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Kiki B.

First!! First!! First!!!

Kiki B.

Oh yes, in all my excitement at actually being first(whatever first is, as I certainly wouldn't want anyone to get their feelings hurt by not being first), I actually forgot to say something besides first.

Anyway, doesn't the perv, Fondly know that he's supposed to share his wine(a.k.a. Jesus Juice) with his future Pedophiliac protege? How selfish can this queer be?


Too bad that foley doesn't have a "Democrat's get out of jail free" card. If he was a Dem blaming booze for this would get you off the hook asap.


if foley was a dem and wanted to become a scout master in the boy scouts, I would not have a problem with it. As matter of fact, I would fight so he would be included!


The sooner that hasturd is sentenced the better. What a pitiful excuse for a speaker of the house. When Frau Pelosi becomes speaker, these kind of things will cease to be an issue. I see a house where sexual favors are traded by all genders. Where Barney Frank can do as he wish with whomever he wishes. Where Senator Kennedy can drink to his hearts content. Poor guy, he never really got over Mary Joe, and his valiant efforts to save her were never brought to light, however I digress. God bless future speaker Pelosi.


I think I'll do some research on this tonight. I'm gonna go to my local strip club and look at nekkid womyn and drink at the same time. That should create some, well, more, confusion on my part.

Wilderness Fox

I wish Gaia would turn me gay. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed that I, as a man, prefer women, which goes against what Gaia wants.


But don't forget the ACLU has defended NAMBLA! Yey, Foley has an out (no pun intended)!


...Where Barney Frank can do as he wish with whomever he wishes. Where Senator Kennedy can drink to his hearts content.

Don't they already do that?

Fist of Etiquette

Big Tent Party.

Fist of Etiquette my pants.

Fist of Etiquette

...and everyone's invited!

Menstrual Rainbow

Does anyone know what Mark Foley's follicle status is? Because baldness can turn politicians gay as well as this British politicians explains-
Mr Baldo would probably have the answer.


I'm a little shocked that this good news about Foley has magically appeared just before an election.

I'm usually forced to throw out false rumors like 9/11 was an inside job or Bush snorted cocaine while avoiding Vietnam. If anyone disagrees with me I scream "Nazi go home!!" until they finally give up...


Menstrual Rainbow, I'm balder than a hard boiled egg, and yet I have to constantly fight off the urge to bed women....

Menstrual Rainbow

Arbiter- If being bald hasn't given you any urges to be gay then try growing a big bushy moustache as well.


So if you drink Tequila followed by a Bartles & James cooler, would that make someone a bi-sexual?


I've tried to live that life Menstrual Rainbow, but it's not taking. I put the rainbow flag on my car, started hanging out at department stores, memorized Will's witty comments on "Will and Grace" and started selling Avon products, but nothing's working! I'm so depressed. The last traumatic straw was when I went to the annual "Gay Pride" parade and was kicked out for staring at two hot lipstick lesbians expressing their constitional right to lock lips...

I need help before I become a vile disgusting breeder like my idiot Marine Corp brother...


I have come out of the closet,yes I admit it.I'm a male lesbian.There I said it I feel so much better now with that monkey off my back.Thank Gaia.


Ok, I completed my research. Um,.....that's all I have to say.


If booze made Foley gay, does that mean Ted Kennedy is Liberace!?


Arbiter-Now thats funny,I don't care who you are thats funny.Get er done.

Kiki Bee

"Arbiter- If being bald hasn't given you any urges to be gay then try growing a big bushy moustache as well."

Arbiter, if that doesn't work, try putting on a biker's outfit, hat and all, and hang out with an indian, construction worker, cop, and cowboy. If that doesn't work, head down to the YMCA and sing about being "in the Navy". See, even the queers support our troops(in so many more ways than one).

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I've pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning. I haven't gotten anything done today. I haven't been up to much , but oh well. I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen, but so it goes. Pfft.


Encontra-se em discussao, em fase de especialidade, na Comissao de Educacao, Ciencia e Cultura, a Proposta de Lei 80/X, do Governo, que Aprova a Lei de Bases da Actividade Fisica e do Desporto. Concretizando o seu desejo de um maior dialogo com os cidadaos, a Comissao Parlamentar de Educacao, Ciencia e Cultura, deliberou colocar ate dia 30 de Setembro, esta iniciativa em debate publico, com o objectivo de recolher as propostas dos cidadaos que se interessam pelo Desporto e, deste modo, enriquecer o texto final.

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