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1st! Again.

James V. Reagan

I love this quote from the Ohio paper: "These are all-American kids that, unfortunately, in this day and age since 9-11, have names that call them into question," Houssaiky attorney Rolf Baumgartel said.

Yes, Rolf, you got it! If Ibrahim and Habib would just change their names to Bill Adams and John Wilson, the FBI would back off! "Sorry to bother you, Bill. Please carry on. And you might want to take off that bulky jacket in this heat and humidity."


They could claim to be Hispanic...nobody would bother them, then.


Where's the asshole that told me that invading Iraq was the right thing to do -- 'fight them over there and not in the USA' (quoting Bush clichés of course). He said the USA was 'safe' now. And when I asked how come, he told me "cos we haven't been attacked since 9/11". Stupid git couldn't see that numerous attacks have happened elsewhere ...

Well, maybe he'll change his mind after Heathrow was closed yesterday. Those planes would have been directed at American cities.

Many commentators (including American) + most of Europe, believe that the situation in Iraq, and now Lebanon, will recruit more and more extremists -- who in turn will try to hit the USA again. Not to mention London and god knows where else.

Where's that lunatic? I think he was calling himself Pink-Turbanned-something-or-other-bullshit.


I have no trouble with racial profiling as long it's limited to the hateful, evil, spiteful, angry, shrieking, hate-filled, evil, screaming Reich-Wing KKKonservative KKKhristians.

Fist of Etiquette

"Get her Bush!"

I think we're missing a crucial comma there.


Here's a profile for you: Lily-white election stealers believe the world is his own version of Risk: The Game of Global Domination. Hurry Chimp, hurry! Intelligence is telling you that Cheney's massing his forces in Iceland in preparation for a mass asault on Greenland. Label him a terrorist so you can rape his wife and steal his Haliburton stock!


I'd like to see the womyn in the first picture sent to Guantanamo. They get all the good parking spots, and even if they aren't using them when you arrive, their minions get all up in your face about it if they see you parking there. Even when you explain that you have a head cold, or you and your wife are having a baby, they rant about "real" disabilities. You want a "real" disability? Let's see how you feel after Rumsfeld flushes your Qur'an down the toilet or makes Charlize Theron give you a lap dance!

And as for the little brownshirt waving his Nazi salute: He's the terrorist! Did you know that they can actually earn awards for promoting violence against indiginous peoples. And they discourage 10-year-old boys from coming out of the closet. And they make their minions recite an oath to their irrelevant diety (Although this link left out the "fire up the ovens, Seig Heil!" part.).

Finally, if you're in contact with the guy in the last picture, please warn him licking his balls in public or sticking his nose in strangers' crotches will probably attract the attention of the police. Trust me.

I say, any womyn who doesn't want to watch a man pleasure himself, shouldn't sit next to me on the bus.


This is about freedom. The freedom to fly in a plane. the freedom to travel anywhere, anyplace, at anytime.The freedom to carry a bomb on to a airliner, The freedom to please allah by blowing his enemies to bits while they are traveling on airlines, the freedom to watch your airliner come apart at 400 mph,the freedom to become chum in gaia's oceans after your 30,000 feet free fall......

Like explaining irony to a semi-retarded child, repukes don't get it.

Freedom is'nt free.


Many commentators (including American) + most of Europe, believe that the situation in Iraq, and now Lebanon, will recruit more and more extremists -- who in turn will try to hit the USA again. Not to mention London and god knows where else.

Welcome back Irish! We missed you.

You're so right about all the points you made. If Shrub wants to defeat terrorists, he should simply surrender. Give up in Iraq, call off his Zionist attack dogs in Lebanon, and throw himself on the mercy of a UN tribunal. Nothing will demoralize the Religion of Peace like victory.

Wilderness Fox

Now it seems we are forbidden to carry any and all liquids and "liquid-like" solutions.

Can't you see??? Bu$h is now in bed with the bottled water companies, the toothpaste companies, and the sports drink companies!!! You can't take them through security, but you can sure buy them in the airport shops AFTER security... at a 400% mark-up!!! I bet Bu$h and his bottled-product buddies are laughing it up as we speak, sipping expensive champagne in a nice hot tub in Lake Tahoe, thinking of all the profits that are sure to come their way.

Damn Bush!!!

The Exorcist

Whoah, hubba, hubba! Is it just me or is that little Boy Scout HOTTER THAN ALL HELL!!?

Where can I sign up to be a Scout Master and go on a camping trip way out in the middle of fricken nowhere with this hottie?...........What? You say the Supreme Bigots tossed my kind out of the Scouts? What? They're allowed to keep the terrifying word "God" in their oath too?

Damn that Bush!

Oliver Willis


Wilderness Fox, I think you are on to something. I knew the dark hand of KKKapitlism was at work here somewhere..


