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I feel Porta-Potties™ are another aspect of Chimperor Bu$Hitler's conspiracy to bring us all into conformity with his brave new fascist worldview, as well as bring obscene profits to evil multi-national corporations like Halliburton who supply the mountains of toilet paper it takes to service them. Otherwise, why would Gaia have gone to the trouble of evolving all those perfectly good trees out there in the great outdoors to pee on?

Heh! Disprove that conspiracy theory you neo-KKKonservative RethugliKKKans.


"I was thinking the same thing."

Great mynds thynk alyke.


"Great mynds 'thynk' alyke"?

They don't rhyme unfortunately ... Shame.

Anyone got fluent English around here?


To pee or not to pee that is the question,or is it better to pee in vain,or grin and bear the pain.So many questions so few answers.Obviously a Rethuglican plot.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

You Pee-ople are the best but I have read better prose in a stall at Chili's in Hattiesburg. How come there is no nudity on this site? It would improve things a bit.

Tony Big-Balls Blair

"Anyone got fluent English around here?"--Mrs. Mike Wallace

No, we ain't got no fluent English around here. We don't need no stinking fluent English. We're Americans. We're superior human beings that aren't required to play by the rules. That's why we're taking over the world with Halliburton's help.

I don't think a rhyme was what the author had in mind. C'mon, AhmDineOnWad, you gotta keep up if you wanna hang with the big boys and girls.

Talking Toaster

My owner and I were driving in Compton California last week and we saw an over-weight black man with his pants down and toilet paper in hand bending over to defecate in the middle of the sidewalk.

My owner said: “Ah, Compton as I knew it. Freedom of expression still lives.”

If American’s have that right in Compton they certainly should have it aboard public aircraft! It’s written some where in the Constitution!

And, what’s Bush up to not letting Ms. Mayo’s Pakistani “pen pal” into the USA?

Doesn’t that put our civil rights in the toilet? Which is what Ms. Mayo was figuratively protesting when she urinated in on the floor of the airplane?

Soon everybody, from Pakistan to Africa will be force to pee in a toilet.

I say don’t let Bush shove a toilet under your butt. Pee to be Free!

Dam that Bush!

Mrs. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

As a liberated woman, I just hate America under the Bush regime. A man of true progressive values, such as Mike Wallace, knows where to find a charming man who knows how to treat a lady in the 21st century.


Mother of 2 faces death by stoning
Petition to Iranian authorities urges clemency for 34-year-old 'adulteress'

Posted: August 19, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2006

Human rights groups and concerned individuals worldwide are demanding an end to stoning executions in Iran – and right now are pressuring the head of the Islamic nation's judiciary to lift the death sentence against a 34-year-old mother of two young children.

Malak Ghorbany was sentenced to death June 28 by a court in the Iranian city of Urmia after being found guilty of committing "adultery."

Under Iran's strict Sharia law, women sentenced to execution by stoning have their hands bound behind their back. They are wrapped from head to toe in sheets before being seated in a pit. The ditch is filled up to their breasts with dirt, and the soil is packed tightly before people assemble to execute the woman by pitching rocks at her head and upper body.


"Malak Ghorbany was sentenced to death June 28 by a court in the Iranian city of Urmia after being found guilty of committing "adultery.""

Dirka dirka Muhammad Jihad.


I think this needs to be taken more seriously. This woman was raped. As ANY good propgressive knows, anytime a woman is denied her right to anything, it amounts to rape. So in essence, this woman attempted to excercise her right to urinate and she was raped instead. Rape! Rape! Rape!

The solution is clear. We must begin to train monkeys. Monkeys are the only mammal capable of preventing such occurrances, with the obvious exception of dolphins who are just simply too phallic in shape to be useful, an obvious move by bush.

These anti rape monkeys will accompany every woman in all instances. When a woman is denied her right to anything, so long as she's a progressive, the monkey will become filled with gaia's rage and fling its own feces at the oppressor until it gives into the woman's demands. If the woman isn't a progressive, the monkey will instead flng poo at her till she is.

Imagine a world in which a progressive woman, unable to excercise her right to open a fascist door because its locked by bush and she forget her keys, will have a monkey, a wonderful progressive monkey, pelt her front door and house until it acquiesces to her demands. Even the most fascist of doors will fold to a progressive monkey armed with an unlimited supply of feces.

The future is in our hands, in the form of a monkey's poo. Fling it, please.


Actually, the Muslim freedom fighting detainees are doing a pretty good job at flinging feces at Bu$Hitler's SS stormtroopers who are guarding them at GITMO.

So maybe these detainees, with a little rehabilitation, could rent themselves out as bodyguards to women who plan on being unconventional in relieving themselves wherever they please in order to show their progressyvness.

Of course there would be a risk of having these brave Muslim detainees turning into money grubbing KKKapitalist pigs since that kind of work would probably be worth about $45/hour ... plus hazard pay if a sky marshal were to draw down on them.


Der Chimp is running over our Human rights faster than a zionist bulldozer going through rachel corrie's brainpan...

On monday I demand that the TRUE democrat leaders of the house and senate hold a press conference and take a brave stand with the american people behind a sign that reads,

No thanks, Fascists! I'll pee where I god-dam please!

if that won't sweep us into power, I don't know what will...


Hey FannyMax,

Go read the "Racial Profiling Again, Shrub" thread.

I replied to you there, little girl.


As The Ryghtful Presydent and Vyce-Presydent of 2004, Jean Francois Kerry and John Edwards, liked to remind us Help Is On The Way!!!

Kiki Bee

"Only time I ever went in one of those little rooms was to fill my bong with that blue stuff."

How was it, Dodger?

Truth be told, this is just another over-reaction by the U.S. Gubmint. Just because peace-loving freedom fighters desiring "death by dignity" wanted to blow themselves up over the Atlantic using liquids. I find that to be touching(what, I don't know). Death by Dignity, Cremation and Scattering of the ashes all in one fell swoop. Then, the fascists have to come in and blow it for the rest of us. No liquids allowed on the plane. I don't know about them, but if I were up there, and I wasn't allowed to pee, my bladder would explode Big-Time. And, I wouldn't even have to have another person to mix liquids with to form the explosion. Of course, if the Crusty Cysted One wants to come along, I wouldn't say anything.

Kiki Bee

I am sitting here(not the toilet) pondering whether or not Peace Mother Sheehan would like us all to go on a rolling pee fast with her. I wonder how much she would balloon up then.

Kiki Bee

I guess I had better be careful taking my dog out to pee. You never know when the guys in black suits and dark sunglasses are going to attack her for doing her doggy bodily duties.

Deborah Lynn

Just like my brother Steve told me..."Deborah, never light a fire, you can't piss out."

Wilderness Fox

In light of this, I'm never peeing again.

For some reason, I'm thinking of Jerry Jeff Walker... weird.


So FannyMax is a coward. Stands to reason.
All torturing bullies are cowards.
They only have the guts to face detainees when they're locked up in chains and can be battered to death.


Irsh, you've really shown us what true bravery is by hiding behind a veil of anonymity and attempting to insult us.



Yeah, JannyMae! The fact that you have better things to do over the weekend than play with Irish is proof that you're not one of those brave freedom fighters who slowly saws the heads off bound civilians.


WF: If you stop peeing, the jackbooted thugs will win. If everyone stopped visiting public restrooms, George Michael would never get a date.


Only time I ever went in one of those little rooms was to fill my bong with that blue stuff.

Dodger: You have been cracking me up lately.


The more I feel about the Chimperor's fascism, the more peeved I get.

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