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Huggo Chavez

That evil blue meanie Cheney made me so mad, I peed my pants too...We should all have a mass pee-in (pants) to pull our barbarous troops out of Iraq.


If only the Bush Administration would actually LIE about water-boarding! This tip-toeing around the truth, to keep it the truth, is pissing me off!! Is that what all this PEE talk is about?


Pee for peace!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Larry, you make me moist.


Based on the initial comments, you should also have added "urinated on" to your lists of things that shouldn't be done to freedom fighters -- unless, of course, they're really into that kind of thing.

Speaks Truth to Chimps

2 completely unrelated things:

I remember when Nancy Pelosi was on "Meet the Press" and she said, "... you’re paying your considerable taxes, thank you for your patriotism ..."

So our motto should be, "We're going to increase the Patriotism of the top 1% of wage-earners". Huh? Huh? We can appeal to those backwoods, redneck, sister-impregnating white-boys from the South, "Damn, I'm all fur increasifying Patrutism."

And second, here's my take on the fact that MJ Fox didn't bother to read the constitutional amendment he was endorsing.


I think you're "all wet"...

Fist of Etiquette

We shouldn't be water boarding these terrorists, we should be snowboarding them! I think if we try to find some common ground, if we try bonding with them over our extreme sports, then maybe we can stop the violence altogether.

Imagine it: President Kerry and terrorist leaders in some tight powder, the president pulling a phat nollie frontflip and catching some wicked sweet air, impressing the freedom fighters into laying down their weapons and going all peaceable like. Just think, if only they hadn't fudged the voting in Ohio [sniff] then Al Zarqawi might still be alive today [sniff]...

On the other hand, if one of those sons of bitches were to knock President Kerry over, I would expect an immediate escalation of hostilities.


The only reason we have to waterboard the Freedom Fighters is because Bu$Hitler's refusal to sign the Gaia-Blessed Kyoto Treaty has resulted in Universla Global Warming almost completely eliminating snow except where the HitlerBurton ElectroMagnetic Weather Machines create it to punish Lybral, I mean, Progressyve, areas that did not vote for Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer.
Connect. The. Dots.

Talking Toaster

I cannot place enough exclamation points at the end of this sentence to adequately express my outrage!!!!!!!
-Liberal Larry

OK, let’s get extreme!!!!!!!!
((((((((((( {:^(o})))))))))))))))

Talking Toaster


That showed those Water dunking Wingnuts!!!!


Yet another example of how out of touch the GOP is with the sensityvities ordinary citizyns.

Doesn't he know that these freedom fighters come from dry, desert regions where water is a luxery? (Not to generalize so-called terrorists or anything. I mean, they could come from anywhere, look like anybody whatsoever, and practice any religion at all..)

In their culture, being dunked under water like a common Qur'an is akin to hostility. And when Bush completes the swirlie process, gives the freedom fighters a wedgie, and inflicts a purple nirple just for good measure, they will see it as a possible threat and resist.


Damn it. "Luxury".


On second thought, I wonder if Bush dunks their heads in the toilet to make it easier for them to read the Qur'an?


Happy Halloween everyone!! This is one of the few holidays we can celebrate. Christmas is evil, Hannakah is for the Jooooos, and Thanksgiving is only an evil celebration of our forefathers raping the poor innocent Injuns!

I guess we'll have to wait until next Ramadan and/or Kwanzaa...


Calm down lar.

We progressives win either way.

if another "terrorist" strike happens we can say the following: " Bu$h didn't do ANYTHING to defend helpless americans from this attack. In fact he was behind the whole attack",for this he should be chimpeached!"

And if another attack does not happen we can say:

"Bu$h has turned gitmo into his own twisted version of the movie "hostel" were doe-eyed, young arab males are held without trial for the crime of "living while arab". For this we must chimpeach!

Sure, I'm all for making an omelet of race, class, gender utopia. If a few capitalist eggs like the WTC get broken in the process, that's fine with me!

