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You lost me at the Norwegian Prophylactic Juggling.
The rest of your whiny screed was drowned in the sound of hysterical laughter. Since I have no idea who made those braying noises (no one else was in the room at the time)
I will have to assume it is that Chimpy Bush at it again.
I think he implanted speakers in my ears.


Fist of Etiquette

Olbermann, draw back your bow,
and let your arrow go,
straight through Ann Coulter's heart
for me, for me-eee-eeeee.

Pretty catchy, huh? I just made it up. And I even have music in my head that would go perfectly with it, if I wanted to make it into a song.



I've used this word MANY times in my own writings. "You"'ll be hearing from my lawyers.


So the shemale has finally been caught, huh. Normally, I have no problem with transgendered type "people". They can really liven up a party/orgy with their switch hitting.

But when they drift so far out of Nancy Paluka's ameriKKKon main stream and take up rethug, racist, hatefilled, rove talking points... I say toss her in the same garbage pile as clarence tomass, condoleeza, etc. In other words, black folk who refuse to leave the plantation and join their betters. You know what I'm talkin about!" (hat tip: Hillary Clinton).

I'm sooo tired of the hate, racism and intollerance from the people who are not enlightoned (like us).

I suggest, in the defense of free speech, we take the offensive against hate speech, and throw pies at her every chance we get.



"Her attack on the bereaved 9/11 widows left me angry, bitter, and chaffed in areas I care not to mention."

Yeah, the skank should have called the "Jersey Girls" the "Little Eichmanns' Widows" ,like our compassionate Professym Ward Churchill, (or "Tenured Man Who Speakee Truth to Power", his Natyve Amerycan name).

BTW, someone told me that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbyan...could this be true?



If Nazi-girl hadn't stolen from her intellectual betters, Dr. Barrie, Ph. D, professor at Berkeley who is available for speaking engagements and might have a book coming out soon, if the price is right, would have lived his happy, anonymous life of research, knowledge, contemplation, and humble solitude. But, because of Nazi-girl's lying lies which steal as well as lie, he has been ripped from that honorable path and thrust before a ravenous media who will not leave him alone.

I only hope Dr. Barrie's life isn't forever ruined by the poisoned questions Olberman and that band of jackals throw at him. Perhaps he can find a model in the quiet dignity of Cindy Sheehan and the Jersey Girls. If he does survive intact, he'll have proven himself to be a man of character, worthy of admiration, honors, book deals, tenure, renumerative speaking engagements, and maybe even a talk show.

moonbat, ph.d.

Who is Dr. Barrie?
Thanks for the invitation!


She is a nazi. I think she was in a movie called "ANN, SHE WOLF OF THE SS". If she can get a he-man like Frank Rich of the New York Truth Telling Times To have a hissy fit, she must be stopped! I was looking at that book of tripe she "wrote" and she had words like "the", "and", "if", and "Asshole" in it. I have seen those words in other books before so if that is'nt a open and shut case of plagiarism, I don't know what is. Her books should be burned. not in a nazi-book-burning way, in a way that we can protect the children. ( always remember that we can beat repukes by saying it's for the children)

P.S. Lar, you have yet to speak out on Israel/USA's Illegal,Immoral war on the peaceloving states of Palestine and Lebanon.

What, are you to busy having lunch with Joe Lieberman to speak truth to power?..........


Thank Gaia for this smug little troll and his mangificent software application. Who knew that SHE was plagerizing words from the SAME DICTIONARY as great writers like Bill Clinton and Ted Kopechne!

She'll get her evil rewards now! In civil court!

She's DONE FOR I tell ya!



I knew it!!! I knew that hate-filled hatefull hating hater was also a lying liar full of lies!!!1! And a cheating cheat cheater! I've never read a word she's written, but I KNEW she lying and that her lies were plagerized!!!!



I think I would probably pay to see it too.

Jason Lomberg

How dare Ann "FemNazi" Coulter use other people's words! I've heard that in certain sentences, she used more than one! I move that she be brought up on charges of treason!


Do you think that Mann KKKoulter would like to go out on a date with DicKKK Cheney's lesbian daughter?

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

Ah, infidels, this is what happens when you let your women out unsupervised: they write books, they drive cars, they talk on cell phones, and often the latter two at the same time.

And as for burkas, the Brigades give you exhibit A.

Do you really want to see exhibit B?

Didn't think so.


The Exorcist



Yeah, I just originated that too, huh, little Miss Annie Get Your 2nd Amendment jollies blowing away pie-throwing juveniles?

If Ann The Man were half-way do-able (like that hot "Exihibit A" from al Bundy that's SEARED IN MY MIND for the rest of the day) I'd almost consider exploring my bi-curious side.

Mount Lebanon

Love your site. I don't mean to shamelessly plug my new novel, but I just published a book about a hypothetical Israeli/Hezbollah clash. Freddie Forsyth or Clancy fans will enjoy it.


"And as for burkas, the Brigades give you exhibit A."

Who is that guy?


"I don't mean to shamelessly plug my new novel"
The Horns Of Hattin
by Spencer Davis

Oh man!! I just loved I'M A MAN!! Any chance you'll be getting the group back together including Steve Winwood?


Ann Coulter is my Shero. I faint whenever I see her thin frame dancing away from Punks with Pies. I wanne be just like her when I grow up...that is if Mommy Deb Frish will let me...


Larry, once again, brilliant work.

Through my own research, I've found 3 OTHER "Ann Coulters" in the Tri County Area alone! Is there ANYTHING about this trashy whore that isn't fake!?

Al Gore (who invented the internet) John F'n Kerry (who voted against the illegal war before he voted for it) and Ted Kennedy (who named his dog "splash" ['nuff said]) should be as OUTRAGED as I am!

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

"Who is that guy?"

Infidel, you caught me. It isn't Miss Berkeley 2006, or a candidate for a UC chancellorship (probably), it's Dick Butkus before his makeover. Still, a pretty compelling argument for burkas, yes?

The Exorcist

Maybe a full size burka for Dick Buttkiss is in order, but that would cover the 37-pound Ann NaziBitch Coulter 7 times over. We wouldn't want her to suffocate, now would we????

For her emaciated ilk, I suggest an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow, polka-dot burkini.

(Neocon Pincher, cue up the snare/cymbal rim-shot, please)


Now Ann is shrieking for the death penalty for Jayson Blair.


Is it Kiss Dick's Butt or Butt-Kiss Dick. And y are the Jooooos blowing up all the lesbians??? Oh, the humanity...


Mann KKKoulter is a lying liar who lies when she lies about not lying her lies!!!!

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