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I actually support allowing the transgendered pedophiles to enjoy Thailand. Thailand truly is a land of wonder -- a land of mysterious beauty -- a land where you can get three holes, long time, for only 50 baht.


That was a masterpiece.
Ass kissing all around.

Menstrual Rainbow

"outsourcing all the transgendered pedophile teaching jobs to Thailand."

Well, apart from female PE coaches.


Anyone ever wonder why DicKKK Cheney's Lesbian daughter, Mary, is STILL allowed to live in Bu$Hitler's AmeriKKKa while these persyns are forced to flee the country to Bangkok (why does that word sound soooo familiar to me?) where they can be free! Free! FREE!!!!

Fist of Etiquette

It would seem to me that the influence of George Bush's Moral Majority reaches far and wide. Thailand did, after all, pull Karr's papers and send him packing. San Fran is truly the last bastion of freedom.

Check out this guy, who was waiting for Karr in Boulder. Whether the AP photographer enhanced this picture with those crude scribblings on that sign or the peace activist cowboy did that himself is irrelevant. The message is right on target. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see the connection JonBenet and IDF atrocities and that other thing.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Mr. Fist:

That man in that picture is obviously a Rove Plant or Larry made him up. One or that other. It just goes to show you that no matter what you could make up there is always someone who is willing to fulfill you dreams.


Good for SF It's about time they start filling their potholes instead of just filling their ass holes... I just hope they use some of that "HOT" ASSfault stuff to fill em with instead of their naked salami's.


Larry, you will soon be receiving an invoice for my laundry bill as I have soiled myself once again after reading your wisdom.


So, like, man, is, like, San Francisco, you know, like, filling, like, their potholes with, you know, like, righteous weed?


I'm just glad that they treated him/she/it with all the respect due to someone that is a victim of bu$h's war on the poor. I see that he ate very well on the trip back to ameriKKKa. We sould treat all people in our prisons this way. We would never have a crime problem if we just treated people who rape, murder, and steal with the repect due to them. Besides, they are just acting out their real fear of rethughs, capitalism and Jews.


The way I see it is, if you're gonna protest, you might as well cover all the bases. That guy is speaking lots of truth to power.


I think Bush should apologize for accusing the Ramsey's of murdering that poor girl. He should also admit he injected her mom with cancer. The MSM were completely innocent and spot on with their reporting (as usual).

The Exorcist

A hairless public school teacher!


I haven't been this aroused since the last time I watch Mahmoud Ahmadinejad take it up his mustachioed backside from his herd of Royal Camels.

I always felt like things were a bit rocky when I was cruising the streets of Sin Fagcisco, butt I thought it was just what was going on in the backseat of my rented Prius.

Butt, a pothole does have the word "hole" in it which is all us GAYER THAN ALL HELL DEMOCRATS ever needed to get it going. I'm gonna hit the ground running and pound the pavement the next time I find myself on Castro Street.

Intellectual Conservative

Pounding the pavement on Castro Street??

Oh man ... why am I getting visuals of exploding cauliflower ...


Um... does this innocent until proven guilty creepozoid slimy bastard have ANY hair on his body?


And who could have ever suspect that such a wholesome looking guy could ever be found teaching in Thailand and touching children inappropriately.

This is more Bu$hitler profiling! Not ALL of the people who "look creepy as all fu@#" are going to do bad things to children!

Free this man! Let him go, now!

Just keep him the fu@# away from my kids!



Bu$hitler made typepad use the wrong name. That was me.

Intellectual Conservative

I hope my Bishop will pardon my language .. but bastards like that deserve life IN the electric chair ... give me five minutes alone with the sod .. me holding a baseball bat, a knife and a lighter and that bastard strapped down on a table ... he would never threaten anyone again ..


Just give Kiki Bee, the Lioness, PTPFP and I five minutes alone in a room with this guy. We'll, "straighten," him out!

***Placing an order for more dominatrix outfits***


God, you are a silly cow. And a vigilante apparently. I suppose you think that's coooooool. And 'realistic'.




While the Western media’s blistering criticism of the more draconian actions of some Islamic nations (i.e. Iran’s execution of teenagers) is definitely warranted, the Empire has a great deal of house-cleaning to do before it is in a position to preach to other nations on human rights issues.

Here are but a few recent examples of the United States’ own flagrant human rights abuses:

1. carrying out quite a number of its own executions in a manner recently discovered to inflict a great deal of suffering on the victim

2. routinely torturing and suspending justice for suspected “enemy combatants”

3. funding the Israeli Apartheid and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians

4. occupying a nation where it has killed over a million Iraqi civilians since the Gulf War invasion (through brutal economic sanctions and military actions).

5. funding the Israeli devastation of Lebanon

6. supporting numerous ruthless and murderous regimes (as long as they are friendly to US corporations)

7. having cynically embraced Saddam Hussein as an ally (knowing of his crimes against humanity) when it furthered US interests and invading Iraq preemptively to topple him when he ceased to be useful.

8. having kept the House of Saud in power for years despite its harsh practice of Sharia (i.e. thieves’ hands are severed and adulterers are stoned).

9. maintaining the largest prison population in the world through a legal system so unjust that 50% of those incarcerated are Black when Blacks comprise 14% of the general population.

10. engaging in numerous outright massacres of civilians (i.e. Haditha, Fallujah)

In light of the above, how long will it be before a significant portion of the Muslim population falls prey to an extreme prejudice against all Westerners called Anglo-Christophobia? Let’s hope it does not happen any time soon.



You are too much. You should have your own muslim/camel love reality show!

Wilderness Fox

Arbiter: I think Amanandhiscamel already has that show...




Wilderness Fox, once again your skills have shown me the way.


Be careful. Camels bite.

The Exorcist

Good Gaia, JannyMae. Glen-or-Glenda is obsessed with you. Somebody needs to get a life.

Isn't there some kind of Internet Stalking law we can pin on pinhead and toss hym/hyr/yt into Gitmo so his dreams of being romanced with a toilet plunger by our gay-bashing soldiers can come true?

I knew you had the overwhelming power to bring a real man (read that as American heterosexual) to his knees, but your mojo even works on homosexual Brits of Pakistani ethnicity. That's some serious shi'ite, baby. Whadda ya do, package it in camel dung-flavored Slurpees? Ooops! My bad, I meant to spell that "flavoured" - Arrrrh, matey! Where'e me colon tar-tar, arrrh!

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