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Eggs: You're a very creepy persyn. I don't think Gaia approves of you. Are you sure you didn't leave a demon or two hanging out in your soul somewhere? Maybe one that slipped your mind? Like you were gonna exorcise it, but it slipped your mind ...

Janny: Can we go somewhere private before you beat the living f%@# out of me?


MurthaFan, sorry about that. Next time's on me (literally).


"next times on me"

Golly good news Abiter ole Chap. Have no worries... this time, I shant forget the "reach around" you new country blokes so admire.. er..umm, I mean.

Cool Man, I can dig it!

The Exorcist

"I don't think Gaia approves of you." NP

Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle african-american? Lissen here, palley. I'm the one with Gaia' home phone number. I work with Gaia, I know Gaia and you're no Gaia, by Gaia.

Now fatten up like an aging hippie doing more munchies than crunchies because you never know when Arbitraitor is going to "accidently" take us over a red state so our Kerry-Edwards/NAMBLA/FREE THE HEZZBOLLAHS bumper stickers can be seen from our cruising altitude of 14'.

We want to make sure we have enough for that pink hat and any emergency repairs the balls-loon might need during the tour.



Exorcist, great post as usual, however you forgot the correct grammar from that last word, instead of "Sholem" try

"Show'em & Melick'em"


Say, Lar, if you backtrack the audio of what Shrubya said to Tony Blair, it's actually a plug for Halliburton.

And to that I say, BULLSHIT!

Dubya Lovin Gun Totin Troop Salutin' Hi Falutin Red State Lover of Israel & Yeshua

Dear Mr. Liberal Larry,

Your place here has all the ambience of a San Fransisco Bathhouse...STD 'Florists' and all. Not that I would ever take a bath here. Quite the contrary. It doesn't take much reading here before I feel like I need a bath! Creepy.

Halliburton markets a great disinfectant bubble bath. I'll get me some of that.

The Exorcist

Dubya Lover,

You seem to have a firm grasp on the activities going on at San Francisco Bathouses, right down to the decor. You also have your unbridled love for another man right in there in your handle. C'mon, now. You're really one of us, aren't you?

And don't plagiarize my lyfe-partner, Neocon Pinchme, with that "creepy" stuff. He invented that word. Not you, not Ann Coulter and not the STD Florist you live with on Castro Street.

Fist of Etiquette

Let's not get into who's gay and who's not.

Bush equals Hitler. I read it on a sandwich board.

And in true, blue fascist Nazi fashion, Bush is siding with the Jews, going totally against the opinion of all of Europe. Typical.

And Bush swears, just like Samuel L. Jackson.

Wow, does that mean that Samuel L. Jackson equals Hitler?

You do the math.

But you're all queer as a football bat.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

EEEWWWWW!!....If there really IS such a thing as "evil", I just had a brush with it. *shudder* I am so creeped out still.

I was just driving back home from trying to talk my fur childrens doctor into letting me buy some cat food with food stamps. HEY...It's FOOD, right?

Anyway, so I was driving thru this *%^#$% neighborhood close by me and
about drove my $(*%&#$& VW van off the %($%&*%$^# road!!! Here was this house (obviously capitalist pig owned and NOT low income rental) with a %($%&*& Jew Flag AND a f%*$%&$%*& U.S. Flag...SIDE BY SIDE~!!! I was never more *(%($%& ashamed of Dubya being the peeResident (select!) in all my life. I was never more %($%&*#*^& ashamed of living in a $*%& red state in all my $*#$&*&# life! I was just LIVID that these flag waving Jew loving rethug Theocon Zionists lived anywhere near Clinton street--and ME, too! %*($%&$*&$%!!!

How much more of this sh*t do we have to put up with from these hateful *%&*$%& rethugs and their *%#&*#$% foul mouthed "Peeresident"???

The Exorcist

Okay, I didn't think I could ever get more turned-on than that fateful day when I read about Neocon Pincher's black-ass hairy toes. However, RockMy WorLd Garfield took me to the promised land with that last outburst.

"But you're all queer as a football bat."--Fist Of Etiquette

We're queer? You're the one with FIST in his name and we're the homos? Speaking of sodomites, isn't "etiquette" a French word, oui?

BTW, what was the original topic here? Oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson. I knew he was a Bad Muthafu(shut yo mouth, I'm only talkin' bout Jules Winnfield…canyoudigit?) when I read it on his wallet, but I didn't know he swears.

Fist of Etiquette

I stand by my slur.


Wow the furs flying here today,This is no place for some one not out of the closet yet.Maybe if the retugs are defeeted in November.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness Pineapple

"Oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson. I knew he was a Bad Mutha..."==Exorsister

O_M_G!!! Are you saying the 7th President (D) of the U.S. is a relative of Rep. John "I supportively hate the troops" Mutha???? Who'd uh thunk it!?!?!?

Kiki B.

Whhhhhhheeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Hangin' out under the sink is AWESOME!!!!!


"I work with Gaia, I know Gaia and you're no Gaia, by Gaia."

While I appreciate the fact that you can make me spray coffee on my monitor, I'll have to point out, Eczemacyst, I am NOT your lyfe partner. I have not reached that level of liberal ... I mean, Progressyveness. I'm sorry to have to break this to you in such a harsh manner, but these things are easier done quickly and decisively.

You almost had me until you made me picture Max von Sydow sucking on my toes. It's over. Sorry.


Janny: Can we go somewhere private before you beat the living f%@# out of me?

Posted by: Neocon-pincher

Absolutely. This Exorcist fellow is really starting to creep me out, too. I thought I was about as kinky as they come, but I've never been a fan of fava beans, and Anthony Hopkins has never been a turn-on!

Kiki has graciously come out from under the sink and provided the dominatrix outfit, so I am ready when you are! Good news! My eleven year old son just got new baseball shoes, and they fit me! Don't worry, they're only RUBBER spikes!

Better take a few hits from the bong first, NP! We're going to have a real, good time!

UN Doctor

I see that the swapping of bodily fluids and skin continues unabated and unsatiated here. Good for you.
You are fulfilling the UN mandates to go forth and f@#*&
like rabbits.

Let us review the rules:
Safety word
Lots of penicillan (note that penis and penicillan have the same first four letters, which means it is an antidote for STDs, unless you are already antibiotic restistant) and diabetic needles for self administration of medicince when you do get bitten by the 'love bug'
medicinal brownies
And Bill Clinton to feel your pain.

As you were and carry on.


I have a bad feeling about this.



Does this dominatrix outfit make me look fat?


No, Mystress.

It's your thighs that do that.

OUCH!! Ooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Ditzy Chica

"Live Mike, My Eye"

That's right...he WON'T be able to live now because of the Shrubinator exterminating any chances he had to live with stem cells.

Who's Mike, anyway?


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Mike 18

Thank GOD, You found out something, that this world realy need.


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