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Kinky now is the time for all good persyns to do their part to help these poor people. This friday I will volunteer to run on a treadmill and generate electricity as long as it's your hand on the whip that spurs me on. Further for every orgasm I achieve due to your efforts I will donate a used bong. These can be used to burn herbal medicines to provide both heat and relaxation for all unfortunates. Help me to help them my little beastmaster.


Someone wrote a song about this very problem back in the '60s:

Away out here they've got a name for rain and wind and fire.
The rain is Dick, the fire's Rove. They call the wind G-Dumbya.
G-Dumbya blows the stars around and sets the clouds a-flyin'.
G-Dumbya makes the mountains sound like folks was out there dyin'.

Where's Lee Marvin when we need him most?


Tonight's Progressive Word of the Day: Heterosupremicist

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Damn the heterosexual-controlled media!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Damn the christo-fascists!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Damn the stupid fundies?

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Damn the "Christian" ayatolluh's!


That really blows...

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Back to the topic (and this time, real reality):

I was in the same boat as Larry. 5 days without power (my house is probably still without power, last estimate: 12/22 or 12/23, for a grand total of 8 or 9 days) until I escaped to Southern California. I spent every day boiling water and filling the bathtubs, sinks and pans with hot water just to get the temperature back up to 50 inside, so it could then fall to 44 overnight.

Also, for added fun, the 40-50 foot top of a 120 to 150 foot tree fell 40-50 feet onto my roof and broke through the ceiling of my bedroom 15 minutes after the power first went out. Thank God I've got an extremely well-built house.

I'd still be up there boiling water instead of down here visiting my aged parents if my mother hadn't called around on the morning of my scheduled flight to veterinarians to make sure that my pair of 8-month old kittens wouldn't die if I left. That, and the fact that the forecast had changed to lows in the mid 30's instead of mid 20's allowed me to leave my kittens (with a wool blanket). I made the plane by 15 minutes.

This story will be a lot funnier on my blog if I can remember my username and password.


And the Ward Churchill wind replies:
"God made the mountains
God made the sky.
God made the people-parasites
God knows why.
Gaia was going along as she should.
Along came the people and gummed it up good."

So Legolas and Aragorn have assured me when they sang this at Salmon Falls. I didn't think the Shrub was a master of Gaia...he must really be putting to her good to have control over the elements like this.


And Bubblehead, I have yssues with the Imdb. Their summary writers don't bother to check their spelling.
Click on Lee Marvin's name in Paint Your Wagon, and you get sent to his bio. Now, scroll down til you get to the movie Sgt. Ryker. Click on that and you come up with a gritty drama about a puppy kicking baby killer accused of being a traitor during the Korean war. Yes, I think it was a Pre Moore crocumentary about Our Hero Jean Fraude, but I digress. The phrase 'court-martial' is spelled 'court-marshal.' It burns our eyes, it does, precious.

Talking Toaster

I was just wondering why all those windmills out side of Palm Springs CA were rotating like Ms. Spears doing a lap dance.

The famed Rovian mind rays had cranked up those petroleum powered Wind Propellers and guided another “natural disaster” directly on blue blood progressyv democratic voters.

When will Bush put an end to these natural disasters? And when will FEMA handout $8000 debit cards to all people who have suffered a snow storm (or rain storm or wind storm)?

Not soon enough. Bush loves revenge.

Btw, how is Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) holding up under this horrific storm?


Once again you've hit the nail on the wrist bone, Larry. As a Californian eco-warrior I feel the pain of every Tree felled and every Spotted Owl displaced to grease the pockets of the greedmonger Neocon Empire. You clearly pointed out where the blame lies in this brutal racial attack on the Impoverished, but you're missing a deeper trend. Not only did the capitalist winds rush through the alleys and across the storefronts in Seattle and Tacoma leaving Homeless Minorities boxless as well, but like the snows in Colorado over progressive communities such as Boulder and Aspen, the storm has clearly targeted Democratic voters. To the unenlightened eye this may appear to be a coincidence. At a deeper look we see a pattern emerging; today New Orleans, Honolulu, or Seattle...tomorrow Portland, Miami or San Francisco. Bush, in his totalitarian sovereignty and angry denial, has plotted out and set into motion natural disasters for every Blue State or community that managed to somehow beat the fixed election system and voted against him or his scandalous camp. As we all know, this goes double for Minorities, and don't plan to see the National Guard for a few days. Remember the dark words of truth spoken by God's messenger, Kanye West..."George W. Bush hates black people."

