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The Exorcist

Really, really close to 1st!


Au contraire, mon frere!

He's now even more of a maverick...

Menstrual Rainbow

This is all part of the plan set in placeby the Kos kidz. As we know Lieberman is associated with the extreme moderates the DLC, who won't even let you put up a "Free Mumia" poster. The DLC are responsible for Bill Clinton who won two elections. How are we expected to carp about how evil Repugs are unless we bathe in the holy light of perpetual loserdom? Power = Responsibilty. No we are in no danger of stumbling into the White House until at least 2016.


The war has ended, and Amerikan fascism has lost. Chimp's policies have failed, and he will be serving time in Leavenworth, existing as Cheney's sexual plaything, by this time next week. The steely-eyed mavericks who are the citizens of Connecticut rose up and put an end to racist, oil-soaked bloodlust. Our Islamic friends will be worshipping Allah as a blanket of quiet, peaceful contemplation descends over Iraq. The US butchers will have to pack up the war machines and leave. It's been a long road to reach this point, but we've made it. We've restored the Clinton/Arafat/Peres Oslo accords. Peace is upon us. I hope we've learned our lesson.


Let's put two and two together and see what we get.

1)Ned Lamont wins a landslide victory. The people have spoken! This mandate from the masses proves that amerKKKa does not want to fight anymore and we are ready to surrender to our islamic overlords asap.

2)On the next day, we have a terrorists polt uncovered here in the good old USA to scare the pants off of everyone that don't belive that the true terrorist lives in the white house.

we are on to you KKKarl Rove!

Back when President Gore had the vote stolen from him, I saw some repubkillacans wearing a "sore loserman" button.

I was outraged as only a progressive can be when the right-wing dives into the pool of hatefilled anti-semitism.

Now I think they were right about that kike....


Once again Bu$h denies peaceful mooselimbs the right to free and un-opposed air travel.

The Exorcist

Systematic segregation was a part of America's dark history and still exists today in the basement of Teresa and John's mansion. However, who amongst us wouldn't prefer airlines that cater to only one nationality or even segregated by party affiliation and sexual orientation?

Just imagine an airline without foreigners, another without Islamotics, another without democrats, another without flamboyantly obnoxious homosex..oh, I already said democrats.

Republican Airlines. Race is not an issue. In fact, black Republicans get to sit in the front and mingle in the cockpit with the pilot. No log cabiners allowed. You ladies can fly Demoncrat Airlines or just spread your wings and fly on your own, tinkerbell.

Demoncrat Airlines. Race is not an issue, but no carry-on cartoons by white liberals depicting black conservatives as Uncle Tom's and no autographed photos of Kofi, Putin, Chirac, bid Laden or Nasrallah.

American Airlines. Race is not an issue, where yo ass came from is.

Homo Airlines. Race is not an issue, but no carry-on hair-care products.

Pimps 'n Hoes Airlines (A subsidiary of Democrat Airlines). Race is an issue. No crackers allowed. And if we catch any black Republicans onboard, we kick them to the curb (assuming they land on a curb after falling 35,000 feet). We stick it to whitey everyday. We gots little spinney hubcabs on the wheels. No carry-on 40oz'ers. Your pilot today is Captain Cynthia McKinney, she'll be singing rap-gospel for your in-flight entertainment.

"Whitey stole the vote from me today
What did he know and when did he know it
Whitey broke the voting machine today
What did he know and when did he know it
Whitey tried to ID me in the halls today
What did he know and when did he know it
Whitey took a cellphone upside his head today
What did he know and when did he know it
Whitey sent the Jews to kill my people today
What did he know and when did he know it
Minute after minute and hour after hour - I talks out my ass and speaks truth to power
What did he know and when did he know it"


KKKarl Rove is brilliant. He finds 21 Mooselums, pollutes their minds and theirpeaceful religion, and forces them to hate Amerikkka even more by framing them. I tell you folks, Rove is preaching to the choir. They already hate Amerikkka!

Here's how the conversation went.

Mooselum: "Good day Alah Akbar Mr. Rove, please accept these flowers and our love."

Rove: "Cut the crap! I need you to round up your buddies and bring these liquid explosives aboard 20 planes pronto!"

Mooselum: "But Mr. Rove, Salam Salam! We are peaceful and do not want to hurt anyone!"

