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They should save up their tooth fairy get those abortions.

the revolution will not be televised

Leave it to the heartless misogynistic repugs to deny the only solution and source of comfort a young pregnant grrl has-her Right to Choose! But because they took away this choice all she can do is be forced by her incestuous relative to endure a coat hanger abortion in some dark alleyway, when someone could have taken her across state lines for a safe, anonymous procedure without any judgment or pesky questions. And now kind, gentle grandparents will be forced to rot away in a jail cell unable to even put an end to their suffering because the fundies and dominionists took away the right of the elderly and disabled and severely depressed and mildly dissatisfied to choose too! Those cold-blooded neo-cons don't give a rat's behind about women or fetuses, they just want more soldiers for their endless wars! Can't the sheeple masses get it through their thick redneck skulls that this is all a trick to get them to vote more evil dominionists into office, so they can bleed away funding for vital social programs like free abortions for low-income and minority women and priceless works of art like the Vagina Monologues and use the money to stock up on weapons and pay media outlets to skew their news coverage in favor of even more dominionist politicians so that they will one day take over the world and usher in the New Dark Age according to the evil plans that unfold daily from church pulpits across America? My only hope is that the catastrophe that results from the looming oil shortage destroys civilization first.

Kiki B.

Well, it's a good thing I'm not a parent, grandparent, or clergy. So, being an aunt, it looks like I get to drive little Mary and Jane to the Abortion Paradise to have their little lumps of tissue(something like a tumor) removed.

I'm such a good aunt.

PONC MurthaFan

Gaia help US ALL!!!

How many more constitutionally garenteed rights must we lose????... before we stand up and say... THAT'S IT!!!

Bush Lied, people died. Haliburton. Invasions of afganistan, iraq, and my cellphone calls to 1-800-bigg-un.

Now they want to take away the last, bestest way to save Gaia.

That being... Abortion on demand with no age or height restrictions.

Booosh got his WOT thanks to some well deserved blowback... but this????

I'm not a "breeder" (not counting a few drunken shore leaves), but I want to know if I do get drunk and switch hit... there's always an easy way out!

I pray to Gaia for the young ones.
Because of booosh... they won't be able to make the same mistakes we did.

Damn that Bush!!!


Did you know that there are neanderthalic groups formed right here in Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer's AmeriKKKa that advocate...abstinence till marriage? This makes the Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, If-It-Feels-Good-Do-It Crowd, like my LyfePartner and Y, furious with curiosity about where these Reich-Wingers get off trying to shove their agenda down the throats of our chyldren? Just imagine what would happen if people waited until they were actually married to have sex!!! Traditional and Classic phrase like "my baby momma" and "my baby daddy" might go the way of the dodo bird.


What a loss to the Ebonic Language that would be!!! Not only would the Vagina Monoliths also disappear, but cultural differences and norms will soon be documented on PBS as a vanish way of life. Michael Moore
will have to be crane hauled out of retirement to trace this lost way of living. Imagine too, that
welfare agencies would no longer be able to empower womyn-chyldryn with WIC, free rent, bling and drug counseling. That will disenfranchise everyone!!!!

Dang that Bush!


Leave it to Rethugs to turn the most pure, beautiful gesture a woman can make to some guy she met at a party, and turn it into something ugly. Those hypocrites are trying to turn the whole country into some theological dictatorship like South Dakota.

Well I've got news for them! I happen to come from a long line of aborted fetuses. Not to brag but I am known in some parts as "Exhibit A" from Roe v Wade.

I wonder if planned parenthood sells gift certificates? They must, because my Mothyr gives me one for my birthday every year.


Every persyn must learn to embrace abortion as the most sane and loving act we can perform for the sake of our posterity.

Off topic:


B4E, words like "mommy" and "daddy" and "family" only perpetuate the fraud of heterosexual normative hegemony. As everyone knows, particularly the early freedom fighters of the NOW, marriage is simply legalized rape. That's why I'm personally opposed to homosexual "marriage", why do we want our dear sistyrns and brethryn raping one another under some false notion of "the sanctity of marriage"?

