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Those bastards! They made me snort milk out of my nose!!!!!

Talking Toaster

It’s what we in real estate business call it a fixer upper. It’s got good ventilation and a basement full of homemade rockets for the kids. It’s a handy man’s dream.

Fist of Etiquette

What's Saddam Hussein doing there?

Damian G.



Fist of Etiquette

Actually, I think the word balloon gives that one away.

That, and the lack of a mint condition Tickle Me Elmo in the foreground.


I think we need a caption for this one. How about:

"No more wire HANGERS!!!"

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Saddam has been released! Hooray!


Who got Saddam to play Victor French? Or was that Castro? I am so confused...after you have seen one sugar daddy you have seen them all.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Who let Mel out of rehab? Was it Robin Williams?


I thought he looked a lot like Saddam Hussein with that "spinach chin", too...


This is great!! It;s about time ZZ Top got into the war to show the Neo-KKKons how to win it!!!


I voted for both of them three times each. I just didn't want some rethug to win the Dem primary. That would've sucked.

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