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No one can argue that Saddam deserved to be punished for giving Bush an excuse to expand U.S. hegemony.

Saddam got a fair trial. If he had been tried under his laws, he would have died without the dignity of being hanged, but put in a shredder, a chemical bath or tortured.

Talking Toaster

Poor Saddam.

Before his untimely passing he was talking to his favorite toaster. He bequeathed me his last suit case full $100 bill stashed in Syria plus some free oil for money vouchers left somewhere in the Kofi’s office.

All of the news reports of him leaving his money to daughter are fake. Disregard all further wills they are also fake.

And, Kofi hand-over those last vouchers!


Larry have no fear, his hanging was as fake as the planes crashing into the towers and as fake as the moon landing. Saddam is in crawFORD texASS in one of chimpymcbushitlers rape rooms as we speak.

Fist of Etiquette

Watch out for that first step, Saddam. It's a dooooooooosey.

If only we had that same retirement plan for some of our national leaders...


The execution of the so-called Saddam Hussein (who had nothing to do with Al-CIA-duh), was FAKED!

I made a model of Saddam Hussein out of rabbit cages and when I kicked it, his neck didn't break. This proves that death by hanging is IMPOSSIBLE.

The Exorcist

*The phrase “Saddam was a bad guy, but” is a registered trademark of the Democratic National Committee

Now you tell us. Do you have any idea how many "debates" I've won by pulling that line out of my mustachioed backside? Countless! At least 3 and that's just going off memory.

Now I have to go back to plan B: "Yeah, well why didn't we first deal with the threats from North Korea, Iran, Syria, Darfur or Kansas?"

I suppose the patent is pending for that one too.


My feeling is that if we took the money the US spends in Eye-rack in only one day and gave it to me I wouldn't have to drink this screw-top muscatel crap.

Lately, the stuff has been giving me the trots.

Who's this Saddam guy? Is he a candidate for something or what? I like to keep up.


I wonder if they tied his legs together when they dropped him. If they DON'T tie his legs the hang-ee does this really cool dance in the air which adds a lot to the festive atmosphere.

(Yah, yah, I know. DonkeyDick is one sick puppy. Live with it.)


Now, in light of this, what is the next move for the U.S. in Iraq?



In light of this.... you feel we should surrender in Iraq?


Saddam served in Iraq for nearly 26 years. He cut off limbs, attached genitals to batteries, looted, raped and pillaged in a fashion reminiscent of Jinjis Khan.


Actually, I be;eive it's time to surrender TO Iraq. After all, when they try someone for war crimes, appeals don't drag on for decades. If we would just become the United States of Iraq, with Iraq being both the 51st state and The Capital, we would see certain War Criminals here in Bu$Hitler's AmeriKKKa dragged out of their holes in the ground where they are hiding from tornados, investigated, tried, convicted, impeached. executed and then impeached.

Fist of Etiquette

United States of Iraq? Oh, no, I'm not changing all my flags. Do you know how expensive the 20ft x 30ft flag I have hanging upside down in my front yard is?

The simple fact of the matter is that they rushed this execution before the opening of the 110th Congress so that Saddam Hussein could not be called as a witness by Representative John Conyers in his impeachment hearings against George W. Bush.

There, I said it.

Menstrual Rainbow

Saddam was a bad guy, but.... at least he didn't engage in the cruel and inhuman practice of genital mocking.


"...witness by Representative John Conyers in his impeachment hearings against George W. Bush."
I am SO glad that CongressPersyns like Bela Pelosi and John Conyer$ are going to show us how Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, are going to be
the most cleanest, non-corrupt Administration in hystory!!!


Like how the alien flying saucers at Roswell were covered up with fake pictures of research balloon from project "Mogul", so has the evil AmeriKKKan government covered up its complicity with Saddam's regime by faking his hanging and putting him in a witness protection program in Idaho.

The progressive commentor at Austin Bay Blog, Professor Goldblatt, probably thinks so.

The Exorcist

Sadam to Satan: "That was one hell of a first day in hell, master. I'm exhausted. I'm going to retire to my cell now, okay? Hey, who are those infidels I'm sharing a cell with? Is that John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer? OH! OH! THAT REALLY SMARTS!!"

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

The Brigades join Democrats everywhere in being deeply saddened by Saddam's murder. Why, oh why? Why is it always the good who die young? He had some much to give, some many Kurds and Shia left to go, so much to live for.

His death will just make us pedal faster on the cycle of violence, which is now a tandem because the manufacturers of wood chippers are pretty pissed off too.


I heard the news of this butal murder of the greatest peacemaker in the middle east sense the jews killed Yasser Arfat and I composed this poem to show my anger for the right-wing death/hate machine.

Read this in your best Maya Angelou voice.


He was a man of peace
king of the kite-flying children
standing firm and strong against
USZionist aggression

he offered a olive branch
you offered a rope

his sons sang sweet songs of peace
you sang songs of war

you Mr "President"
sitting rich and white
In crawford tx
murdered him with blood covered hands.

You smile as polar bears drown
You smirk as eskimos bake in the violence of the sun
You wink as corpulent rednecks shop at wal-mart

stupid man
dumb, stupid, poo-poo head!

edhsyeh 16630 jdhd's hate jdgake jews l'[a;ao3sl

I have to go, the Nyquill is kicking in........

The Exorcist

Dave, I haven't cried this much since I forgot to take my Vicodin before Kinky broke out the steam iron on my ass.


Oooh. Can we do one too? As an adjunct professym of progressyve literature, (that right wing
conservababe Cassandra inspired me to well, just be all I could be, progressyve strong) I would like to see more along this line.

Here is my effort:

Saddam is dead gone
He tried to hold on to it all
Until the end of a rope.


"edhsyeh 16630 jdhd's hate jdgake jews l'[a;ao3sl"

There is something in this statement that is brilliantly subliminal but I just can't seem to put my shylockian greedy hook-nosed thumb on it...


I think he was trying to Chomsky while inbibing. Sort of like talking with your mouth full. Or walking and chewing gum at the same time. Multi tasking is terribly hard when you need Nyquil to jumpstart the glaucoma meds.

Kinky Bee

"mustachioed backside?"--The Exorcist

Mustachioed backside, my butt! I waxed your heinie balder than a billiard ball on "Orgasms Across America" Day. I distinctly remember you screaming in pleasure:

"AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Thank you, Madame Kinky Bee, May I have another? AAAAIIIEEE!!! You are my Queen, Bee!"

Puhleeze! You haven't been able to sit down since.

Kinky Bee

I wonder if in hanging Saddamn Hussane, if he was well hung, and didn't suffer much. May Gaia bless his soul as he visits Eggs O'Cyst in Hell. *sniff* Exey, you now have a playmate. Have fun!!

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