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UN Doctor

'Stupid gits in abundance.'
That would include you, ahmanejad, since you like to call names and pretend you know something. As to the SCUDS being armed with warheads what difference did it make? Even without the NBC warhead, they are still a weapon of mass destruction. Again, what part of lethal do you not understand? And no, I didn't say that they weren't. Saddam bought them from the Russians for that reason and the ones that have been found that didn't deploy did have bio and chem war heads. So he had them and used them as recently as 2003.

UN Doctor

One can't lie about the future unless one knows it and makes the choice to tell it otherwise.
She said that in the context that no one can predict what will or would happen.
You know that and still choose to be an obtuse, arrogant bodily orifice. I suspect you come here for the compliments we give you since no one else in that pathetic dimension you call your life will talk to you.
Take some Ex-Lax, purge yourself and get yourself a major attitude adjustment. As of now, no one here will feed your trollishness.


Very interesting, Doctor Who.

So why did a senior coalition source say that the rounds discovered did not signal the discovery of weapons of mass destruction? And why did the UN say the same? And why did the US pull out 400 of its search team immediately afterwards? And why was there not a bloody great big brouhaha press conference on the style of "Mission Accomplished"?? Huh??? Don't be so daft. The entire world (including Tony Blair) admits that no viable WMD were found! Go knock your head off the toilet wall -- it needs a good shake-up and some fresh air through your earholes.


"She said that in the context that no one can predict what will or would happen."

Did she? Oh, really.
Well, actually she was referring to me saying that I wouldn't come back here again. And since I did, she says that I was telling lies. Go explain to her that one can't lie about the future, would you?


Actually, Doctor, piss off.
She can speak for herself. She has a big enough mouth.



Let's see. 10 year old bioweapons would make their manufacture date, what, around 1995? I'm not well schooled in math, so maybe you could help me out: Did 1995 come before or after 1991? Saddam was forbidden from having these weapons. Their existence was justification for the invasion.

The "But it's 10 years old" argument doesn't work when you get caught with a trunk full of hashish and it shouldn't work for hundreds of WMD warheads.


I think you'll find that some estimates (including at your links above) dated them as being from the 80s. And they were completely degraded. So you're bullshitting. Again.


"The shells are at least 10 years old, and a U.S. Army official said he suspects the ordnance was surplus from the Iran-Iraq war in the mid-1980s ..."

And where were the "hundreds"??

[And were they capable of hitting New York or London (with their degraded "WMD"???) Don't forget that Blair got the Commons to vote to go into Iraq, with you lot, on the basis that the UK was in immediate danger.]

Load of hindsight crap, trying to defend the indefensible ... you're a sick bunch.


Hey! I found this pic of Larry!



Key phrase being "some estimates". Other estimates, as you point out, say "at least 10 years old", which raises the possibility that they were made after 1991. In either case, Saddam was prohibited from having them. For the sake of argument, let's assume they were from the mid 1980s as the ever-objective CNN article asserts. That would have made them ~5 years old when Saddam was beat in Desert Storm. He agreed to get rid of them and comply with UN inspectors. Their existence is proof of his violation of his own treaty.

And if, as you claim, "The fucking things were degraded so much they couldn't hurt anyone", why didn't Saddam turn them over to inspectors and avoid the US invasion? Are they safe enough that you'd be willing to expose yourself or your children? Does 'safe' mean that instead of killing 90% of the exposed population, they'd only kill 10% or 20% and create health problems for a large portion of the survivors?

Finally, nobody is suggesting that Saddam was going to fire a SCUD into NYC as he did with his own Kurds. (Israel, maybe.) But he could have smuggled them into a major city, distributed them with a crop duster, or any number of sinister things. What motivation could he have had to illegally hold onto them, - at the cost of all the international sanctions, a crippled economy, and a hobbled military, that he endured for all those years - if he did not intend to use them at some point? Hanging onto them was high stakes poker. He lost.


Piss off? Oooh. I bet UN Doctor is just rolling in the grave he dropped down into after he read that, wishing he could come up with some snappy response to that. As it is, you might have actually caused yourself and your brain a permanent injury trying to stay awake all night to think of it...and that only because once again, the facts got in the way.

You resort to name calling and insults when you can't back up what you say. Typical leftie moron. Since I am sure your mother lets you out of the basement once a day to get some fresh air and sunshine, do try to stay away from chasing parked cars and playing in the motorway.

And yes, Janny Mae can certainly defend herself. But we like you to know that we have something you are jealous of...on line solidarity against ignoramuses like you.


"And, yes, ad hominem is how we roll."

-- Posted by: "John Wayne's Dick Is In Ahmadinejad's Toothless Mouth" | August 17, 2006 at 07:42 PM


"Janny Mae can certainly defend herself"

Bwahahahahaha! Yeah, by shouting "lies!" every so often!?!

How would you know? You're the pink turbanned semi-illiterate retard.


How would you know? You're the pink turbanned semi-illiterate retard. Posted by Ahmahdingdongdickhead

Takes one to know one.

Turdle Poop!


Damn! I forgot turtle poop. Well done PTPFP!


"Turdle Poop!"

Oh sheesh ... I am DEVASTATED. Well done PTPFP!


"You resort to name calling and insults when you can't back up what you say"

Such as? What can I not back up, missus?

UN Doctor

Define torture. Can you prove definatively that torture was used on the detainees at Gitmo?
Can you prove, since you claim a moral high ground, that Abu Ghraib NOT investigated and the perps
punished? thought not.

Go back to your tribal wars and plotting to get Ireland back from the EU. You have home rule, you may speak Gaelic, but Ireland is not independent. Fortunately for your countrymen, I don't think of all of them as being pottymouthed twirps.

Get stuffed.


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