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UN Doctor

Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian? Next thing you know, John Fraude Kerrie will be telling us that he is stupid because he served in the Navy, since he had to wait to marry Tuh-ray-zuh and get her money...after he annulled his marriage to his first wife in spite of the begotten daughters of that union.
One of whom looks enough like him to be, well, his daughter. Anyway, JFKerry served in the Navy because he either didn't know what he was doing, or because he got crappy grades. Either way, can we say 'dumbass,' boys and girls?


Golly gee whiz Exorcist, again, I'm really sorry. I really need to take a lesson from CAIR and go through some re-education so that I can respect others like the peaceful mooselum faith.

When the freedom fighters saw off the heads of infidels, they're only making sure we respect their peaceful tranquil way of life.

I renounce my birthday as of today, and award it to Exorcist! Happy birthday buddy, you deserve the best!


What's with all this happy talk? We're progressyves, dammit! We're not happy!


As I have noted before, I usually suck right up to Larry's point of view, but when he says "The lives of the American people are simply not worth it." methinks he goes a little too far.

Admittedly those evil/stupid 10 or 20 percent who actually voted for Bush (Before the Repugs jiggered with the results) aren't worth it and probably should be sent to Canada or France or someplace until they learn their lesson.

Then most of the remainder who are either religious or capitalist or both aren't worth it either.

However; (and put down your bong long enough to focus on this important point) There are a few that would be worthy of saving. I speak of the fine posters here on "Blame Bush", the beautiful people in Hollywood and Noo Yawk, those in Berkeley, writers for "The Nation".

So there are a few, and while I'm dead-set against geting a Freedom Fighter wet, maybe a stern admonition and a hug would suffice.


I realize this is off-topic, but because most of you are peasants and beneath my contempt I feel OK in posting here.

Many of my adoring fan have e-mailed me asking what my next "Winter Holiday" album will look like. As usual, it will be multi-cultural, because we know that all cultures are equally valid.

The album will be called "Aboriginal Grunts and Chants" and will be beautifully sung as usual through my beautiful nose.

The lead-off tune will feature the grunts of the Australian natives as the white male British convicts steal their land. The second track will be a Maori tribe giving thanks for their meal of "long pig", thoughtfully provided by their enemies. I expect the Aztec culture to be featured, with the joyful chants of the priests as they cut out the hearts of of the willing sacrifants. (I have lined up Howard Dean to provide their screams of happiness.)

The native American section will feature war chants sung before raiding each other's village and some grunts as the White European males steal their land.

Finally, and this is not completely decided yet, the African tracks will probably deal with the cries of the Hutu and Tutsi cultures, machete sounds and such.

All in all, I expect the album will be a joyous tribute to the winter holiday season and will illustrate the wonderful equally-valid cultures Gaia has provided.


Donleydick is right.(I never thought I would write those words)

When AmeriKKKa falls to our islamic overlords, I want them to remember who's side I was on! Also if there's a way to make your dirty bombs/poison gas only kill repukes I'm down with that.


Hey, did you people know John Kerry was a Vietnam veteran. Just yesterday he had the courage to speak truth to power by labeling those jackbooted stormtroopers serving in Iraq as uneducated boobs who weren't "smart enough" to stay in college. Boy is this guy groovy or what?

I hope this isn't one of Karl Rove's jedi mind control tricks.


I think the new progressyve poster is on to something. Maybe all this "waterboarding" is a cover for forced conversions to KKKhristianity. Dammit, just like Bu$Hitler and KKKarl Rove to come up with something as evil and insidious as this. Damn KKKhristian fundamentalists.

The Exorcist

"I renounce my birthday as of today, and award it to Exorcist!"--Arbiter

That's might damned big of you, Arbs. And it couldn't be more timely. Ya see, Halloween, or as you KKKrishcins probably call it, All Hallows Eve, is my only day off per year.

It's the only day of the year that the demons, witches, monsters and other democrats dress in their applicable attire so I can see them coming from the sidewalk. That's because when their demonic-possession is worn as a costume on the outside, it isn't in their souls. And with nothing in their dark souls to exorcise, I get to kick back and take the night off.

What a thrill it is sit on my front porch and watch Nancy Pelosi and Hillary descend from the sky to my front door on their brooms. OH LOOK! Is that Frakenstein? Hey, those aren't little bolts in his neck, those are a pair of Silver Medals hanging from his ears. Mr. Kerry, you're not fooling anyone. Besides, we all know that Frankenstein had a penis, although as Jew, it was probably uncircumsized.

Hey, isn't that Tootsie played by Dustin Hoffman in drag??....NO, WAIT! it's Terazor Heinz. Hey Terazor, are those your servants from the mansion that you keep chained in the basement next to John Francois at night? OH, my bad! That's Barack Obama and Harold Ford Jr. ripping the MICHAEL STEELE FOR U.S. SENATE signs off my yard. Whacky pranksters! Oh well, it's only one night a year.


"Hey, did you people know John Kerry was a Vietnam veteran."

Wow!! I'm betting that if the KKKarl Rove Mind KKKontrolled-Media had learned about this before the 2004 election, Ryghtful Presydent Jean Francois Kerry would now be in office, global warming would be gone, Katrina never would have happened and the troops would be home doing macrame, candle-making and slam poetry instead of actually having to go fight or something dangerous like that.

Damian G.


Keep your jingoistic flag-waving away from me, you covert RethugliKKKan!!!


Dear "Patriotic Liberal";

Come out from underneath my skirt sometime, and maybe your underware will have a chance to dry out!!!


"You want to talk about water torture, I INVENTED water torture!"

-Ted Kennedy


What John Kerry should have said in his faux mea culpa interview when trying to blame what he said on the Chimperor: Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape! Instead it was blah, blah, blah, puff out the cheeks ... I served in Vietnam ... yada, yada, yada.

As a progressyve who himself has tried to keep a very low profile in this runup to the November 2006 elections I have this humble suggestion for Mr. Kerry: Either shut the hell up or at least come across as a macho Charleton Heston, quit blustering like a Foghorn Leghorn.


Kiki Bee

"Doesn't he know that these freedom fighters come from dry, desert regions where water is a luxery?"

Oh, you are so right, Che, even if you can't spell luxury. Instead of water-boarding, and possibly offending the Mooselimbs, as well as environmentalists by wasting all that water, we should be sand-boarding the dudes.

Kiki Bee


Nothing like some primo sand up the nose to make the freedom fighters spill their guts, and talk, too.

UN Doctor

Joooooooooooooooish schmeckels are always circed. In Kerry's case, when it was his turn the Rabbi more than likely couldn't find it. Probably thought it was tic tac.

Kiki Bee

Did it even show that much? Are you sure he wasn't born with a vagina?

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