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1st? Again?


You're only first because I've been screaming at Bush because my satellite dish got knocked out of whack, so I didn't get The Office recorded. Now I'll never know if Jim will come back to the Scranton office.

RWing Nut

Chavez called Bu$h the devil! Hey Hugo, Cindy Shehag called; she wants her schtick back.


As we look out over the wasteland of intellectual discourse that is America, it brings to mind that Hugo Hidalgo Chavez is truly a man for all seasons. As a consequence for the course just outlined,
it is supremely illuminating that we have been mislead by Bush. Only I, Naomi Chomsky am erudite enough to know that when the paradigm shifts, various excreted body matter will become critically turbulent when said matter hits solid, spinning blades. Bush has deliberately and with malicious precision, hidden his agenda, brilliantly crafting his corpus of utterance tokens. But note, that the relational information he has given utterance to raises doubts not only about the underlying new world order, thus eliminating and remedying irrelevant contradicting contexts, it also raises doubts about the other side of the paradigm.

Queen Boudicca

I'm so sick and tired of stupid republiKKKans spreading their blood money all over the place and thinking they own the world.

How many innocent people have to die of AIDS in Africa before we'll give them the cure? We spend enough money on it, we must have the cure by now.

One of my baby daddies has AIDS, but he told me not to worry about it because we have a cure for it now. It's just the republiKKKans won't let anyone manufacture the vaccine because they want all the gays, druggies and homos to die first.

I HATE republiKKKans.


Not only is el Hugo brilliant and revolutionary, he is apparently clarevoyant as well, as the New York Times reports:

"he told a news conference that one of his greatest regrets was not getting to meet Mr. Chomsky before he died. (Mr. Chomsky, 77, is still alive.)"

Now that he's exposed Halliburton's plans for the world's leading intellectual, Hugo will be dead before he can return to Venezuela.


Hey Larry,
what's with the fascist literacy test we have to go through before we can post?

I guess we better get used to it now that the House has made it illegal for blacks and gays to vote.

Jay Guevara

Hey, I think Hugo Chavez is the guy who mows my lawn. Seriously!

UN Doctor

I thought he was the coffee guy in all those Mrs. Olsen think they had a thing going on?
After all, she was the cool Nordic beauty who made coffee cake and he was the coffee plantation 'employee.'

Speaks Truth to Chimps

"Then, after Sean Penn was finished speaking..."

Brilliant post Larry!

Cindy's Publicist

What courage it took for Chavez to come here and voice his patriotic dissent against the government, when you can be imprisoned or shot as an Enemy of the People for doing the same thing in Venezuela.

Chavez had to come here to speak against himself? That's heavy, man. So, when're he and PMSheehan getting together for that hot date? I saw one of the 'toys' that Fidel was giving Chavez when he and Hugo finally had that little chat about the birds and the bees.

And whereinthehelk is our pirate dude? Haven't seen or heard him and it was talk like a pirate day too. I wonder if he is getting his timber shivered...

Prof. Chomsky

Oh, thank you, Larry, for all that you do. It's dissidents like you and me who make this country a little less Nazi-like. Still, however, my efforts go unrewarded. I remain outside of the mainstream, a true pariah for my beliefs. I can't count the number of times I have walked into Barnes and Noble and been disappointed that they only have six or seven of my books in stock.

However, being ignored by the American sheeple will never make me lose my focus. Along with great hupersons like you, Larry, we can make this country tolerable. Envision: El Presidente Chavez! Sure, dissent will be banned then, but there will no longer be a need for dissidents, because people will be getting what's best for them, whether or not they think so.

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Queen Boudicca, you are underestimating the depths of RepubliKKKaNazi evil. Not only do they want all the gays, druggies and homos to die before they start manufacturing the cure for AIDS; they also want all the poor people, women and minorities to die of AIDS first too.

Imagine a world full of nothing but rich, angry, lily-white male crackers, and that is what 2 more years of Bu$Hitler will do!

Start the Chimpeachment NOW!