The time is NOW people! Impeach before it's too late! If the Blue States go down under this administration's vicious natural disasters, our voting power is nullified and the kkkountry is left to the ignorant, dumb, unenlightened larger portion of the population who refuse to let University Professors think for them.


First, Bu$Hitler refused to sign The Blessed Kyoto Treaty thereby causing Greenland and most of Antartica to melt. Next, he had DicKKK Cheney and KKKarl Rove work with HitlerBurton to kkkreate monstrous weather-kkkontrolling machines that can be disguised as anything from oil drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to Jackkk In The Box franchises and he tested them on Chocolate Town. Now he has hit the Gaia-Blessed NorthWest...DON'T YOU PEOPLE SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!





sanna claws

Oh man.
I live on the 3rd coast. It is only a matter of time before I have to swim to Kansas or maybe El Paso to escape the melting ice bergs. And I don't mean the frigid jewish chick that lives next to me.
Hopefully, Jimi Carter will have a PLO rescue boat come get me, and he will build me a house on Mt. Shasta or something.
From there, we can launch the counter-attack with the forces of Kos.

Red Loser

Is everyone forgetting the true cause behind this windstorm? GLOBAL WARMING! It's the trendy cause of every environmental catastrophe these days. And it's all Bu$h's fault!


When I drive my kids to school every morning, they're either too hot or too cold. My answer is the same:

"Blame your sucky PeeResident for screwing up the environment!"

I think my smart alec nine year old takes after her stoopid Marine Corp uncle when she says "Daddy, can you just roll down/up the window?"

Dhimmi Moore

24 hours to climax!


I lay the blame for all this weird weather at the bare,dirty hillbilly feet of the racist,bigoted,homophobic,sexist,hatefilled,uneducated,Jesus-loving,war-loving,wal-mart shopping limbaugh/O'reilly/Hannity obeying, nascar watching,meat-eating,milltary joining,rethug voting,buck-toothed cavedwellers in the red states.

I want to throw them all into work camps so bad it makes me want to pee! Then I have to remember that we are the tolerant ones in this ameriKKKa.

(if you ask me in private, I blame the weather on the dark hard of zionism)


Well put Dave. BTW, I'm protesting "Charolotte's Web" this weekend because Wilbur the pig might offend Mooslums.


I was trying to say "dark hand" not "dark hard"(you know what I'm talking about) DAM THAT BUSH for making me write a typo!!!

Jimi Hendrixorcist

After all the KKKons are in their jailcells
And the clowns have been voted off the ranch
You can hear happiness staggering on down the street,
Footprints dress in red.

And the wind whispers Dumbya

A broom is drearily sweeping
Up the broken pieces of Republican life.
Somewhere a Queen is weeping,
Somewhere a King has no wife.

And the wind cries Dumbya

The USA turns blue tomorrow
Shine its emptiness down on my bed
The tiny island sags downstream
'Cos the life that they lived is dead.

And the wind screams Dumbya

Will Mark Foley ever remember
The pages he has blown in the past
With his crotch, his old age and his wisdom
He whispers, "No, this will be the last."

And the wind cries Dumbya

Son of the South (c)

That was beautiful, Jimi.


This crappy Section 8 housing I'm living in isn't wired for fiber-optics, so I can't get faster downloads of animal porn... Damn you to Hell Bush!


Thanks for making me laugh so hard I spat my sip of coffee all over my government cheese, Arbiter!!

I love this post.

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