported comments she interpreted as a death threat against Bush.

As for the Alameda situation, Jesse Choper, a professor of constitutional law and former dean at the Boalt Hall School of Law, said, "A threat to kill the president is not protected speech. Now the question is, is this a threat to kill the president?"

Choper cited a 1969 Supreme Court Case in which the court ruled in favor of an anti-Vietnam War demonstrator who made a crude remark about wanting to get then-President Lyndon Johnson "in my sights" if the Army ever asked him to carry a rifle.

According to that standard, it appears that McDonald's art would be protected, Choper said.

McDonald, 55, a longtime Alamedan stationed at the old Naval Air Station during the Vietnam War, said he has been placing art in his front yard for 13 years. He rotates the pieces monthly.

His living room is adorned with art of a different sort. There are paintings of flowers, the ocean and a brook running through a snow-covered forest, all of them by McDonald.

His enmity for Bush is clear.

"He's a liar," McDonald said, wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt that revealed tattoo-covered arms. "He's an out-and-out pathological liar."

McDonald said he sends weekly e-mails to Cheney, repeating the profanity Cheney famously used in an attack on Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, in 2004. He writes to Bush, too, he said. He never gets responses, he said. Well, almost never.

The Secret Service paid its first visit, McDonald said, after he wrote in an e-mail that if Bush ever came to Alameda, he'd kick his rear — only he didn't use the word "rear," he said.

Despite his controversy, McDonald said he enjoys a good deal of support from many people in Alameda, and he's painted more than 50 murals in the city.

Some clearly aren't such fans. The Se cret Service apparently received three separate complaints about the Bush piece.

Police Capt. Craig Ojala said police have responded twice to neighbors' complaints about "what (McDonald) would refer to as art" since 2004.

"The neighbors obviously felt that it was inappropriate," Ojala said of the Cheney piece. "You know, they have kids."

Ojala said the Police Department did not work with the Secret Service during the most recent dust-up.

But the news raised some eyebrows in Alameda, particularly among fellow artists.

"I think it's a little crazy that the Secret Service would come in," Alameda painter Karen Lee said. "It's a little scary for First Amendment rights. He's kind of an offbeat guy, but that's good I think. Artists are supposed to be offbeat."

For his part, McDonald said he harbors no resentment toward the Secret Service and that the agents were "extremely professional."

He also doesn't shy from making statements that, one would think, might land him in hot water again.

"I admire (the Secret Service) an awful lot," he said. "They've got a very difficult job. They've got to protect an idiot. I couldn't do that." He paused and added, "I'd duck."

The Bush piece that started it all is still in McDonald's front yard. He painted over the president's likeness in yellow and penciled in a swastika on the chest.

The knife still pierces the forehead, running through a recently added sign that says, "Anonymous."


"You forever lost our friendship when you falsely accused us of being terrorist sympathizers."

Yeah, it's not 'sympathy', it's empathy... no, I take it back, it's sympathy.


A joke I just heard:

Al Gore, and Bill and Hillary Clinton all died in a plane crash.

All three arrived at the pearly gates. God, Himself, siting on the throne, greeted them. First he spoke to Al Gore. “Al Gore, tell me what you believe.”

Gore replied, “I believe I really won the presidential election, but for some reason, you in divine wisdom wanted another person as president.”

God said, “Well, you are a wise man, Al Gore. You may sit at my left hand.” God went on to Bill, ” Mr. Bill Clinton, what do you believe?”

Clinton replied, “Well, I know I did wrong in my life, but I really tried to make up for it later on, and I’m sorry now.”

God said, “Well, you have repented, and you too are a wise man. You may also sit at my left hand.” Then he turns to Hillary. “Hillary Clinton, what do you believe?”

Hillary replied, “I believe you’re sitting in my chair.”


Interesting. I heard that joke a bit differently, and Brennan posted MY version of it, that I posted on a couple of other sites.

I just got a third version of it in an email, so it's making the rounds on the old internets. I wonder who first put it on the internet.



Hey there, Bush4Ever: This McDonald artiste dude should be able to sell some of his "art" to the Louvre.

The Phrench would wet their pants over this.


"Has anyone else noticed how Dick Cheney's face sort of sags on one side?"

Well, duh! So does my nutsack and there's nothing wrong with me. At least not much.

Time for my yogurt enema...


DicKKK Cheney drops his car off to be checked out and then goes across the street to the 7-11. He gets a cup of vanilla ice cream and eats it as he walks back to the gas station. He finishes it just as he gets to the station and doesn't have time to wipe the ice cream off his face.
"Hey", the mechanic says, "It looks like you blew a seal."
"Naw", says Cheney, "But after you fix that car, me and some of my Reich-Wing KKKhristian KKKonservative friends are gonna pollute the atmosphere in a private jet when we fly to the the Arctic to club some baby seals."


I wish I lived with Larry in the Seattle area where they have such progryssyve teachers.


AlGore will love that one, Bubblehead. And since the progressive teachers (they aren't true progressyves, only us) want to ban private property ownership, I suggest that the private school where they teach this drivel become owned by the state of Washington, and they work for state salaries.
Oh, and they can get jobs teaching building techniques for their own Lego sized houses.

In other news, Chimpy McHitler went to Enterprise Alabama to congratulate the school on not letting the kids evacuate until 1pm after the 10 am tornado alert. "It is schools like this that really understands what it means to implement no child left behind."


I want to have Dick Cheney's love child. Did you know his daughter is having one too? Is that kewl or what?

Christian P

?courage of Michael Dukakis?


Bubble, olde buddy, it ain't just the private schools that help to spread our progressyve doctrine, the public schools are right there too.

From the Seakkle Post Intelligencer (The newspaper that's intelligent as a post.)

Friday, June 2, 2006

School district pulls Web site after examples of racism spark controversy


"An outpouring of criticism forced Seattle Public Schools on Thursday to pull a Web site that viewed planning for the future, emphasizing individualism and defining standard English as examples of cultural racism."

The whole thing can be read at:

Gaia! I sooooo love The People's Republic of Seattle...


It's too bad there isn't a teacher's union or something that would assist and enable teachers to disseminate our progressyve agenda.

Oh wait. There IS? They DO?

Well, I swan.


Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian? It becomes even more imperative we surrender to the freedom fighters in Afghanistan.


"I've got a knife sticking in some cardboard."

And that cardboard is symbolic of President Bush?

What's a little symbolism between artists? It was symbolic of Bush needing some brain surgery.

Wel ... then you don't mind us bringing you before a cardboard court and then putting you in a cardboard prison, now do you?


Bill Maher Sorry the Assassination Attempt on Dick Cheney Failed

Not only will this prove, once and for all, that Bill Maher SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER but it should also help him score even better with LYberal, I mean, Progressyve, womyn at the Playboy mansion.

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