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Menstrual Rainbow

It seems to me that these spontaneous combustions of trains everywhere from London to Madrid to Mumbai may be connected somehow.

The most likely explanation is that thanks to Bush's refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol the metal on the tracks is overheating causing the dilithium crystals to combust thus adding to the Bush Body Count. Obviously we have to await the full report from the Democratic Underground scientific experts before a definitive answer is available.
Oh and is this the 100th comment?

Menstrual Rainbow

Damn you Ditzy Chica for robbing me of the 100th comment.



Praise Allah!!!

Ditzy Chica'

Oooo....quick...somebody call the Colorful Monthly Mensus a Whaaaaambulance

Who give a rats patoot what number post you are! You whine and cry like a frickin' bunch of ReThugs. It's certainly NOT the kind of behavior you'll find in the bowels of the wisdom of the ages at DUnderheads..uhm..Dunderground or Doily KOS.



Praise Allah!!!


Uh, Captain Petty Officer 4th Class Exorcist, that tiny blue dot is starting to look pretty big.

May I respectfully request of you and Allah (peas be upon him) that someone other then Arbiter take over the controls?

I mean like, Allah Ackbar!!!,
The Dude is trashed.

spd rdr

Can I stop eating yet? Please let me know when my ten hours are done. This is very uncomforatable.


spd rdr,

May Allah's(PBUH) blessings rain down upon you.

However, you have (in a tipical infedal way) misread the teachings of the profet LibLar. As I recall, it was a 10 second fast. So eat up! And Praise Allah!!!
Peas be upon Him.

Also..oh, shi'th!!, we're coming in for a hard landing!!!



No, I'm not that Allah that post at

I'm the real Allah!!!

Peas be upon ME!

Anyhoo... it has come to my attention that a few of your "people" have converted to Islame.

Dear LibralLarry... Thanks, but no thanks.

I reject their conversion! They are to radical for ME.

May you all under sharia soon!



Praise ME!!!


I'm sooo late to the thread!

Well, here's something for you to do, while you are struggling to maintain your fast for ten WHOLE minutes!

You can pass at least some of the time watching our hero Alan Colmes takedown this Hollywood fascist!

The Exorcist


"PeaceBus-01, this is Magical Misery Tour-13, OVER!

We have safely touched down on the little blue dot known as Colorado University which is completely surrounded by red-state rubes - OVER!


It would've been much easier to land in Asspen but RML didn't lift a finger to help us. Thankfully, Chief WigWam Medicine Man and 194% pee-yur Cherokee, Professym Ward Churhill got the MAYDAY from Windy Sheehan on PB-01 and organized a protest large enough for us to see from our cruising altitude of 14 feet above ground.

There is some bad news though. We ran out of Sea Rations because Arbitraitor ate the ENTIRE stash of Ding Dongs after smoking the ENTIRE stash o' hash. So, unfortunately, we had to eat Rupaulo. And I mean we had to eat him "Timothy" style, not Barney's Frank style.

Of course, he did consent to this because, you guessed it, being eaten alive is another one of those jobs that Americans just won't do.

We'll just chill here in Chief Churchill's psychodelic-painted TeePee and begin our johnson-gobbling pre-fast Feast-Fest while wearing the longhorn souvenirs we picked up in Spain, dancing in circles of smoke exhaled by Profeces Churchill, burning AmeriKKan flags upside-down, engaging in bestiality with Colorado Buffaloes, and quietly await instructions from Chomstein on when our 10 minutes starts.


Great Landing Exorcist!!

You DA Man!!!, in more ways the one... you know what I'm talkin about!!!

I'm ready to begin the feast before the Fast for Peace. Is there any Repaulo left over?

The Exorcist

Sorry, Petty Officer MurthaFan, but there's absolutely nothing left of Rupaulo except the fake fingernails he left in my bathroom after I raped and ate him with a side of farva beans...or whatever the hell Anthony Hopkins was talking about.

I'd offer you Pedro but SOMEONE (whose name rhymes with Cocky) tipped off the INS and they deported him directly from the balls-loon-basket. Dr. Nick Northcut has his papers in order and Arbiter is still vomitting uncontrollably.

I suggest you take a bite out of Neocon Pincher but STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIS TOES!! Those great big black & hairy muthaphukuzz belong to ME.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Janny Mae:

Isn't Allan Colmes just dreeeamy? I never carry a purse if I know he's gonna be around Sams or Costco. *wink, snicker*


Oh, yes, Lioness, absolutely. Alan Colmes' incredible looks are only outshined by his sheer brilliance!

Need to make another trip to Goodwill tomorrow, and replenish my, "supply." Hehehe.


Why is this guy biting me?

Am I in a balloon?

Where are my clothes?

What smells funny?

Bush Ate My Soul...

Isn't Allan Colmes just dreeeamy? I never carry a purse if I know he's gonna be around Sams or Costco. *wink, snicker*

Damn, womyn. You've brave.

I don't know that I'd get within 10 feet of Allan Colmes with a Snickers bar. Methinks he hath a lean and hungry look.


Larry, I am joining your fast group. I just had breakfast and wont eat again until lunch. Well, maybe a couple of snacks but I will get my one hour in there somewhere. Gawd, I feel like a Hollywood star already.

Kiki B.


Oh Yes!! I am the woman!!! err....Man...Ummm...It!! Sorry if my mentioning gender offended anyone.

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