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Rocky Mtn. Lioness

just wanted to tell Bubblehead that he's not FIRST!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Those 2 faux retorters should, along with their Cowboy Master Dumbya, be tried for war crimes!


Achmed Achmed Mohachmed?

Is he related to "Chuck Chuck Bobuck"?!
(Banana fanna fo...never mind)


"Is he related to "Chuck Chuck Bobuck"?!"

Achmed is a first cousin to Jean Jean the Dancing Machine


Dammit! That'll teach me to leave the computer to take a shower!


Dammit! That'll teach me to leave the computer to take a shower!


Hey, are you really a progressyve?

Fist of Etiquette

The good shepards over at the religion of peace tried their best to show these FoxNews "reporters" the light, even going that extra mile and staging a forced intervention. Did it do any good? Oh, maybe for a day or two, but like good sheep the two of them followed the very next shepard they found. George W. Bush is guiding them right back down the path of violence and hate and religious intolerance. A complete one-eighty.


"But when a video was released showing captured reporter Khaled Centanni and his photographer, Achmed Achmed Mohachmed Wiig, denouncing Western civilization and converting to Islam"

Proof positive that NOW is the time to surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Phrance.

And if the 2 Faux "Retorters" think they can renege on their promise to the Practitioners of The Religion of Peace on converting to the Peaceful Religion of Islam...well...they better not let their release from captivity go to their heads...if you know what I mean.


This has been happening for so long though. It almost seems a little hopeless. We did this kind of stuff about communism and hey, there was Vietnam. Where women were raped,and men children were killed. It's just a tactic that the US and the media have been using for a long time. Government control of the media has been a reason we've been getting those false reports.


Isn't that typical ne--KKKon hypokkkrisy? When Dan Rather finds factual proof that Bush snorted 'shrooms in the National Guard during Vietnam, he's discredited by a bunch of pajama-wearing swiftboaters. When Reuters removes unsightly body hair and blemishes, people question the authenticity of their photographs. But when Faux plants "reporters" inside a Jihadi safehouse, they get a pass!

Helen Thomas must be rolling over in her grave.


That the lying liars lied to Muslim missionaries makes me wonder what else they've lied about. Perhaps the Zionist tactical nuclear strike at Qana, Lebanon killed millions, but the complicit, lying media covers it up because of their transparent hatred of Islam? How about the yellow, toxic clouds over Guananomo, Cuba? Perhaps Bush's Nazi friends at Haliburton have institued their 'final solution', which the latest scholarship debunks when it comes to dirty Jews, for Islam's most peaceful and fervent disciples?


Che, I think that's, "Helen Thomas WILL SOON be rolling in her grave." However, you confusion is understandable given her present condition.

Just like a bunch of western rednecks, they convert to the Religion of Peace at gunpoint and then they renege. IS THERE NO JUSTICE? We must continue speaking truth to power.


Another progressyve falls victim to Bu$Hitler's illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Former Georgia senator Max Cleland, since losing an arm and both legs in Vietnam and having bravely served a tour of duty in Iraq in that condition, is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder brought on, he said, "by the violence in Iraq."

Wilderness Fox

It's funny how no one raises an eybrow when Christians call the "unfaithful" to join their flock every Sunday after the worship service. Oh, they cloak their "conversions" under the guise of choice and freewill, all within a tranquil and peaceful setting but we enlyghtened Progressyves know their tricks and shenanigans.

But when the religion of peace performs, as Fist of Etiquette so eloquently put it, a forced intervention to show these to Faux heathens that Allah is the only true path to getting laid in the afterlife, these disciples are held in contempt and villified.

Sickening. Just sickening.


Faux News is the AntiChri... anti ... uh ... Anti-Mohammed!! It is because of this kind of scamming of the Religion of Peace that drives freedom fighters into buildings! And we, as a supposed "nation" (not that I claim to be any part of it -- respond by covering the end of Cuba with clouds of toxic Zyklon-Bu$hitler!!



The huffington post, DU and Kos were very upset that we did'nt get to see a video of their heads being sawed off. As a progressive, I would have liked to have seen them covered in gasoline and set ablaze.