Abu Daboo Doo al Bedrocki

Love the Website! It is great that we concerned citizens can still talk about all the harm that Bush is causing in the world. I remember that before he became President (selected, that is), I could really hit the golf ball far. I mean, I could sometimes hit it like 100 or 110 yards, easy! But now, I can't sink a putt, and I can't concentrate. I am so worried about all those poor people who hate us. I mean, what can they do but hate somebody who tries to give them food, water, shelter, electricity, sewage treatment, clothing, new books, pencils, writing paper, fuel for heating, paperclips, pens, pencil sharpeners, crayons, etc. I mean, who do we think we are, anyway?

But seriously, I think the whole 'dunking in water' comment is really talking about torture. I think we are actually converting them to Southern Baptists. As a previous poster said: 'connect the dots'. GWB is a Southerner, Cheney might as well be one. And, they both claim to be Christians. Think about it. As Rosie O'Donnell says, Christians are just as dangerous as Muslims. We are creating MONSTERS at Gtmo!


Yeah, I hate it when people spit on me. Quit doing it. Pee on yourselves to support this noble cause.

UN Doctor

People, don't you get it? They are being deloused. Then they will be sent to the Gitmo Gulag, where they are force fed halal meals.

The Exorcist

"Happy Halloween everyone!! This is one of the few holidays we can celebrate."--Arbiter

Oh really! Well, let's just see what Emmanuel Lewis has to say about the progressyveness of your comment, Arbs.

HALLOWEEN: "The evening of October 31 which is followed by All Saints Day, or Allhallows. Originally referred to as Hallowed Eve and now called Halloween."



Oh geez, I'm really sorry Exorcist. Today's my birthday, and I'm pretty excited. I thought it was okay to wish everyone a Happy Halloween since I saw Wolf Blitzer celebrating my Halloween Birthday in Black Face...

The Exorcist

As bad as Big Dick ChainMe's comments about tossing water-balloons at freedom fighters was, it was nothing compared to what Big Dick's Little Lady did to Wolf In Demoncrat's Clothing the other day.

She unleashed a bytch-slap on little Wolfey Blitzkrieg that almost suggested that the Calamity News Network would rather show footage, obtained by Middle-Eastern Democrats, showing American G.I.'s being blown to bits than all the children playing hopscotch under a rainbow.

It's almost as if she was suggesting that there was a war going on and CNN was hurting the U.S. cause by showing these Date Movies For Muslims.

What a world-class bytch! She comes on Wolfey's program to talk about her Childryns Books and instead answers direct questions about what the future of American childryn WON'T be doing if CNN has there way.

The whole thing is so upsetting it just makes me want to re-package ExLax in a Hershey's wrapper and hand it out to little Republican children celebrating All Saint's Eve tonight.

The Exorcist

Wait just a cotton-pickin second, Arbinator! I'm typing a mindless ramble about Howlin Wolfey Blitzkrieg at the exact same time you're posting a comment and charming photo of Wolfey. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

STOP SPYING ON ME, FORCING YOUR RELIGION ON ME, CELEBRATING YOUR BIRTHDAY WITHOUT A PERMIT AND......I'll think of some other stuff after I tear the roof off my rented room here at the Vatican looking for the camera you installed.


The next time one of the low I.Q. jughead, redneck, baby-raping, baby-killing, torturing murderers in uniform (BUT I SUPPORT THE TROOPS), waterboards a Freedom Fighter, that Freedom Fighter should NOT hold his breath. He should breath in all the water he can and drown and go get his 72 vyrgyns of indiscrimante gender. THAT would teach The Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family Regime a lesson!!!

Son of the South ©

Just to keep you current on us knuckle-draggers down here in Dixie, we prefer the new term 'mother-rapers'. Sad, but true. I guess his sister wasn't around.

If only Bush had provided free Government sex workers, this wouldn't have happened. Damned conservatives!

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