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"'JannyMae is a lying hypocritical bitch. And she knows exactly what I mean.'--AhmaDineOnWad ...

Liberals are so good at making themselves look foolishly hypocritical it's hardly fair to point out when they're doing it. But who said life was fair?"

Since you have NO idea why I'm calling the "realist" a hypocrite, you have some gall defending her.

You don't have a clue, assholes.


"And, yes, ad hominem is how we roll."

Posted by: "John Wayne's Dick Is In Ahmadinejad's Toothless Mouth" | August 17, 2006 at 07:42 PM

If you tell me ad hominem is the way to go here, I'll believe you, guys! After all, "the United States of America RULES THE WORLD!!!"

You *might* consider telling me where and when I supported terrorism in what I wrote here. But accuracy is not one of your strong points, is it. So I'm not holding my breath for it on this site.

Toodle pip! Have a nice day! -- in the foremost land of freedom, democracy, and human rights.



Any time you think you're man enough, you take off that bhurka and we'll get it on! I'm not one of your female camels, I'll knock you on your prissy little arse!



I'm suitably impressed.


No, you're suitably a little bitch. Your ass is grass, and I'm the lawn mower!



Mike S

I believe that the right of public urination in amendment number one of the constitution. And the right to defecation is, of course, number two.


Lemme guess, for you LMAO means "Licking My Asshole's Opening"

UN Doctor

Here, take your dolls and dishes and go home, irish. You are outclassed, outgunned, unmanned and
outnumbered. All you have done is reinforce the truth of the denial of the Eurotrash weanies of which you are the head. When the sheetheads move you off the dole and force your lazy arse back to work, then decide to kill you since you don't believe in Allah, please don't come whinging to the Americans.
Instead, with the ease of long practice, bend over, grab your ankles one last glorious time and kiss your butt goodye.


Well said, Mike.




"outclassed, outgunned, unmanned and outnumbered"

As I keep explaining to poor thick FannyMax, saying doesn't make it so, Yank. Say what you like - if you say it often enough, like Bush's mantras, no doubt everyone will believe it. :)



Your repressed feelings of homosexuality are evident to all of us. Please release your urges on your camel, not us. Thanks!

UN Doctor

I don't just say so, ahmahdimeadozen. You come here and prove that you are outclassed, unmanned, etc. just by opening that yawning chasm you call a mouth, and engaging that piece of fungus you call a brain.

Bobby Dias

I did not post:
They want you to go to the bathroom in those little rooms?! Ewwwww! People have sex in there!

No way I would say that- I am always busy having sex in there- plenty of room! More! More! Not- Ewwwww!


if you email me i will give you my number,as yes bush is to blame for everything.i will go on every radio station can cross section this event by checking a carter book.
when i was 14 i was at the pruets farmhouse,they owned a bank in kansas pruet,pruet & pruet(yeah part of the flying faggot monekys.)anyway sorry to say this next part but when i was a child i survived a human sacrifice with my cousin,incredibly horrific blocked it out.however anything that was satanic or dark or anything yellow or egyptian i knew i was always in the presence of a flying faggot monkey,you know the lousy lays,the ones that have no finesse so they do their manic actions on children.i'm 40 now so you can do the math with bush's age.he was probably mid 30's.he came into the room & says you're dead,i replied what a common little man you are.(he had to have councelling where they assured him i meant he was the average man,the working man,a man to be proud of.NO YER IDIOT I MEANT CHEAP,TINY SPECIMEN,SON OF FAG.)his jaw dropped & he stuttered my daddy is head of.i interupted aren't you too old to call him daddy?he then went bush,you know attack the innocent.i was only 14 & a girl.i've got a tan & i've died my hair blonde for the esta god.(that's the satanic mob,they hide behind a faggot egyptian story.)i was supposed to quiver but i yawned.(michael moores annoyance i can confirm.)he just sucked all dignity intelligence & any form of human decency out of the room.even his tone was boring.he then boasted how he was on it from a younger flying faggot monkey.he then regained his brain cell.he tried another scare."my dadd",i raised my eyebrow,i was not wasting another tone on him."& his two friends he named them,pray to a demon i've seen them & it."still no this time i'm pleading with myself for multiple personality at the same time i urgently sent signals to brainbook,montauk get me out now.but no.i was trapped.DON'T TELL ME I HAVEN'T GONE THROUGH THE WORST ABUSE EVER.he continued.(sorry.)
i'm going to be president of the new world order.(groan,it's gonna be more faggot speak.)i know the phrophecy (the satanic one.)he thinks i won't do it but i will.he crapped on.he mentioned concubus the dark demons that all satanics pray to.i glazed.i had to."silence you bore me" i'd had enough.he couldn't believe that i didn't listen to the punchline.would the world survive,would he push the button.he then went very very nasty.he then said i know the sentence that will make you forget & he smirked & said you'll be safe now.what did i just say.all i remember thinking is no you don't have to say it,you are forgettable.bitch wife came in & said i killed somebody,(she did in a car.)what did he say,i shook my head,she smirked & said you'll be safe now.they were both sent to bed at 3 o'clock that afternoon.another man arrived same room,he apologised for bush & his wife (will somebody change her medictaion the very least straighten her head i get vertigo everytime she is on the telly.)he told me he was a peanut farmer.he was very kind.
in my late 20's bush & the faggots had secret meetings in australia,i was plagued by phonecalls.bush said you're gouing to be my brain book.i just snapped idiot & put the phone down.bush elder crapped on about demonic crap,i would just call him a fag & put the phone down.(have you seen the size of his wife,she hasn't been touched in a very long long time.)when september 11 happened i got a phonecall saying,'this is your fault,you could stop this.'i just put the phone phone was always bugged,so agencys were fully aware,i might not have known,but they were.
there is footage with bush with the press & they mentioned the dead girl,he said,"i tried to tell her". nobody called him up on it.nobody said well she's breathing,i think she might be alive,i don't know,mr president head of minions,do you think,at all.clearly not.
my grandfather knew that preston bush & all the others,the only thing he would say about them was that preston bush's father should have that time they were just scum characters that he had met.words of wisdom for every bush generation.
when bin laden heard about his beautiful women being hypnotised he took them from their jobs,the world blasted him,he did it to protect them.bush said the sentence to make me much damage that we don't know about that he has revelled in?
what nobody ever mentions is concubus & partner need to collect souls,& war is where they collect.they hang round the battelfield.literally,appering manipulating promising people their lives etc.& collecting.every war point setter from jungle to i.r.a. to now is just so bush & the others can ward off just for the while thier own collection.
it is satanic to kill,the death sentence for any man whatever he has done is not of god,remember when bush sanctioned the death of a prisoner & nobody said a thing.
saddam was after tunnels that have montauk aabilities,funny that bush went there first.

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