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Larry, I keep telling ya it's an illegal, immoral and FATTENING war for (cooking) oil.

Get with the program...


Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian?


Molly Ivins is just one of the 72 lovely virgins this brave, noble Muslim martyr is going to get to bang when he gets to heaven. I hope he gives her a good 2- or 3-second ride. ("In and out and home early." is my motto.)

Not that there's a really heaven or anything, but I'm very understanding when it comes to religion. As long as it's not Christianity. Or Judaism.


This poor Muslim did not just self-explode by accident. I think it the infamous Rovian Mind Rays. This poor Muslim simply did not wear a tin foil hat – KayBoom; blood and limbs rain down every where – that was all he/she/it wrote. Be Safe. Wear your tin foil hat next time.

Sure, Cheney’s "lesbian for oil" war did not endear him to progressive frogdom fighters but, it was KKKarl Rove that trained his evil eye on this poor Muslim which caused him to self-explode.

Rove might as well have loaded and fired the Photon Torpedoes from the Enterprise – the results would have been the same.

Cheney enjoy you brief escape from death and the top 1% of tax payers – some day KKKarl Rove will not be around to protect you!

Fist of Etiquette

Anyone that knows me also knows that I am fiercely opposed to violence and killing of humans and animals and certain trees. Sometimes that pacificism is a heavy burden and tests my resolve.

For instance, I was against the killing of the people in the World Trade Center, and I mourned the deaths of those on the planes, including those men that felt they had to fly the planes into the towers. And I mourned the passing of the Lebanese defenders against Isreali attacks, but I also wept over the Israeli soldiers that didn't know any better than to serve their Zionist leaders and die for that cause. I cried when I found out that the United States had chosen to kill Al Zarqawi and Saddam Hussein instead of working with those men for peaceful resolutions.

I have been ridiculed and called names for my the steadfast believe in non-violent resolution of conflict.

And when I think of how that freedom fighter died outside Cheney's compound, I get sad. His death was for nothing. If only he had gotten close enough to take out that evil bastard and rid the world of the evil liar and maybe take a few stupid Cheney yes-men staffers along with him and ohhh it would have been great if they also blew up some rich old white greedy Halliburton cronies that are getting fat off these wars and they all got what they deserve the world would be a better place without them!!!!!!


If The Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family hadn't started pouring American children's blood on this Illegal, Immoral & Fattening War For Oil For Sunshine, then practitioners of The Religion Of Peace would not be blowing themselves up...except in Israel but THAT would be to kill Jooooos so that's all right.


He got sent to his room so the grownups could handle the aftermath. Now that is just wrong. I mean, he is accountable. He is to blame. The Taliban wouldn't have had their turbans in a twist had Cheney just stayed home.


No! No! No! No! No!

There were no planes involved in 9/11. The buildings were brought down by controlled demolition explosives designed by Halliburton and placed by Zionists in order to justify an illegal, imoral and fattening war for oil.

The bomb that almost freed the world of the Evil Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken But Whose Daughter Is A Lesbian, that bomb that came withing a few thousand yards of liberating the world, most likely missed its mark only because DicKKK Cheney's car is armored, unlike the babykillingfascistmotherfuckingjackbootedthugsonsofbitchesnutlickerturdfacedassholes ©* military's vehicles.

(babykillingfascistmotherfuckingjackbootedthugsonsofbitchesnutlickerturdfacedassholes is copyrighted by Amanda Marcotte)


Rush Limbaugh has anal cysts.


"Rush Limbaugh has anal cysts."

As you should know...


Census records, genealogical research show forebears of Obama's mother had slaves

Fist of Etiquette

"There were no planes involved in 9/11."

Che, please don't tell me you're one of those people, these kooks that came out of the woodwork after nine-eleven with wild theories. Look, the elephant in the room is that everyone knows that the towers were brought down by a controlled implosion by the current administration. That's a given. But to claim that there were no planes involved is giving FoxNews just a little too much credit. We all saw the planes. (It wasn't until years later that Reuters perfected the art of image manipulation, but to their credit at least they were doing it for the greater good.) The "men that felt they had to fly the planes into the towers" to which I was referring was, of course, the USAF pilots that volunteered to fly the empty jets into the buildings for Bush's plan (and personal amusement, no doubt).

I wasn't looking to send this thread off into some crazy tangent about the subtle and ultimately inconsequential variations in the true story of 9/11. This should be about how "No-Bid" Cheney finally saw combat and ran away like the coward we all knew him to be.


"The "men that felt they had to fly the planes into the towers" to which I was referring was, of course, the USAF pilots that volunteered to fly the empty jets into the buildings for Bush's plan (and personal amusement, no doubt)."

Are you forgetting The Rovain Mind KKKontrol Waves that are used to keep innocnet boys & girls fighting the Illegal, Immoral & Fattening War For Oil For Sunshine? Could they have been used on the "pilots"?

