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Speaks Truth to Chimps

How the hell did I get to be first? Bush IS Hitler!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

It's clear that the Nazis didn't escape to Argentina after WWII; they escaped to Faux News. Little Goebbels all of them, who try to blame Secular-Saint Bill just because a handful of little Eichmanns died at the hand of the big Hitler (Bush) on 9/11.

How dare they not fall on their knees and kiss Bill's, umm, ring!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

"he was too busy trying to get Osama Bin Laden"

They even made a show about it called, "The Bin Laden Hunter" starring Steve Irwin as Clinton.

Speaks Truth to Chimps

"the old Right-Wing canard that Democrats are soft on national defense"

Soft? Soft? Democrats are always rock hard! And who was harder than Clinton in the Oral Office? Not the Shrub, that's who!

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Hello? Did Bu$HitlerBurton have everyone on this blog rounded up and sent to re-education camps? Here I am analyzing Larry's post like the Zapruder film and so far... Oh wait, there's someone pounding on the door. No doubt a homeless person in need of money due to Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest AmeriKKKans. I'll be righ

UN Doctor

I thought Monica L. was the one crawling around on her hands and knees looking for loose change. I guess Hillary told Bill if he wanted to get OBL he would have to foot the bill since she was blackmailed by that strumpet Paula Jones and that lying weasel Jaunita Brodderick. After all we know HER wounds were self inflicted, unlike a certain dashing junior Senator from the Gay State of MA.

UN Doctor

As a doctor, I recommend ice for Bill's and Sandy's owies.


The "Freedom of the press" thing pisses me off when it allows Re-thug-lick-uns to say mean things about progryssyves. Same thing with Freedom of Speech. The whole amendment is so weighted towards KKKonservatives, they should call it the Frist Amendment instead of the First Amendment.


...what’s in store for those who would use his record as president to cloud his legacy.

Those rethugs and their so called "facts". They always want to talk about "facts".



"The poor man has paper cuts on his testicles that will never heal.

As do we all."

Actually, my paper cuts weren't deep enough to reach my testicles; they were too superficial (there's a lot o' that goin' around) to breach the "scrote"...

Princess Leia in a Cheese Danish Bikini

Camo, stop talking about your body parts. It is diverting precious resources from discussing the legacy of our beloved former President. It isn't all about YOU, you know.

The poor man has paper cuts on his testicles that will never heal.

Well that certainly explains the outburst of bad temper.


The facts do have a nasty habit of getting in the way, unless you are a great History Revisionist like
Our Beloved Bill. After all, it is about definitions, him wanting you to pull his finger when he gets mad, and his focus. He was focused on bin Laden to point of sharing a ceegar with M. Lewdinski and forgetting that Fidel was cooling his heels in the other room. And according to the former Prez, he wasn't dropping his pants, dagnabit, he was dropping bombs. Can't we just all get together and love one another? No, Bubblehead, not an orgy. More like a 'get your groove' on with some really good chit in the bongs.

Kiki Bee

"Soft? Soft? Democrats are always rock hard! And who was harder than Clinton in the Oral Office? Not the Shrub, that's who!"

Are you saying the GW and Laura are the only 2 celebrities who haven't released their sex tape to the media, yet? Who better to release it to than Ms. Katie Couric. Sheesh! Even Screech from "Saved By The Bell" released his sex tape to the national media for all to see and savor.

Kiki Bee

"The poor man has paper cuts on his testicles that will never heal."

Mmmmm Hmmmm! Shrillery was right(or left). All of that nonsense about him having an affair in the Oral Office was truly a vast ReiKKK-wing KKKonspiracy. All that really happened between Billy "The Banana(or cigar)Boy" Clinton and Monica Slutinsky was a little first aid. Don't you know that Billy's boo-boos feel so much better when Mouthica kisses them all-better. I bet she glued his severed testicles back on just using her tongue. What an amazing, thoughtful, face(and dress)full gesture. She should be deemed a hero for healing The Clintmeister as quickly as she did in the midst of BJ trying to rid the world of terrorism, thereby letting us live forever after in a world full of peace and joy with all of us getting along. *sniff, sob* I could just buy the World a Coke right now.