We must always fight the hatefilled-rightwing- christofacsist-noise machine!


Dave say it's not true. I'm sure I saw a video of them having their heads cut off and bodies set ablaze. A Hezbollah stringer produced the video so we know it must be factual no one would fake something like that.

The Exorcist

I shudder to think how this story will be reported when Bill O'Liarly comes back from vacation. And has anyone else wondered outloud in front of their co-workers just why Bill O'Liarly is on vacation while this happens?

Khaled Centanni was encouraging journalists to visit The Strip as if there were glitzy shows, gambling and whores to be had. That's almost enough to get me on a plane. By the grace of Allah, these two men didn't get their heads sawed off, but Khaled doesn't want journalists to be the least bit discouraged from visiting the area.

Hmmmm! I think maybe it's a trap by Faux News to get CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSLSD journalists over to the area who might not escape the garden saw. Then Faux News and O'Liarly can completely TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Earnest Ernest

Religion sucks, and guns make me pee, but I just don't see the problem with this. The "reporters" were not harmed. Considering who they are, lying scumsuckers, they got off pretty easy, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe some cultural sensitivity training would be in order.


No doubt the real reason the two Faux News reporters were temporarily detained by peace loving Palestinians was because they peed on a Koran. So typical of Faux News reporters to try and be so provocative.

Of course, being the civilized peace loving people that they are, the Palestinian authorities have declined to embarass these two neo-KKKon reporters with the truth about their disrespecting the holy Koran in such a manner.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"Fox Cries Wolf"

Aren't you being a bit bigotrous toward Wolves. Why can't like 'Fox Cries Poodle'?....or Fox Cries Mutt"?

Shirley you're not intimating FAUX "news" is maligning the bastion of truth, integrity and progressyvismvision-- CNN : "Fox Cries Wolf (Blitzer)". That being the case, don't be so shy about it. Make a RACKET about that type of injustice and slander!. Just keep the noise down if jobless claims are down, economy "is" doing well, the Troupes (who I support) have any successe...err....CLAIM to do any good in this illegal and immoral war on the religion of peace...err, so called "terror". (a Neocon made up LABEL...frickin' LABEL!!.... LABELING A specialty of Reichwing Hate-Spewing Theocon Warmongrelling LIARS!!)


You forgot the label "RethugliKKKan KKKonservative", Rocky Mtn. Lioness.

It's totally despicable how these rightwing nuts are always stereotyping and labeling people the way they do. However, when it comes to reich-wingers like Condi Rice, she's fair game and I believe in calling a spade a spade in this case.

We must continue speaking truth to power.


Our mothers warned us as children that if we told too many lies, Richard Nixon would creep through our bedroom window at night and slit our throats from ear to ear.
Cute! I liked that one alot and the rest too. Although the cigarettes have filled my brain with too many cobwebs - and I kind of like to read with a clearer head. Pathetic, huh?


It is just Faux News' way of getting attention and trying to dis our Progressyve Missionaries.
We are proactive. We can show them Mormons a thing or two about hustling for converions! I have always wanted to take the Church Lady proselyting. If the girl who answers the door hears who we are, gets asked if she is a slut by the CL, we progress to stoning if she answers yes. If not, we kill her so that Allah can have more virgins.

Win win situation.

Fist of Etiquette

I hear this is what the deprogrammers at FoxNews forced those two Muslim newsmen to recite to get them to renounce their newfound religion:

Smith is my Shepard, I shall not think. He maketh me lie to even my pastor; he leadeth me away from accuracy. He restoreth my hate; he leadeth me in the pathos of the Zionist sham for the Jews' sake. Yea, though I walk through the halls of a news network, I shall report no truth; thou copy editor art with me, thy producer and his staff they fix my stories to fit their neocon agenda. Thou broadcast a rightwing cable channel in the presence of unbiased liberal media outlets; thou filleth my head with false facts; my lies spilleth out. Surely fearmongering and propaganda will follow this brief commercial break; and I will dwell in the house of Rupert Murdoch as long as Cheney is in power.

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