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One small whiz for womym, one giant leak for womynkind.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

If GaiaEarthMother didn't intend for us to urinate, She wouldn't have given us bladders.


Well, you know what they say:
"Tis better to be pissed off, etc."

Bobby Dias

You: But a Vermont peace activist was brutally tackled to the floor and arrested for urinating aboard a United Airlines flight from London to Washington DC last Wednesday.

Bobby Dias :You havetwo things wrong- 1. she was not tackled for urinating- the tackling came late when she started yelling and waving her arms wildly. 2. she was arrested for indecent exposure for urinating in the aisle between the seats- she would not go into the small restroom and later became frightened because she was closed up in the airplane( that is when she started acting wild).


They want you to go to the bathroom in those little rooms?! Ewwwww! People have sex in there!


Only time I ever went in one of those little rooms was to fill my bong with that blue stuff.


This has only happened because of the oppresion of that evil bushitler. I remember one time back in the 80's when a whole planeload of us persyns peed in our seats and no action was taken. Flying into The City of Brotherly and Womanly love, Philly, we hit a microburst while coming in for a landing. Watching the plane make a wake in the water before we managed to get back up to come back around for our safe landing on the second pass. No screaming Bushitler goons rushed to arrest us for peeing in our seats. It has to become a crime only since his taking power from the people this has happened. That poor poor womyn.


I think it's time to get Peace Mother SheMan (PMS) and DicKKK Cheney's daughter, Mary, who is a lesbian, involved in this latest Bu$Hitler Act of Injustice to Womyn Everywhere.


I just peed my pants laughing! Thanks!


Whatever happened to freedom of public urination? Another example Bu$Hitler's fascist regime taking away one of our valued constitutional rights.


...and I guess the Bu$Hitler/Halliburton/Cheney/RoveHimmler junta will also make it illegal to pee your pants as your flight falls out of the sky due to a Muslim freedom fighter exercising his freedom of expression by decompressing the cabin at 35,000 feet with Clairol™ hair spray mixed with Noxema™ going "high order".


I guess the Fascistical Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family Regime would like us to forget about THIS LITTLE INCIDENT!!!!!

When the Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, TAKE BACK CONGRESS this November and Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker Of The House and she draws up The Gaia-Blessed Articles Of Impeachment, I hope she includes the part about how Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer thought that going to the bathroom was more important than national Security.

How many people here, and at the DailyKos, and at Democratic Underground, and at MoveOn.Org, have suffered renal failure because they refused to leave their PCs while keeping a close eye out for the latest KKKrimes Against Humanity by these Reich-Wing KKKonservative KKKhristians?!


Come November, it will be safe to pee anywhere you want to in The Brand New America.


Well, he is the PEE-Resident after all...

Fist of Etiquette

The last time I checked, somewhere in the Constitution it guarantees all women the Right to Do With Their Bodies What They Please. Therefore, unless there's been some change to the Bill o' Rights that I am unaware of, she had every right to mark that part of the aircraft as her own.

On a more personal note, I was somewhat disappointed that the line "rolling your poop into little balls" was not a hyperlink to some story that backs up that reference.


It's getting so bad these days that you can't even pee truth to power without the waffen ss showing up and oppressing you.

I long for the days of Carter and Clinton. If you felt like droping a duce you just pulled down your pants (or not) and did it. We were much more free then!

Join today!!!


Wasn't it the damned Neo-Cons who invented the red/blue dye in the pools when you relieved yourself!? When I was little (and still today) those f*cking fascists made me leave the pool, dry off, go inside, go BACK outside and then have to get used to the water again!!

Mother of all Blog Pimps

I am a proud Disloyal American but I may become a Radical Muslim unless I get the access to commercial Airline cockpits that the founding fathers promised me.

This is what you call a root cause.


It doesn't mean squat if she didn't pee standing up.

F. Zappa

Well I turned around and I said ho, ho
And the northern lights commenced to glow
And she said, with a tear in her eye
Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow


We womyn of Evergreen State College are organizing a pee-in, in honor of our brave sister, Catherine. And her brave gesture of defiance, bravely leaking truth to power.

Gather on the North lawn near the Rachel Corrie memorial bulldozer, and be sure to bring lots of water and a double dose of diuretics.

I have alerted the press, so we should get lots of publicity and free photos for our cause. Squat-ins always get a big turn-out.


I would like to say that if there was ever a sign that we need to surender immediately in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Phrance...THIS would be it.


F.O.E. --

He (or she) who posts on Larry's walls,
Rolls their poop in little balls.
He (or she) who reads these lines of wit,
Eats those little balls of poop.

I think that's where Larry got the line from.


I would like to say that if there was ever a sign that we need to surender immediately in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Phrance...THIS would be it.

I was thinking the same thing.

Fist of Etiquette

"He (or she) who reads these lines of wit, eats those little balls of poop."

Yeah, but "wit" and "poop" don't even rhy-


I never realized how closely this blog resembles a men's room stall.

ponytailed guy

Now that's what I call a real pee-activist. We should all be so brave.

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