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Fist of Etiquette

Accepting cash in exchange for political favors? Why the hell else would anyone go into politics?

James V. Reagan

Primer! En espanol, mis hombres. Screw the racist Repugikkkans who "claim" bigoted English should be spoken in the US.


I really liked Scott Ritter in "Three's Company".

He was one funny sumbitch!!

And then of course he got snuffed by Halliburton.

The Exorcist

Cindy Sheehan owns a skirt?


Murtha is like Kerry Lite.
(Do check the link...)

Menstrual Rainbow

The VRWC are trying to insinuate that taking money in exchange for behaving a certain way is "corruption". Next they'll be saying that relying on votes from dead Indians is fraudulent.

Fist of Etiquette

If you people knew anything about combat tactics and strategeries, you would understand that moving our troops to Okinawa is simply the best way to get them to kill Japs. MacArthur knew that much.

Also, when the time came, re-redeploying our forces into Iraq would be a cakewalk that second time around. That's just common sense.


They also serve those who sit and wait for phony Arab businessmen to make them an offer that's more than $50K.


I am setting up a "Medals For Murtha" campaign. I am going to ceaselessly petition this Brave New Congress to award Murtha for his unflagging stoicism and his moral uprightness, a Purple Heart and a lifetime supply of Enzyte and Viagara so that he can keep foaming uh, speaking truth to power.


A true Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, would have no trouble sending their chyldryn to a Scott Ritter Day Care Center...and you know what I'm talkin' about!!!


This administration's track record of cutting benefits for veterans (with the willing assistance of a right-wing congeress) is absolutely appalling. One in four homeless males is a veteran, and 45 percent of those suffer from mental illness. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that one in four veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan were diagnosed with some kind of mental illness (and that doesn't count those who didn't report to a VA hospital).

And yet...the Bush Regime refuses to provide enough counselors and government funding to meet the needs of these returning vets. I guess they're too busy putting "yellow ribbon" stickers on their vehicles (or composing smart-assed posts on right-wing blogs) to do anything substantive. Chalk it up to the clever marketing initiatives of the current administration. Like "Mission Accomplished", "Support Our Troops" sounds good, but real support takes on a whole different form. With this bunch, it's more like "Support the War, but not the Warrior".


Thank you, NWJR, for providing for us the latest Democrat talking point

Oh, wait, sorry! That's not the right one. That's an old one. The new one is that our troops are uneducated!

My bad.


Let's see, what will the talking point be in 2008? If the troops are still in Iraq, they'll bitch about that. If the troops have come home, then they'll bitch they've, "cut," funding for them.

Hey, guys, it's a Win-Win situation, either way, whatever way, it's Bush's fault! Hallelujah!


How can this be? If anything the MSN has taught me is that A democrat vet has ABSOLUTE MORAL AUTHORITY on everything! We don't question them!

RethugitKKKan vets are just baby killers in remission, most likely to go off at any second and start raping and killing in a matter reminiscent of genghis khan. They can't be trusted! And if I hear that John McCain say "I was a POW" one more time I'll fill my pants with poo! So what! John Kerry fought in vietnam you don't hear him talking about it? Do ya?

anyhoo, Murtha was going to give that $50,000 grand (THAT HE DIDN'T TAKE)to a vet hospital anyway, he's just that kind of guy......

Fist of Etiquette

ABSCAM, SchmABSCAM. Indicting a congressman for taking bribes is like charging a soldier for shooting people. Either way, it's what we train them to do.


"I am setting up a "Medals For Murtha" campaign.

Posted by: PTPFP | November 16, 2006 at 05:06 AM"

While you're at it PTPFP, could you get back Kerry's medals he threw away before he didn't?


Arby, those were ribbons, not medals...or maybe they were medals not ribbons...damn, I find Kerry so confusing!


At this point, I don't think even John F'n Kerry knows...

The Exorcist

DAMN THAT BUSH! He just veto'd Murtha, dashing Nancy's choice. When will womyn finally have the right to choose.


The evil shrieking hateful spiteful screaming evil hate-filled Re-Thugs are so clueless about The Mighty Murtha. I'm betting they don't even know that his military expertise is so respected around the world that the Germans (who will soon take care of a certain Rumsfeld problem) will soon be manufacturing a new line of military fighter aircraft named after him. The first several Murtha-Fokkers should be rolling off the assembly line in time to do a fly-over of the KKKapitol as it once again becomes the Capitol in January.


Then there will be the Tri-Fokker: Named after Nancy, Hillary and Babs (your choice) Potty Mouth Streisand or Boxer. The Male Version will have a phallus or cigar shaped fuselage and be named after Bill Clinton, Andrew Sullivan and Barney Frank or the Pageboy Chaser.

Murtha -- one of the good babykillers

Is Okinawa big enough to accomodate a big army? We should check that first.

Assuming it is, they would be right next door to Iraq, readily available in case there's a war or something.


Looks like KKKarl Rove stole the vote and Murtha lost!

when will it end?

Deborah Lynn a novel idea! ;)

The Exorcist

Did anyone see Nancy Pelosi's sermon this morning? I haven't heard religion forced down our throats so many times since Ted Haggard was deciding domestic and foreign policy for Dumbya.

How many times does she have to mention her religion before those red state rubes finally forgive her for voting for free 3rd-trimester abortions for 10 year-olds and against any and all military spending?

I thought we were draining the swamp when we won last week but now it looks like the swamp is being refilled with pure Holy Water.

(Cue it up, Dodger)


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