[Rove uses Dark Side Jedi Mind Trick]

Mooselum: "Yes Lord Rove, thy will be done...."


Lieberman: Iraq War Puppet

So what if only 20% of the Connecticutese got to vote and 48% of them voted for Herr LIEbermann? When the other 80% vote in November, they will be sure to bury his politiKKKal KKKareer for good.


With a pro-Bush candidate getting 48% of the vote in a Democrat primary, can progressyves really call this a victory? Thank Gaia that felons, illegals and enough dead Democrats resurrected to vote for Lamont.

The lesson here: Obviously not enough Democrats were wearing their tinfoil hats and were compelled by the Rovian Mind Control Rays to vote for pro-Bush Lieberman. And damn those butterfly ballots. Good thing Pat Buchanan wasn't running, too.


I voted for both of them three times each. I just didn't want some rethug to win the Dem primary. That would've sucked.

Wilderness Fox


Doesn't Lieberman sound suspiciously like Mr. Tanner from the hit 80's series, "Alf?"


Wilderness Fox, have you seen them in the same room together!? It's another Jooooooo Conspiracy!!!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"Lieberman's bronze bust will also be removed from the League of Flinty-Eyed Mavericks headquarters to make way for a life-size sculpture of Joe Wilson’s ego."

OUCH!...Does this also mean Lieberman will from hereonout be referred to as "sugar tits"?....and the Joe Wilson tribute will be one big boob...err...bust?
"Doesn't Lieberman sound suspiciously like Mr. Tanner from the hit 80's series, "Alf?"==wilderness Fox

Or LOOK a wee bit like Uncle Martin from the 60's 'My Favorite Martian'...?? HE isn't a Rove invention....


Damn that Bu$Hitler and his Rovian Weather Control Machine. He's sending a mega-typhoon into China, punishing our Chinese brethren for daring to become a super power and challenging evil AmeriKKKa. There will be 10 million bloating corpses before this is all over, I can feel it in my bones.



In light of all that has transpired today, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.


"I feel we should just surrender in Iraq"

Can we add Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Lebanon, and Phrance to the list?

Just a suggestion.

Has anyone heard anything about Mel Gibson making a movie about Mary Cheney's life called The Passion of The Lethal Lesbuan Weapons?



That should be "The Passion of The Lethal Lesbian Weapons".

2008 can't come soon enough.


What does Mary Cheney have to do with lesbians?


Both John Kerry AND John Edwards heard that Mary was gay. It's not nice to out people like that, so they only said it on national television once.


"Official: Bush Puppet Lieberman No Longer a Flinty-Eyed Maverick"

Wasn't Mel Gibson in the movie Maverick? I smell a 9/11 conspiracy brewing...

The Exorcist

And Mary had it coming to her anyway. Who the hell does she think she is supporting a REPUBLICAN? Good Gaia! I've heard of some pretty sick and downright twisted things in my life, often times right here at this site, but supporting a REPUBLICAN!? Doesn't she know they're all gay-bashers who are going to GET US ALL KILLED!

HELLO, MIZZZZ CHENEY? Your Party is so sick they're actually taking Israel's side over Lezbollah, HELLO!

It would be one thing if it were a family member or something, but what concern could she possibly have for Dick?


All this talk about Lezbollah, Lesbians, Gays and Dick makes me sooo glad that I voted for Ympeached Presydent Wyllyam Jefferson Clynton in 1992, 1996, 2004 & 2004. Who cares about the 22nd Amendment when we can open our borders to persyns of ethnycyty who wyll do jobs that Amerycans won't do?

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Does anyone else question the timing of the latest so-called "terror" bust in the news? I mean, we boot the warmongering zionist LIEberman out of our progressym movement, and then BAM! Out comes the military-industrial complex with a massive "terror" operation, like the next day? If GaiaEarthMother has taught me anything, it is that nothing is a coincidence when KKKarl Rove is involved. 10-1 odds, this whole thing was cooked up in the basement of the Pentagon, then implemented by Halliburton, so Chimpy McDumbya Bu$Hitler could beat the drums of war, while touting the need for the PATRIOT Act, and of course to "help" ameriKKKa see the need to re-elect the same-old-same-old war machine.

Coincidence? I think. Not!

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