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Lar, Lar! Medical scientists have determined that marijuana will help those of us flower children with Altzheimer's .... eh, eh, I forgot what I was going to say, man.

Full story here.

Fist of Etiquette


Pelosi says she would drain GOP 'swamp'

I can tell you, the title of that article makes me question Ms. Pelosi's commitment to our nation's wetlands, but:

Not long before sitting down for a lunchtime interview, [Nancy Pelosi] turned down a suggestion from Speaker Dennis Hastert that they jointly appoint former FBI Director Louie Freeh to recommend improvements in the page program.

"That was about protecting their majority" rather than the pages, she said dismissively.

That's a savvy move by our next House Speaker. If all Congressional Republicans and Democrats were investigated outside of committee, at best everything would come out even, and at worst, well, the Dems' sexual "scandal" record speaks for itself.


Gee, Lar hasn't jumped on the maryjane for Altzheimer's story. He must be too busy with his bong under the sink.


RWing Nut

The Foley affair is just the latest in a long series of Rethuglican gay-bashing. Look at how they have mistreated Dick Cheney based on allegations his daughter's gay. Without even so much as a Phrench kiss at from Madonna at an awards ceremony for evidence neocons sentenced him to 8 years of following Dumbya around with a pooper-scooper. It's clear to anyone with half a brain (maybe the half Rush keeps tied behind his back)the real reason Bu$h won't release the energy policy conference notes, it was a 3-day gay bashing hatenany. Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, how dare the Bu$h crime family give a super-majority of elected officials a voice in deciding something best left to political appointees with lifetime tenure, not college professors, judges. Have they no sense of shame! One marvels at how Cheney deals with the pain.

We progryssves in our righteous anger reach out to Mr Cheney by advocating the resignation or impeachment of the peeResident, thereby giving Cheney a richly deserved promotion.

Ali Ali Ali

PRAISE ALLAH. I’m back. I’ve been away cutting heads off… er, ‘converting’ nazi-pope-following-catlicks to the one twue religion of peas.

As far as Congressman Fondley goes-
The real crime here is the lack of NAMBLA pictures. OOOhhh-la-la


Ali, you're only going to get 72 virgins. Do you think allah is going to up your limit? You'll take away some virgins from another head hunter! Just think about it. Acmhed goes to heaven and gets stiffed with only 43 virgins, he's going to be pissed!


As a progressive, I love a good left wing witch-hunt. it's about time these rethug faggots(try to say that three times fast!) stop flapping their cock-holsters and get into the boxcar. These gay repubicans must be hunted down asap and thrown in jail! they are a danger to our children! If you take your eyes off of a repuke fag for a second they will be nutdeep inside of your eagle scout!

It's time we hit the streets and torch the log cabins these pole smokers hide in!

The other day I was on the lookout for "mary's" and one swished up to me and said that he wanted to be a boy scout leader! I was about to assert my manhood by kicking him in the teeth, but he explained to me that he was a progressive and has been trying to join the scouts for years. I drove him to the aclu headquarters and he filed a $25 million dollar lawsuit. That will show those christ-o-fascists that they can't exclude anyone they want to from their little group!



Well put Dave. As a devout Catholic I'm appalled that those jackals keep rebuking my advances! Every Sunday I proposition one of the Priests and every Sunday they throw me out on my ass! "We're not all gay my son" is their common lie. Well, I'm sick of it!! Father Theodore better start putting out real soon, or I'm gonna stop taking from the collection plate and start taking from holy sperm bank!


*Grin @ BCMG*

Dave makes a salient point. We, as liberal ... I mean, Progressyves, must hunt down these ReTHUGliKKKan pole smokers and kick the living crap out of them.

If they're going to spend their time blowing little boys instead of voting to expand hate-crime legislation -- then they all need to be left hanging on rural fence posts!

Where's my tire iron?


I hear that Foley had important legislation to present this week, but when he submitted the papers HasterKKKt rejected them. It seems that all the pages were stuck together.

I also hear that Foley doesn't use book marks. He just bends the pages over.


Barney Fwank plans to do a thourough (gerbile) cavity check...

The Exorcist

Texas Air Traffic Control

Dallas/Ft Worth Air Traffic Control: "Tower to Saudi Air 911 - You are cleared to land eastbound on runway 9R."

Saudi Air: "Thank you DFW ATC. Acknowledge cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R - Allah be Praised!"

DFW ATC: "Tower to Iran Air 711 - You are cleared to land westbound on runway 9R."

Iran Air: "Thank you DFW ATC. We are cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R - Allah is Great!"

Pause: Static...

Saudi Air: "DFW ATC! DFW ATC!"

DFW ATC: "Go ahead Saudi Air 911?"


DFW ATC: "Well bless your hearts! Y'all be careful now and tell Allah "HEY" for us - ya hear?”


