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Menstrual Rainbow

{He was no doubt oblivious to the irony, or what “irony” even means for that matter.}

He probably thinks it is like "steely" or "coppery".

By the way I've just heard news that an elderly Arab man has been subjected to a vicious hate crime in Iraq within the last half hour. That is the repug response to the death of President Henry Ford, One of theirs dies so one of ours must die. In an act of utter contempt for the Iraqi people he killed Saddam whilst the Iraqis were still celebrating christmas.

Kinky Bee

Or, Goldie or Silvery. You make very good points, perpetual Menstrual One.


Damn, Gaia just missed taking out the Shrub.

Oh, and Bu$Hitler makes his trifecta by hanging the freedom fighter Saddam Hussein. First it was James Brown and Gerald Ford, now this. IS THERE NO JUSTICE?

Saddam Hussein



Gaia is a fickle mistress. I think she wanted the Chimperor to see the fury of a woman scorned before that big ice floe gets dropped on a ship.

Oaktown Charlie

I think you are all missing Larry's key point - Yet almost as if someone flicked a switch from their comfy armored car, the storm conventiently passed and neither Dumbya nor any of his staff were hurt.

This was a test, masterminded by KKKarl Rove. Somehow he has figured out how to control the weather. It is all coming clear - the election 'loss' was really to set up Progressives for a fall. KKKarl will turn on and off bad weather as he wills and will blame the Dem's for the problems. Come 2008, the voters will be so fed up with the Dem's inability to stop the storms, that the Repub's will win - Jeb Bush will be the next president. It is so clear! The Dem's must give up at least one house so foil this plan.

 Rocky Mtn. Lion....errrr...Snow Leopardess

Personally, I think FAUX news are a bunch of pervs with their BIG, BOLD captions of how Sodom-Who's- Sane? is "hung". WTH is up with that? Well, not that kind of up, mind you.

Besides, So he was hung..err...hanged for the murders of 148 She-eyed myn and 25 boyz....With the other nearly 100,000 Iraqs he helped die with dignity--- will they have to hang him over and over and over now?

And really who is the brave warrior here? I mean REALLY: Bush who hides or Sodom who hangs?

Bush hides--Saddam dies! Coincidence?
I think in knots!

Well of course the Crawford coward cowered!!! Inside of a few short days the Shrubinator off'ed James [who was BLACK] Brown, Gerald (opposed the war in Iraq) Ford and now our precious Sodom Jose'.

I find the timing of this (Saddams illegal and immoral murder) very interesting too...just weeks before the 08 elections!

What a sweet father and child reunion though for Poppa Sodom and his beloved Hooray and Quizno who went on before him.

Talking Toaster

KKKRove’s Atmospheric Leviathan was just a distraction so Bush could hang Saddam. I would not doubt that the Leviathan tornados took out only progressyv trailer parks.

Are there no end to Rove’s Leviahanic tentacles? Can they reach progressyvs world wide?

Our Kos Komrads are still weeping - the Wind Cried Saddam(Another Kos Komrad caught in the Leviathan’s coil – jerked by the neck until death - sniff).

Dam Bush and his weather machine (and his rope).


The HitlerBurton-kkkreated Magnetospherikkk Atmospherikkk Weather Machines almost took out Bu$Hitler for his War KKKrimes? How ironic.


I predict BIG THINGS for this Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, who just joined The Kos Koalition:
Hitler Republicans, Invisible Soldiers and the Myth of the One Shot Kill

" What is a Hitler Republican, you might be tempted to ask, were I a real person sitting in front of you rather than an anonymous blogger? My grandmother and her daughter are Hitler Republicans, which basically means that if the GOP managed to raise old Adolph from the grave with a combination of dark science and human sacrifice, and put him on the ticket for say, President, my grandmother and aunt would vote for him. Not only would they vote for him, they would have some reasonable sounding arguments as to why he would make a good President. You know, strong on defense, anti-Communist, opposed to big government, things like that."

Of course, we Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, would NEVER just mindlessly vote for persyns who simply have a "D" after their name on the ballot.

 Rocky Mtn. Lion....errrr...Snow Leopardess

"Come 2008, the voters will be so fed up with the Dem's inability to stop the storms, that the Repub's will win - Jeb Bush will be the next president...."---Oaktown Charlie

OH MY, OakTown Charlie. that is SO freakin' prescient of you!

Think about it...?? The 43rd SEElected Peeresident of the Ugly State of Amerikkka is none other than the blood for OIL Dikkktater-Shrubinator.

As anyone who's been under the sink...err...hood of a car knows the number for OIL is written on the cap, and it's 710!..


The next Peeresident
(s)elected in 2008 will be the 44th.

When you subtract 44 from 710 (the number for OIL)===whaddya get????