You're a poet!

Talking Toaster

Speaking Truth to Power comes in many forms. And, Hog-o Chaves sure blew some ill wind towards power at the UN. It’s not everyday a puff fish balloons to enormous proportions (well, every hour). Go Hog-O!

I am sure Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore, and could learn how to Wind Friend and Flatulence Foes by emulating Hog-o Chaves’ pulpit pounding.

It’s not hard if you repeat Bush is the Devil and Bush is Hitler in every other sentence. Then dance around like a Medicine Man putting a pox on someone at a Pow-Wow. The power of repetition cannot be understated.

But, Ted Kennedy and Michael Moore would have already known this if they just read Blame Bush Because Bush is to Blame For Everything (at least once a day).

Ted are you listening? Michael are you lurking? Come and to listen to Liberal Larry and enjoy a little Kama Sutra from behind. And, give until it hurts.

Fist of Etiquette

Bush tossing cash at the African AIDS crisis hoping it would all just go away was an embarrassment. If only he would just once try to feel their pain instead, maybe he would understand that caring and compassion are the way to an enlightened soul, whereas action just makes you look petulant.

I wish I was there at the UN, applauding along with all those delegates at Chavez's rousing lecture. Obviously, I wouldn't have cared for him invoking religion, referring to this mythical "diablo", but you take the good with the bad, I suppose.

Speaking of embarrassing, Nancy Pelosi called Hugo a thug. Then she called him a brute, a monster, a beast. But he grabbed hold of her arms as she weakly pounded on his chest, and he drew her near, her bosoms heaving with passion. Once he pressed his lips to hers, she surrendered. Her hands clutching at his red, pocketed shirt, pulling him to her...


It's rare to find world leaders in the posession of razor-keen wits. I've not laughed so hard since the Secret Service forgot to unlock that door for the Chimp in Japan. I was waiting for Hugo to close with 'I'll be here all week; try the inhumanely produced veal!'. That would've killed! *chuckle*

My uncle Dmitri said that he remembers the old days when Stalin had the Suprememe Soviet rolling in the aisles with his famed eyebrow bit after announcing the latest grain famine in the Crimea.


My suspicions arose when Hugo (My youngest daughter's namesake) mentioned the sulfur smell. I visited Puerto Rico a few years ago, and after eating a bad seafood mofongo I noticed the same sulfuric phenomenon radiating about me. Mrs Che refused to share a bed with me, and she made me sleep on the balcony after I inadvertently pulled the blanket over her head for a third time.

But when Hugo mentioned that Chomsky's book had been translated into Spanish, I knew he was delirious because Bushisimo had poisoned him. Chomsky transcends mere language. There is no need to translate it because it is equally readable in any tongue.

Other than being gravely concerned about his health, I thought it was a good oration. He had the coherence of that guy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the charisma of James Carville, and he followed the sort of nonlinear thought processes as that guy who stands outside Wal-Mart with a stuffed duck on his head warning us about the New World Order and the galactic ambitions of emperor XerQoG 3214.


Speaking of which, where is Bubblehead?


Hugo-Hillary 2008!

Hugo spoke truth to power at the UN. He's my comrade and hero, even though that turncoat Nancy Pelosi called him a "thug". Bitch!


Queen Boudicca,

The AIDS cure can be found right next to the 100 mpg carburetors that the damn reich-wing RethugliKKKans ferret away in secret bank vaults so that the working class can't benefit from such technological advances.

Of course I don't know what the other industrialized countries in the world do with their AIDS cures and 100 mpg carburetors, probably snatched up by evil KKKonservative industrialists.


Rethugs think like old people fuck. So what if hugo kills or jails his political opponents. at least his people have free health care.


Amen... er, Allahu Akbar, Dave. And they have


Damn it.

Amen... er, Allahu Akbar, Dave. And they have cheap gas.


He had the coherence of that guy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the charisma of James Carville

Che: I was going to try to say something witty, but that threw me. That's just F-ing funny, dude.

*tipping hat*

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