Damn that bu$h! he made me forget to post this!

This guy has the goods on Bu$h!


Heh! Talk about racial profiling. The mainstream media recently confused one former NBA player, Eddie Johnseon, with another former NBA player from University of Illinois, Eddie Johnson. Just like those Joooooooow white boys in the media to mix the two up. I guess being black they all look alike!

But then I'm conflicted because even though the U of I Eddie Johnson maintains his innocence and has explained that it was the other Eddie Johnson who was accused of sexually assaulting an 8 year old girl, we progressyve know that all men are latent rapists, particularly if they are rich men.

So I see the mainstream media as winners in all this since they were quick to point out how a rich black sports jock sexually assaulted an 8 year old girl and at the same time reaffirmed the obvious fact that regardless of ones race, rich men are all latent rapists and should be pre-judged on that basis.

I've also been applauding those Muslim phauxtographers who have been showing the world what a bunch of fascist Nazis the Zionist pig Israeli Defense Force really is. So what if a five year old girl who fell out of a swing and suffered a terminal head injury before an Israeli barrage hit the area and was subsequently paraded before the cameras as a victim of an Israeli military strike, obviously she heard the incoming and was fatally injured when she was trying to run to a bomb shelter.


Is this profiling?

airport security

We cut our own throats with the PC sacrifical knife.


Larry, is that your Grandma?


I am the Pink Tubanned Progressyve For Peace. I am a member of the Religion Of Peace, and as CAIR has pointed out, am no longer an Islamofascist. The crude comparison just is offensive to one of my jihadi sensibilities.

We are not as refined as the Nazis, sad to say, and seek to show that we own the world! We will bomb everyone, to include ourselves, back into the stone age and turn every country into a glass parking lot before we let Mohammed Cartoons and other nasty things show us for what we are.

How dare you!


I might also add that the Nazis were soft. While they carried the war around the world with their Axis of Nearly Evil, we count on the Axis of Weasels to appease us until we control them. We will hide behind women and children and do not have any qualms about the sanctity of human life, for it is all a sacrifice to Allah. We do not care if we blow up innocent people doing everyday things, for it is our ability to prey on your fears and use your compassion and politically correct attitudes against you.

With our feet on the neck of one, we will control millions. We teach this to our children and beat this into our women.


To demonstrate their righteous outrage at Bu$Hitler calling peoples of Islam fascist, I believe the people of peace should call upon the President of Iran to nuke Shrubya's hometown of Crawford, Texas. That will really show the rest of AmeriKKKa and the world how serious Muslims are about being members of the religion of pieces.



No, no, no! Muslim men don't beat their women, they "discipline" them...preferably with rods since they don't leave marks.

And what better demonstration of love than Muslim clerics and immams teaching young children to embrace the suicide vest because in so doing this becomes the best assurance that children in poverty stricken Islamic countries are spared the misery of living under such conditions (that are the fault of one Bu$Hitler) and instead can immediately enjoy the fruits of paradise at a young age. Clearly, loving death more than loving life does have its advantages in some cultures. Multi-culturalism triumphs again!

BTW, with all the recent Muslim freedom figher deaths in southern Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan due American and Israeli terminator armies, will paradise begin running short of virgins? Unfortunately progressyve women, most of whom had their first sexual experience when they were eleven, can't be depended upon to alleviate the looming shortage of virgins in paradise.


This whole thing is ridiculous! How can we charge these poor peaceful people when they haven't killed 10 thousand little eichmans yet!?


That is why we Pink Turbaned Progressyves in the Religion Of Piece believe in targeting children. To prevent them from having their first sexual experience and to make them available for our glorious soldiers who are fighting the opression of Zionists. Of course the double standard is that we are oppressing them in turn, but what are semantics between enemies? We also believe in making sex and childbirth miserable for women by practicing female circumcision. This assures the clerics and imams who are afraid of women that they will never stray and let their excess sexual energy get passed around, instead of being focused on their husbands who then correct their wives for something that they had no control of whatsoever.


Childish twats.
It's no wonder your country is in a mess.

The Exorcist

"Childish twats.
It's no wonder your country is in a mess."--Tatoo

Mahmoud? Is that you?

Oh, dear Mahmoud, how we have longed for your arrival here. We have so many questions that only you can answer for us. Well, actually, most democrats could answer them as well, but we'd like to hear it straight from the camel's ass.

Please impart your precious pearls of wisdom regarding the following eternal questions we have.

1. Why did Mohammad like to take up it up his mustachioed backside?

2. Why do you people beat your women and rape your children?

3. Have you ever won a fistfight with someone other than one of your wives or children?

4. Do you use protection when you sodomize your camel?

5. Could you describe, in 25 words or less, exactly what George W. Bush's dick tastes like?

We await your enlytening answers.

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