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That's why the rethugs are completely overwhelmed. that can't put obvious bull over on LibLarry,or for that matter any progyssive that comes to this site.It's much too easy to see right through their simple schemes.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Oh now I'm sure our elite class of intelligentsia fiends at DUnderground (who's Birkenstocks' we're not worthy to unlatch) already exposed this sham with the video. I'll betcha they were the FIRST to see the wire bulging out the back of the Shrub's Haliburton sweat shop made suit jacket, like a bad case of scoliosis. No Sh*t!!


"like a two dollar whore"

Where are the two dollars whores? I can't even pick one up out of the gutter for less then twenty bucks, or a rock of crack.

That's our leader folks... smart, wise beyond his years, and a bargain shopper!

"I guess I've been wrong about the guy all along."

Say it ain't so Joe, er.. a, Lar! It had to have been staged, just like all the (s)elections since 2000.

Let's just keep repeating that it was staged over and over and over again, until it becomes true. Ya know? Like the Progressyves that we are.


Oh, Shi'ite!

Kiki B.

Michael Moore is a Two Dollar Whore?? Wheeee Haaaaa!!! I've got FIVE DOLLARS.


"oh, Shi'ite"

Please CamoJack, watch it with the potty mouth. This is a family blog. My illigitamet, non aborted, goverment supported kids read this daily.


Looks like W has been taking some lessons from the Gropinator. See link on my site...


This was not an unscripted moment. This was a chimp who'd escaped from his organ grinder, and we're all going to be shoveling for years to scoop up the messes he made.

Talking Toaster

a brief glimpse at the real George Bush yesterday. Confident. Assertive. In total control of the conversation. Heck, he slapped Tony Blair around… I guess I’ve been wrong about the guy all along. – Liberal Larry

I don’t know what to think.

This whole episode has left me (((((shaking)))).

We could possibly be dealing with someone with Higher Education!

It appears that Bush can not only butter his muffin and eat it without hospitalizing himself – he can chew; talk international politics while uttering 4-letter words.

This may be the sign of a College Graduate or even a person with a Masters degree!

I think you should adjust your whole strategy.

Instead of a picture of Bush dropping the F-bomb on progressyvs, shouldn’t we consider a picture of Bush buttering his muffin with Mama Cindy’s blood?

Or, how about a picture of Bush eating the last bit of meat from Martin Martin Sheen’s un-aborted fetus (say Charley Sheen’s femore bone hanging out of Bush’s mouth)? Or, even Bush drinking blood Michael Moore's skull?

This is neither a time to be timid nor the time to engage in Higher-Education dialogue.

Damian G.

George Bush doesn't care about curse words!


I hope they leave live mikes on in the prison cells of The Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family when they IMPEACH THEM and throw them in Abu Ghraib!!!


I'm all about freedym of speach, man.

When Bono dropped an F-bomb on TV, I was all, like "Dude, that's righteous, man!"

When Janet Jackson whipped out her gazunga during the Superbowl, I was all, like, "Dude! That's talent!"

When Howard Stern spanked conjoined midget transvestites while Stutterring Bill asked if the fat chick from Wilson Phillips ate her Grammy, I said, "Dude! That's family entertainment!" for like the first five years of the schtick.

When Dan Rather got the facts wrong, but was factually correct, I was all, like, "Dude! He burned that dude, man!"

But these neoKKKons are pushing the limits, man. First Shrubya calls a reporter a "Major league a**hole". Then DicKKK tells an esteemed senator from the great state of... well from some state, but he told him to "F*** off". Then DicKKK yells "Pull!" and shoots a lawyer in the face with an assault rifle for sport.

Now Dumbya implies that Hezbollah is partially responsible for the Zionist bloodlust!? Dude, that's harsh! Hezbollah is, like, a community support organization. They're no different than the Shriners or the Rotary Club or NAMBLA.

And Bush said the "s" word on TV, too. He should get an FCC fine, man.


The Shrubinator made me piddle myself.

Somebody hold me

Andrew Sullivan

I will pour that Diet coke all over you and lick it off
you while Barney Frank takes pictures. George is happily married and a straight kind of a guy but I am here for you...

The Exorcist

Neocon Pincher, Your worries are over. I'll hold ya, darlin'. I'll hold ya like a carrot and slice ya, dice ya, and serve you up with a side of farva beans while listening to Mozart.

Note to Petty Officer NoClass Murthafan: Round up as many "two dollar whores" as you can find for our upcoming Support The Hezbollah Peace Plan Tour. You never know when we might have a bi-curious moment up there with Pedro doing those jobs that Americans just won't do. Besides, if there's anyone in AmeriKKKa doing jobs that most Americans just won't do, it's two dollar whores.

Now, I know from personal experience that two dollar whores are as hard to come by (no, pun intended) than a showered French diplomat, but Cindy Sheehan's PeaceBus is parked right down there in Texass. So grab all the 1-dollar bills in your stepdad's wallet, fire up the PaddyWagon Of Love and follow the cloud of funk rising above the Houston skyline, sailor! And don't forget to take your yeast-allergy pills.



In case anyone's interested, I'm a $2 whore...

Log Cabin Carlos

"In case anyone's interested, I'm a $2 whore..."==R Biter

Only if you're as queer as a $3 bill, boy.


The Shrubinator made me piddle myself.

Somebody hold me

Posted by: Neocon-pincher

Don't pay any attention the that eggs-or-cyst fellow. Come here, baby! There, now isn't that better?!

Snap! Ah, now I have the handcuffs firmly in place. Now, where is that dominatrix outfit! Damn it!

KIKI! Get out from under that sink, right now!



For 3 dollars I'll make ya holla!


Phrance is a two dollar whore? When did the price go up?


"Phrance is a two dollar whore? When did the price go up?"

They have to pay for John F'n Kerry's botox...


Jannymae: Just don't let Eggs O'Cyst near me while I'm handcuffed. Seriously. I'll sign a blank check to you.


"round up as many two dollar whores as you can find"..."down there in Texass"

Aye, Aye Captain Petty Officer 4th Class Sir!
Rodger that on securing R and R equipment for Operation Balloon Trip. Request permission to stock up on penicillin from sick bay stores for post trip treatment.

"I'm a two dollar whore"

Arbiter, why buy the whole cow, when we can get the milk for free?
You didn't charge for your "unrep services" last trip.

The Exorcist

"Jannymae: Just don't let Eggs O'Cyst near me while I'm handcuffed" NP

You kiddin' me, NeoTrio. Hell, Daisy Mae Duke is in on the hole thing. She's bringing the farva beans. I sure as hell don't know how to cook that shi'ite.

And why the hell do you think she's chaining you up?

If you're anything like RuPaulo (and something tells me you are, and You Know What I'm Talkin' Bout) you'll probably flinch when you see your own back-skin being used to sew together Daisy's Almost-Leather Dominatrix outfit and matching purse. With your honky-ass skin having that shocking-pink glow to it, we might even have enough left over for a pink hat.

Ya big wuss. Take it like it like a progressyve. Even RuPaulo grew to appreciate seeing his back-skin used to patch the holes in the Masochist Misery Tour balls-loon. It's not about you, it's about the cause, man.

We're spreading democracy through our Support The Hellbollah Peace Plan Tour. I know we're progressyves and thinking of others doesn't come easy for us, but couldn't you just go out there and win one for the zipper?

Jamie Dawn

And he was REALLY chowing down on that... was that a pretzel???

Who knew our prez had such a potty mouth?
I hear Laura cusses like a sailor too.

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