Bushitler the OIL maniac feared Geraldo Ford would make a Whitehouse grab again, so he had him off'd so he wouldn't be a threat to Dumbyas little ANTI-CHRIST brother Jeb's bid for the Peeresidency!

Oh MY...I may have just scooped Kos with this farthing of frightening factuals!!

It's not like this is stuff you can just make up, doggone it!

And that's what KKKarl & the Shrubinator get for keeping me awake this late! I OUTTED them...neener neener neeeeeenerrrr! Sit and Spin Dumbya!


SOB. Our candlelight vigil to spare the life of our martyred brother, Saddam Hussein was fruitless, as usual.

Why, oh why, don't people listen to us?

In the end Saddam said he rather regretted raping, torturing, and killing tens of thousands of his countrypersons.

He said he was going to write a series of children's books to keep the young from doing the same thing, unless it's done to infidels of course, then it's OK.

Besides which, hanging people is not the best use for hemp.

Fist of Etiquette

My head hurts.

If you propped Saddam's lifeless body up in the Baghdad Oval Office, it would do a better job running Iraq than Bush does governing America. It certainly wouldn't get up and run to the nearest armored car at the first sign of a sandstorm.


While Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer cowers in hidden government protective things at the slightest breeze, unlike Our Hero, Impeached President William Jefferson Clinton, who feared nothing no matter how hard it blew, the death of Martyr Saddam Hussein will show the world once again that the Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family's failed policies in the MidEast can never bring true peace as the Husseiniacs take to the streets with AK-47s, Uzis and machetes to demonstrate their love of peace.


Clearly Bu$Hitler hanged Saddam Hussein when he did as a distraction from the reality that the number of dead U.S. stormtroopers (I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!) in Iraq will soon past 3000. This is a number in excess of the 2974 who died on 9/11. Of course there is no connection between 9/11 and Iraq excepting when we want to advance our agenda of world peace on the basis of body counts.


William Jefferson Clinton is far more brave when it comes to weathering hard blows than Shrubya. I don't remember him running away from any blowjobs while in the Oval Office.


I see our beloved griefmother, Cindy Sheehan, has been arrested again in someplace called, uh, "Crawdad, Texas".

She was nicked for lying down in a roadway and obstructing DicKKK Cheney's motorcade.

As much as I admire Mother Sheehan's efforts, I fear she won't attain the ULTIMATE "ultimate moral authority" until she gets squished under the treads of a bulldozer.

I propose a fund to perchase or rent a large Caterpillar 'dozer for dear Cindy to lie down in front of and thereby reach that lofty goal. I'd contribute 10% of my next wellfare check. And some food stamps.


As a progessive, my take on this is a bit darker.

Gaia, being enraged at Bu$h's refusal to unplug western civilization to save the planet, and also at his brutal murder of one of the greatest peacemakers in the middle east,had no other choice but to send these storms to try to end his evil reign.

What burns me is the the less fortunate, victims of bus$h's war on the poor, had no armored cars to seek shelter in. I demand that the new people's congress act to right this wrong asap!

Ricardo head

Tornados are a natural event, created by Mothyr Earth herself, and as such it is a shamefully unnatural thing for Bush to survive them when Mothyr Earth clearly had him in her sites.

Can we put Saddam's body in a bio-recycling bin now?


Well, there is a musical out now, about how the bastard is dead. Mel Brooks directed the Munchkin Singers
(who are all grown up now) in the Little Town of Iraqi Ridge. Kerry went to Iraq to offer the Hussein family his condolences on behalf of all progressives everywhere. I think he attended the hanging.


Kerry to Saddam: "They said you were hung!"

Saddam: "..."


Kerry to Saddam: "They said you were hung!"

Saddam: "Would you like to be hung like me?"

The Exorcist

Bad news for Saddam. First of all, he didn't make the cut for Islame heaven. Secondly, anyone else who does make the cut won't get the Roman Polanski deal either. Guess we'll just have to kill them all now.....

Nothing in the Koran specifically states that the faithful are allotted 72 virgins apiece. For this elaboration we turn to the hadith, traditional sayings traced with varying degrees of credibility to Muhammad. Hadith number 2,562 in the collection known as the Sunan al-Tirmidhi says, "The least [reward] for the people of Heaven is 80,000 servants and 72 wives, over which stands a dome of pearls, aquamarine and ruby."

The Exorcist

Saddam to Satan: "Hey, my neck is really hurting this morning. By the way, where's my 72 virgins, sir? Hey, what are doing with that pitchfork? OH! OH! THAT REALLY SMARTS!!"

The Exorcist

Saddam to Satan:
"Sir, would you kindly take that pitchfork out of my mustachioed backside? What? That's just the first of 71 more thrusts? And that's just today's schedule? Where's Ramsey Clark and the DNP when you really need them? OH! OH! THAT REALLY SMARTS!!"

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