Despite our unmitigated hatred of Mark Foley, we can still admire his pornographic memory.

Bob Waters

Foley's gaeity can be blamed only on illegal aliens


"Foley's gaeity can be blamed only on illegal aliens"

Don't you mean "undocumented immigrants"?

RWing Nut

The Bu$h crime family plans to retaliate for outing gay rethuglicans by outing closeted heterosexuals! Being a closet hetrosexual myself, I fear exposure will cost me my place on the victim hierarchy. Without the protective cloak of victimhood, neoKKKons would be emboldened to question me when I ejaculate truth to power. It will change the nature of our political intercourse. I have a right to my sexuality or to appropriate someone elses.

Where is Rep. Studds in his adorable leather chaps when we need him? How I long for the days of president stud when oral arguments didn't require speeches.


Aliens goes a long way to explain things to my satisifaction. Yet,if aliens have indeed visted us, I suspect that Bush and his kkkrime family are at the root of this whole debacle. The entire shrub family and I'm sure that the jew$ as well are involved in this.


Lar, isn't it possible the Zionist Jooooooooos turned Foley gay? With the entire nation focused on the sordid cyber-sex of the little neo-KKKon faggot Mark Foley, right this minute Israeli Joooooooos are murdering Palestinians and burying ten thousand bloated corpses in holes dug by Catepillar bulldozers. Again we see America's and Bu$Hitler's fingerprints are all over this latest genocide.

Kiki Bee

Let me get this straight.

Undocumented(illegal) Mexicans drinking booze at church turned Fondly gay. I don't get it, but I'm certainly glad that Fondly is happy. Many blessing of happiness upon him.

Talking Toaster

As progressives, shouldn’t we be, well, welcoming Foley into fold - instead of castrating him? (Or is that castigating – no matter the spelling the message is the same)

Or, welcoming Foley between the political canyon? Or, welcoming him be twixted the hills (possibly with each hill marked with two “M” so as to spell welcome in MoM)?

Shouldn’t the DNC start to cross the Great Divide by giving progressive Republicans an open door – well the back door?

Barney Frank would know how to do this. He would bend over for this opportunity.

Barney broke new political ice by accepting the fledgling country Pole-In into his fold.

Vietnam was thus resolved and Americans were saved from further punishment from the hands of Jingus K. Kerry.

To avoid further loss of medals and increased dilation, shouldn’t we as progressive be prepared to accept the totem pole when necessary? Will not history record great politicians doing the stroke?

Yes, it will. Remember the Rock Hudson hospital has few successful doctors but many Aids.

As the old DNC titty goes:

A$$ to ashes,
Lust to dust,
If you had tried the metrosexual bus
You'd still be with us

I leave it to en-lightened progressyvs to contemplate the deep meaning in the above lines (and their inner-self).


I think Bush's witch powers, passed down through the generations are what actually turned Foley gay:


When I worked for Nancy Pelosi's re-election campaign, handing out souvenir crackpipes to the under-privileged and homeless in San Francisco's tenderloin district, the DNC rewarded me with a Page job in Washington, D.C.

I was only 15 at the time and moving away from San Francisco, forced to leave my buddy's behind and the fun games of leap-frog we played each night in the public parks was quite a shock for me.

Fortunately, Rep. Foley was there to comfort and console me. Whenever I grew lachrymose over the thousands of American children who die each day of hunger or obesity, or who are unable to marry the persyn or animal of their choice (which is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!), Rep. Markie was there to kiss away my tears and hug and comfort me.

Rep. Markie always called me "Dickie", which I thought was sweet. I don't know why the progresyves seem to be attacking him, as he embodies all the virtues we San Franciscans value. He is caring and tender and thoughtful of my feelings. He smells good and is very gentle under the covers, unlike some of the leather freaks I've met.

On the downside, he DOES have quite a hairy back.

ponytailed guy

"...thousands of American children who die each day of hunger or obesity," - DD

Preach on, Brother... Speak truth to Power.


I wonder how many more progressyve fatwas we can declare against the Rethuglikkkans before the November elections? Our Sunni freedom fighting brethren are probably inspired by our boldness in hating Bush and blaming America.

Non-workers of the world, UNITE!

Thurston Howell IV

"Non-workers of the world, UNITE!"

Count me in, Liberace! Although my daddy left me a business that provides unlimited income, I don't know much about the day-to-day operations and I certainly don't WORK! Just saying the word "work" makes me seasick as I guide my yacht from one exotic port to the next.

I know what you're thinking: Won't a Disastercrat majority raise the taxes on the money daddy left? Are you kidding me? Nancy Peloser and Teddui Kennedrunk taught me how to keep my vast holdings in offshore accounts. You can bet your last bottle of Grey Poupon on that.

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