Clearly, our embrace of abortion reaffirms our love for humyn life as it presently exists ... particularly our own. It's what I've always have said, "Love yourself so you can love your neighbor's wife/husband more." Abortion is the greatest act of loving yourself.

Disprove that you neo-kkkon Rethuglikkkan trolls.


Once more the fascist jackboot of Bu$hitlerhaiburton stands on the neck of young girls in amerKKKa. We are living in a neo-con chistofacist theocracy. I wish we all lived in a Islamic state where a woman has a TRUE right to choose.

The neo-KKKons are using the illegal, immoral war that israel are waging on the peaceful, rocket launching people of Lebanon as cover to take away the right to choose and to have taxpayers pay for it.

Remember folks, some of those blobs of flesh will grow up to be warmongering,hatefilled.screeching,mouth-breathing rethugs. we have to stop this at all costs!

This would have NEVER happened if John Kerry( who is a full time vietnam vet) did'nt have the election stolen from him.

The Exorcist

Wow! I lasted as Professor Chomstein's fill-in longer than my last 4 jobs combined. What was that, 4 hours?

Being one of the grandparents on this forum, I have to tell you all how violated I feel this morning. Much more violated than I felt a few weeks ago when the crew of the Masochist Misery Tour balls-loon took turns on me with that rusty spatula while I was passed out.

I became a Jew and a grandfather on 9/11/01. No shi'ite! Although I begged my daugher not to bring a child into an AmeriKKKa control by Rethugs, she just wouldn't listen. Additionally, she's a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN and told me she wouldn't abort under any cirumstances.

Clearly, the fact that she's a KKKrisschin meant that her little offspring, my grandson, is being raised as a KKKrisschin. As he approaches his 5th birthday, all I can think about is how much farther Bush has taken us away from a womyn's right to saw their child's head off up until the age of 7 or 8. Instead, AmeriKKKa has yet another mini-KKKrisschin on its hands.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Interesting that the Wikipedia article doesn't even get it right. It's "Dilatation," not Dilation. What next? Is somebody going to tell me that Glenn Greenwald has sock puppets?

We got our entire allotment of rain for the next six months, in about an hour last night. When will this global warming crisis be taken seriously?!

Damn that Bush!


This is all making sense. Now when I express my free luv (rethugikkkans call them "one night stands") I have to be a FATHER!? WTF!? I just want to get it on with no repercussions! Now when I call the clinic to help [insert hussy's name] to get rid of the little brat growing in her, Bu$Hitler is going to be listening to my call and have thrown in Abu Gharib!!!

This KKKountry sux!!!! What's next, they're gonig to outlaw bestiality!?

The Exorcist

"This KKKountry sux!!!! What's next, they're gonig to outlaw bestiality!?"--Arbinator

Arbs, don't even say that in jest. We already have little KKKrisschins preparing to take the helm of the USS Halliburton in a few short years. Don't even suggest they're going to take my gerbil, Sunshine, away.

Hit it fellas!

"You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make me happy
When I am gay

I'll always love you
I'll always shove you
Please don't take
My Sunshine away"


Excorcist, I'm sorry. I won't take away your SunShine... But you've got to know we won't have any sunshine in a few years. Al Gore has shown us that...

The Exorcist

No harm, no foul, no blood, no ambulance. I've told Sunshine the good news. But he has a question: Is it Al Gore has "shown" us that, or, is it Al Gore has "shone" us that.

Or, if he's at a southern Baptist Church, is it Al Gore has "sho'nuff" us that.

Wait, I forgot about the Oscar-winning performance of An Inconvenient Lunatic so you right after all. It's show-bid'niss so it's "shown" after all. Never mind.

Rocky Mtn Lioness

"Although I begged my daugher not to bring a child into an AmeriKKKa control by Rethugs

Oh, the (unaborted) daughter with the tricycle??