RWing Nut

There was no attempt to kill Shotgun Dick; it was all orchestrated by the CIA and Mossad to pump up support for Bush's war for oil. Progressive Democrats pass a meaningless, nonbinding resolution against the war. How does BushHitler respond? Execute 15, including the freedom fighter. Message sent: no dissent will be tolerated by the Bush crime family. Step out of line and an innocent jihadi gets whacked.

Friends, don't be fooled when the Faux-led corporate media questions the truth you just read. Remember, the reich-wing propaganda machine has suppressed the truth of the Kennedy assasination for decades; which proves they are covering up the truth of 911. This latest bit of theater for the sheeple is small potatoes.


Sadly, Larry's post on this is very tame compared to what I'm reading on Huffington Post and Daily Kos...

And one other thing: Dude's mom has vaginal cysts.

Fist of Etiquette

Are you forgetting The Rovain Mind KKKontrol Waves that are used to keep innocnet boys & girls fighting the Illegal, Immoral & Fattening War For Oil For Sunshine? Could they have been used on the "pilots"?

Sorry, B4E, I guess I forgot to put the scare quotes around "volunteered" to subtly suggest what your bold questions state so eloquently.

Or, was I made to forget...???


Huffington Post absolutely correct. Cheney and Bush have totally hi-jacked the constitution and turned this country into a dictatorship. Congress did NOT vote for this war. That myth was purely Dictator Dick's and his puppet, Shrub's, propaganda, swallowed hook line and sinker by the mass media by way of the Faux News propaganda machine. Thus, this illegal and immoral war was launched against the peaceful and fun-loving Saddm at the mere whim of Shrub/Dick as revenge for Saddam's verbal slurs against Pappa Shrub over the years.

Once the illegal and immoral war started, our Mercenary Bushbot Baby Killers weren't able to activate Insta-Peace&Democracy™ and get out of Iraq in a New York Minute is proof of the Dick/Shrub dictarhip and a testament to the war's illegality and immorality and directly responsible for the slaughter of Sheehag's only mercenary baby killing offspring. Democrats (especially progressyves) have had nothing but a shining positive effect on the whole situation by fomenting defeatism and offering aid and comfort to the "enemy" (whatever THAT means). These latest attempts of congress to strip the commander in chief of his constitutional right and duty to run this war by micromanaging everything down to toothpaste provisions for the troops can only have a positive effect.

I think you, my progressyve comrades, find this airtight analysis completely obvious.


As a progressive, I'm much more tolerant and intelligent than most people would ever dream to be.

Sure, I could say something like "I wished that fucker was killed in the bombing" The world would be a better place if that fucking godbag Cheney was killed" Or even something along the lines of "All fucking repukes must fucking hang" "I want to walk through rethug blood up to my knees" But as a progressive, I won't. I'm to way smart for that.

Even If I was to say something hateful like that good old Lar would just hit the delete key and act like it never happend. And if someone can prove I said it, then he would say something like "you should see the daily hate on right wing blogs", or listen to WKKK hate talk radio, man, those guys are filled with hate!" The repubicant's are racist"

Or he could just go with the great progressive standby's "He was taken out of context" or "You can't take a few comments and paint every progressive with a broad brush" "It was some right-wing troll trying to make us look bad" "It's time to move on"

Remember kids, being a progressive means you never have to say that you are sorry. About anything.....


FOE, I can see they got to you already. The consensus among those of us who studied 9/11 was that the "planes" involved were actually holograms transmitted by 6 Mossad agents sitting across the street in a cab. RMCR enhanced the illusion for those actually on the scene, while Colin Powell's son interlaced special effects into the live broadcasts of the "events" to make the TV viewing public believe what they were seeing.

It's consensus damnit, the ultimate truth. You can't argue with consenscience!

Fist of Etiquette

Well, why didn't someone tell me there was a consensus? I really don't subscribe to enough peer-reviewed journals.


I have a confession to make. My carbon footprint is going to be huge for the rest of the day and throughout the night. The reason is because I had had Taco Bell for lunch and it always gives me the wind something awful... Can someone loan me some of their carbon credits until my bum stops tooting?


Well, my effort to reduce my carbon footprint by, "buying in bulk," almost left me in a mental institution.

Costco had more snowbirds than I've ever seen in one place, and I swear that there is nobody over the age of 65 in Minnesota OR Canada right now. Yikes!

I survived the experience...but barely!

So many snowbirds, so little freezer space!

Fist of Etiquette

JannyMae, you still have a freezer? And it's plugged in and running?? All the time???

Tsk, tsk...


What did you think I was buying in bulk?

Actually, my freezer is alongside my refrigerator, so it's indeed plugged in all the time.

Patchouli spoils, don't ya know?

We have a man-made solar pool heater though, so that cancels out the fridge!

Fist of Etiquette

I was about to label you "Carbon Crater JannyMae" (actually, I was about to scream it at the top of my lungs, fists balled up and shaking at the sky) but then you uttered that sweet and magic word: Solar.

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