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What ever happened to other readers wanting to be first?

Fist of Etiquette

Teeny Bopper??? Do people still use this term? I mean, geez, exactly how old is the professor?

Fist of Etiquette

Anyway, the last time I checked, the 14th Amendment guarantees all citizens the Right to an Abortion, regardless of age, race or gender.

Unless we're all of the sudden putting up a sign next to the Bill of Rights that says you have to be "this tall" to exercise total control over your body - and any other body that might be in there - then everyone needs to take a chill pill.

And to be effective, you need to take this pill up to 72 hours after you think you may have become unchilled.


18 and 19 year olds are "teeny boppers"; they've got a right to choose...

Kiki B.

"There comes a time when parents must cut the apron strings and “let go” of their baby"

And, there's no time like before birth to perform this magical procedure.


This is bad news for the MySpace crowd!!!


Bush is such a Rethug. I know most parents would rather be in denial about their offspring's repro activities, but forcing his will and having congress mandate it is equivalent to imperialist aggression.



"Abortion” as some call it, is an important part of a young girl’s transformation into a grown woman. There comes a time when parents must cut the apron strings and “let go” of their baby, so that she may spread her wings as well as her legs"

Well, now we know which other carttel of fat capitalist bastards have the Chimpy in their pockets, don't we?



Excellent points Bilgeman! I mean, why would anyone want one of these when they could do this instead!?

I'm convinced KKKonservatives are evil incarnate!!

Rocky Mtn Lioness

Ughhh....Arbiter...that picture is OBSCENE!..
Doesn't ANYONE care about Overpopulation???...more mouths to feed.

Is the other medical art piece from a Planned Parenthoodlum brochure??

Rocky Mtn Lioness

About those pics, Arbi--
....1st thing that came to mind w/that obscene picture is: "UGH! Breeders (like your Marine Breeder Brother)!!They should be SHOT"

The other one I think is obviously from a "Healing Arts Art" Gallery.


RML, damn right! I'm trying to get a T-shirt made! The front will say "This is your life with a right to choose" [picture #2] on the back: "With your right to choose taken away like Bu$Hitler wants, you would have to RAISE ONE OR MORE OF THESE:" [picture #2]

That will show those hideously cruel neo-cons!!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Oh Arbiter--
I can't tell you what my heart tears came to my eyes when I saw those those unaborted feti. They looked so unhappy to have been FORCED to be born!
Won't ANYONE think of the children??


I have to share this horror story with you RML... I've been around unaborted feti, and the cooing will drive you mad.... They poop, drool, grab my car keys, and generally are living crawling parasites on Al Gore's failing Earth.... There truly is no hope...

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

I don't blame you for one second if you'd be TERRIBLY ashamed to admit that some of those pictured, missed opportunities for Planned Parenthood, feti are "connected"to your kin...the disgusting ones of which you speak.


RML... how on Gaia's Earth did you know!? It's like you can see into my soul! Err.. I mean soul as in "soul food" or "soul sista"... I'm not religious, I promise!!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Oh, it's OK if you talk about soul...there's soul food, hey sistah' go sistah' soul sistah' go sistah'..he met Marmalade down in New Orleans...err...uhm...I mean..'s not like this "God" of the KKKristians came up with the whole (soul) idea ya know. I feel that's a Darwinininian copyrighted concept.

My frequent trips under Lar's sink and bong hits have enhanced my memory and mental note taking. I remember some personal ethinicity type of comments you've made..So then when I saw other "comments" pictures and pages at that one, I put 2 and 2½ together

I just have ways of finding things out. SSSHHHHH!!...but I always try to stay one step ahead of the NSA.

And hard is it to spot the "byproducts" of a breeder babykiller who beats up his brother all the time?

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

I just wanted to correct an error I see often... people use the term "Gaia's Earth" but this is actually a reduncy. Gaia IS Earth. And Earth is Mother. And Mother is Gaia. They are all One. But separate. And not in any way meant to be analagous to the father, son and holy spirit.

I hope that clears things up.

Red Loser

Vishnu, I think "Gaia's Earth" simply refers to "Gaia's dirt" with which our loving Earth Mother sustains our beloved Ecosystems, using her magic powers of Biodiversity.

david quijano make me laugh so hard.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

In that case, "earth" shouldn't be capitalized. As a proper noun, "Earth" refers to the name of the galactic space vessel in which Gaia, the Mother, has assumed Her Physical Form. As a general noun, "earth" means the nurturing soil GaiaEarthMother provides for Her children. I knew that second Ph.D. in Womyn's Literature, with all the required grammar study, would pay off.

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

And don't forget the "k" at the end of "magick." Without it, the word takes on a whole different hegemonous anti-Semetic misogynist meaning, like the way Chimpy McDumbya Bu$Hitler's precious WMD's disappeared, as if by "magic."

Senator Edward Kennedy

Yes, and shetland ponies are very nasty and mean. And they never call you back.

Norman Emerson

Is there a school that turns out people that think like you...were you born on the same planet I live on?


What ever happened to your brain?

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