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In light of this, I really feel we should just surrender in Iraq. That will send the best message.


I think we should open a "dialogue" with them, too...

Fist of Etiquette

This is not without precident. Back in the 80s, at the same time whoever was president back then had started an unwinnable "cold war", there was a courageous senator from some New England state that went to some Latin American country to prove that Communists were really our friends, and for the United States to be fighting against them was just plain ignorant.

I don't remember the details of who the players were in all of that, I just know that everything turned out great thanks to that unnamed senator. (Whoever that was, he should run for president.)

In 2004, America voted for John Kerry to continue as junior senator for Massachusetts for this very reason. From that post he can direct U.S. foreign policy independent of any policies put out from the Oval Office. This gives the world choices when dealing with America, and really, isn't that what democracy is all about?


I think it's great how Neville Chamberlain, I mean, Jean Francois Kerry, The Ryghtful Presydent of 2004 is willing to do a job that an AmeriKKKan "President" won't do.


Senator Kerry went to Iraq to see what the troops wanted to do. He got a papercut, a hangnail and a grain of sand brushed that patrician jaw. He put himself up for another round of Purple Hearts. He knew the troops were too stupid to know which forms to use, so he had to do it himself.

He also shook hands with our dumb guys, which caused those so touched to immediately wash their hands
and check for snakebite.


All I can say is that 9/11 didn't happen on Jimmah Carter's watch.


But the seeds were planted while he was in office. After all, he wanted peace in the ME so things like the bombing of the Cole, the first attempt on the WTC and ultimately 9-11 wouldn't happen, right?


Violence never solved anything but conflict!


Cricket, Arbiter was merely pointing out what a great Peesident Carter was, possibly even a greater Peesident that Jean Francois would have been. I mean anyone who would surrender to a rabbit while in a boat, (Carter not the rabbit) has the makings to remembered down through history as a true friend to the Middle East. (Luckily not of the racist, evil United States) A Persyn of intellect and courage not seen since Kerry served hyroically in Vietnam. (Did you know hy received three purple hearts while hy was there?) So Arbiter consider yourself saluted (if I believed in all that evil military racist crap) for I agree Nothing happened during Carter's years as peesident. No jobs created , no wars won, no hostages rescued, truly the best the Democrats have to offer.


If we would have followed Jimmah's path to appeasement, we'd all be living happily ever after in Sharia Law. My 9 year old daughter hates going to school anyway. She'd be much happier learning to cook for her future husband.


Tamada, thank you for clarifying my point. I'm still taking my medical marijuana (I'm a chronic sufferer of hemmorhoids) and sometimes my thoughts get jumbled.


One small correct Tamada. John F'n Kerry WAS elected in '04, but Rove's Diebold machines didn't count all of the Democratic votes. Thank Gaia they've been fixed (and I do mean "fixed") to give us back our rightful power in congress!


Dave how astute. True violence has never solved anything. Why violence against people who wish to hurt you only causes possible misunderstandings. They may think you wish to continue to live when we know a true liberal would rather die than offend anyone. (Funny about that seems to be fewer and fewer liberals as they die out) You would think seeing their great example more people would wish to die rather than offend after seeing these great examples. However the Repugs are doing a great job of brainwashing people into believing their lives are worth living with this stupid "Right to Life" crap. I say Dave lead by example go into the inner city of your neighborhood at 2:00 in the morning and start flashing $100 bills and soon at your eulogy we can all expound upon what a great non violent pyrson you were.


Cricket I'm sorry I forgot he was elected. My codeine kicking in for the constant pain of the hangnail I suffer from. I would remove it but am too non violent a persyn to cause the hangnail any suffereing.


That codeine must be pretty damn good my progressyve frynd. I'm Arbiter.


###moonbat mode off##

psss Tamada. it's a joke!

###moonbat mode on###

Bu$h forces those poor black people to live in the inner city with his disastrous economic policies.


Well put Dave. I live in Section 8 housing, have to rely on paltry welfare payments, food stamps, tax refunds, and the generousity of others to survive.

If Bush would have followed John F'n Kerry's advice and raised the minimum wage to $75 an hour, it would be worth it for me to get a job.


Dave ? Arbiter? Cricket? Where am I? If only the Government would stop forcing me to take all these drugs I could write clearly. Or was that Leary? Sorry for all the confusion but that's life for me.
Arbiter, a Job? Is that like the persyns in that evil book the pseudo christians talk about all the time? Why would you want one of those persyns? Didn't hy like have some problems or something? I mean I can understand raising the minimum amount the government gives us but why would you want a Job?


Tamada, your progressyve brilliance overshadows me. I would only work 3 days a week (like the Phrench) for $75 an hour, with full universal Hillary-Care, for a non-profit ACLU organization, selling hemp products.

linda s.

There's a debate going on about Bush at Sounds like a bunch of college-aged dimwits--who, of course, are the smarest people on the earth! (not)


I only visit other blogs upon occasion. And its all Bush's fault that these college dimbulbs are leaving their homework and studying for their CHRISTmas
finals to bash him. Bush is such a scrooge. He will be the reason they fail
bonehead English, Bonehead Science (so they can't talk about Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocols) and bonehead everything and end up either a wreck or in Iraq.
Kerry said so.


Hooray! Hillary's against the war now! Even though she voted for it....

Fist of Etiquette

If Hillbillary knew then that her base would turn against the effort thus effecting her chances at a presidential nomination, she would never have voted for the war. Obviously.

I mean, it should have been perfect: Vote for the war, and if election campaigns at some future date hinge on stating over and over how bad Iraq is, well the war would all be Bush's fault. But little known fact, they actually keep senate voting records. Who knew???

The Exorcist

Yeah, Shrillary was willing to follow Dumbya and Dumbsfeld through the gates of hell back then. But, sooner or later, you just knew she'd adopt the courage and vision of another woman who, although not nearly as strong as she is, was only marginally less a roaring woman.

The Dennis Kucinich doctrine didn't gain much traction at the time, but the Democrats are coming around to her way of thinking now, aren't they?

If only the victor of the cold war, Jimmy Carter, would've lived long enough to see his prodigy rise up and stand shoulder-to-narrow-shoulder with brother Ahmadinejad, bin Laden and Castro.

But instead, he's up in heaven having sex with 71 virgins and his brothyr Billy, as it should be.

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