All is not lost in Bush's Anti-Gay, Anti-Womyn, Anti-Freedom Fighter, Anti-Free Love, Anti-Poor, Anti-Truthier Truth, Anti-all that's good and left with the world.....A new voice of gaiety has spoken: N'Styncs Lance Bass has left the closet!!! So one less coathanger abortion (since The Shrubs Supremes stealing the Court election meant all unPlanet Parynthoods were swiftly boarded up by Haliburton's illegal and immoral war on lumps of flesh clean up businesses)

So there will be no Lance Bass impregnated poor little girls beat up by their Rethugocon grandparents! It's bad enough the mothers of those little girls didn't "drop them off" at unPlanet Parenthood...ahem...years before they were able to get knocked up...and you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

If it weren't for abortion, I wouldn't be typing this today. All those back alley abortions I had back in the barbaric ages before Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision guaranteeing our right to chose under assault by the Bu$Hitler/Dickhead Cheney/HALLIBURTON-PATRIOT act junta, sure came in handy recently, when I was able to use the nonviable tissue I had so diligently preserved for emergency in a stem-cell procedure performed in the Free State of Canada. The stem cells, combined with my medical marijuana, brought me back from the brink! How many teenage girls today might be saving their own lives down the road by aborting such medically necessary stem cell material? By Gaia, we mustn't let our CHILDREN lose this precious resource!

The Exorcist

"Oh, the (unaborted) daughter with the tricycle??"RML,


Actually, I have a shameful secret that's been weighing on me almost as much as what's been weighing down Hotpants Lance Bass.

I have a 31 year-old daughter, and self ryteous KKKrischin, with the 4 year-old. Another 5 year-old daughter and a 3 year old son who keeps a tricycle on the ready just in case Charlie's Angels putt down the street in their tricked-out Misstang. That's right, my 4 year-old grandson has to call my 3 year-old son, Uncle.

I am so embarrassed and ashamed, but it's true. I'm a PRO-KKKREATOR!!!

I've tried to drown my shame by engaging in unspeakable acts with gerbils, complete strangers that hang out in the gayest part of the parks, public restrooms and the backseat of George Michael's hybrid Explorer.

But every night when I return home from the front of that Home Depot doing jobs that most AmeriKKKans just won't do (like getting in the backseat of George Michael's Sport UndressMe Vehicle), I'm given a stark reminder of what happens when a womyn loses her ryte to choose.

Maggie Sanger rhymes with Back Alley Hanger

We must overturn these dictatorial legsgestation..... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness


Juuu gots some 'splainin to dooooo! Yes, true progressyves celebrate pervers...err...diversity---but a Prokkkeating gayer than all hell cradle snatching priest????? Somethings gotta give here, and I suspect the priest/prokkkeator things would be the most logical to go, since they're eerily close to theoconisitc rethuggery.

You place yourself perilously close to ending up in the bad end of a firing squad, when we the Peace Doves of Progressyvism line up all the Neoconvicts and gun em down. THEN and only then will peace (& love) guide the planets.

Allahn AkbArkin!!!

The Exorcist

Yes, Betty Williams, I am aware of the peacenik hit-list I've landed on as a result of my proKKKreating ways. However, I had my first child when I was but a teen myself. An AmateurKKKreator, if you will, before I went Pro.

And you do know the Episscopalian Church has come out of the confession booth as being GAYER THAN A BOY-BAND SINGER NAMED LANCE! So we've conveniently tore a couple of pages from the KKKrisschin Bible that looked upon our lyfestyle with umbrage.

So, it's all good now, girlfriend. Well, except for part where Halliburton is causing a heatwave in SoCal that's causing my masscara to run faster than tears from the face of George Voinovich after being backhanded by 2008 Presidential hopeful, John Bolton.

OY MY GAWD, did I say that out loud?

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"OY MY GAWD, did I say that out loud?"===Exorsister, Neocon Mole PUKKKE!

Yes you did!!! And you said GAWD...and like Dodger says: "STOP FORCING YOUR RELIGION ON ME!"

In other news:

Remember "the Rapper" from 2 threads back??..Well...I I found him!!

dr. jeff

LOL. Great site!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess


Yes, stop it, or else GaiaEarthMother will enact karmic revenge upon you in your next incarnation!

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