Speaks Truth to Chimps

Kiki, although the right-wing KKKonservative media are SUPPRESSING THE BUSH SEX TAPE, I myself have seen it. It’s dark and grainy and shot in green “night-vision” (depriving one of our troops of their necessary equipment). You don’t really see Bush’s face and the Oval Office kind of looks like a hotel room in Vegas in that light. But I instantly recognized Laura Bush’s constant refrain of, “That’s hot!”

Kiki Bee

Hey, Truthy. Do you think you could get me copy of it by Friday? My hubby and I need a humorous video to watch that night.

You know, I am wondering when the RepugniKKKan Shill, Barbie Benton Bush is going to quit going around saying, "That's hot" to everything. I wonder if she realizes how pathetic that sounds. *Puts hand in hot water* "That's hot"

Talking Toaster

Bill Clinton has paper cuts on his testicles? I thought he only had teeth marks? Poor guy.

I guess it’s a stark reminder of the high costs of defending America against dental braces and genital razors.

Bill Clinton deserves to be awarded a medal for his heroic defense of America (A purple zipper ribbon with 2 bandaged chest nuts).


Camo, stop talking about your body parts. It is diverting precious resources from discussing the legacy of our beloved former President. It isn't all about YOU, you know.
Posted by: Princess Leia in a Cheese Danish Bikini | September 27, 2006 at 10:46 PM

Princess Leia:
Speakin' of body parts, that...bikini sounds quite edible.
(I'm prob'ly just "Jonesing" for a cheese Danish...)

Princess Leia in a Cheese Danish Bikini

Isn't that just like a man. Always with the threats....

Fist of Etiquette

President Clinton was very popular and had lots of intelligence!

Those are the only words that should have passed through Wallace's lips. Chris may have been sleeping through his old man's lectures on how to deal with world leaders, but luckily the very nearly perky Meredith Vieira had been paying attention.


When Mrs William Jefferson Clinton (notice the lack of KKKs) becomes President and her husband becomes Vice, we Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, will be able to celebrate the demise of the Faux News KKKonservative KKKhristian Re-Thug-li-KKKan Empire!!!

BTW, my LyfePartner bought some of those new Bill Clinton Cigars and, while s/he likes to have round, cylindrical objects in hir mouth, s/he said they taste a little funny.


That interview will mar ChriSS Waffen's legacy like a gaping, unavenged hole in the side of a battleship. Bill Clinton (PBUH) smacked down Faux Noose like a church in Texas.

The fact (whatever that may be from day to day) is (Whatever the definition of 'is' is), Bill pursued Bin Laden with at least half as much force as he went after any campaign worker with a fat lip, but OBL slipped through his fingers like a well-oiled schoolgirl.

But the always-caustic Waffen sat there, his smirk invading the ailing statesman's private space like a wagging finger. Only when Waffen spat at Bill like an intern on prom night did Bill blow up like an aspirin factory.

"Please listen to me," the aging hero of the proletariat said while biting his lower lip. "I tried. When Sandy went out for a night of toe sucking, I stayed in the anteroom off the Oval Office and looked for Osama. He wasn't there. That was the most likely place for him to hide since there were no security cameras there, but wasn't wearing a thong, so I missed him.

"I had my caller ID turned off so that if I called him, he wouldn't see 'POTUS' and know it was me.

"I tried to confiscate Osama's money, but the Reich Wingers cut taxes on the richest 1%, effectively tying my hands.

"The fact is, I searched every crack, hole, and crevice I could get my hands on for eight years, but the Rethuglicans thwarted me every step of the way.

"Then, eight months after I left office, Bush crashed remote controlled planes into the CIA station in the twin towers. And I'm the monster? I'm no monster. I have a foundation named after me."

Yes syr. KKKriSS will forever drag about the image of his journalistic carcass like the body of a Special Forces operator through the streets of a third world country.


The lion in the jungle makes every other animal sit up and take notice as soon as he lets out a roar. He didn't get that way through artificial paraphernalia or through springs and wires and trick dumbells. He became the king of the jungle through constant natural use of every muscle in his body.

Likewise, by using every muscle in his body, Priscilla became Queen of the Desert.


He did NOT have sexual intercourse with that woman!

My Gaia ... I long for the halcyon days of the Bill & Hill show.



Ohhhh! That is funnny! Thanks!

For more on this same theme, hop over to Iowahawk...

Finish your coffee and pee first. Just a friendly bit of advice.

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