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You're welcome and I'm sorry Methinks.

(Save me some of that government cheese) :-)


Of course I'll save you some guvment cheese. Take as long as you like getting here to collect it, Arbiter. Guvment cheese shelf life ensures that it will be here long after we, and several generations of our offspirng, are dead and buried.

Aaaah...behold the power of cheese.


Between the damned cigarette costs, satellite cable increases, and Starbucks soy lattes, my welfare checks don't go nearly far enough. Thank Gaia I can sell some of my food stamps!!


As Molly O'Malley said in quoting an old Irish adage: "It's an ill wind that blows nobody good."

THAT warmed the very cockles o' me heart.


""It's an ill wind that blows nobody good.""

Did you know that the Polish name "Lewisnky" means "ill wind"?

Dhimmi Moore

HARLOT'S WEB is offensive to all Dhimmicrat womyn who refuse to be veiled. She also speaks through her writing to save a PIG, an unclean animal. More proof that AmeriKKKa is corrupt and needs purging.
I love bacon though.

Dhimmi Moore

Ack. cHarlotte refuses to be veiled is what I meant to say. Now I must have my feet beaten.

Dhimmi Moore

Bush farted. Ill wind indeed.


I see that Denver is buried under from 2 to 6 feet of global warming.

If Bush had signed Kyoto, this would never had happened.

I understand that in Brazil people are warm and going to the beach. THIS, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! The Republithugs not only sent our jobs to other countries, they sent our warm weather too.



Okay, here it is. It is getting colder here in Bu$Hitler's AmeriKKKa while, in Hugo's getting warmer. ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID?!?!




Bu$Hitler's HitlerBurton Weather KKKontrol Machines keep changing the weather in different continents. This will cause worldwide panic and, when Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer comes to the "rescue" of the world, he will be selected as King of The U.N.

You heard it here first.


Have you noticed the last three Seattle storms... the floods in early November, the snowstorm in late November, and the windstorm, all occurred on days where the Seahawks were on national tv (two Monday and one Thursday game)?

Clearly Dumbya has unleashed his weather-control machines to disrupt the Seahawks and keep them out of the playoffs, probably because the racist Bush doesn't like the fact that Seattle has someone named Tutupu on the team.

- JVR... only out of power for five days


Yep, JVR, it's another Bush/Zionist conspiracy - just like 9/11.

...and the evidence just builds!


I'll connect the dots for you. You simps have been deceived. Today is Global Orgasm Day. Talk about FORCING religion on us! I am so disappointed in my progressyve brethren and systern. You didn't SEE that?


What are you sayng Cricket? That my Focused Action Group is not what it seems to be?


Nothing you say or do is as it appears to be. You're constantly stoned.


And let us not forget the shrieking harpies who want to shut down working gurls like Kinky and Janny.
"Homemakers Against Gratuitious Sex." The Working Womyn have united under the banner "Hookers Organized Reforming Economics."

Or so I am told.


You Working Womyn have an extremely dangerous future if the UK and our own homicide figures are anything to go by. Serial killers amok.


You strike me as the spineless type that would bend over and spread 'em for any aggressor rather than fight.

I suppose fighting against friendlies on your side is less damgerous than actually fighting the real threat. At least I think that's how a coward's logic works. I really don't know. I was a soldier.

Go ahead, bend over and spread 'em wide. Islam will be happy to slip you the Dhimmi sausage just before they lop your empty head off.

The result would be of zero loss to either side.

top secret fat loss secret

Bcos of Bush, the world's views of USA has diminished....hopefully, your next president will not be the next 'joker'

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