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I for one am glad by Dumbya's vetoe (Dan Quayle's spelling). I had a dealer once sell me stems and seeds. I'm still mad about it. Damn you Mom!


*absently singing a funny little ditty under his breath*

Dirka-dirka Mohammed jihad ...



Do stem cells count as food? If not, maybe we could take some down to Saint Cindy with us.

Munching on carpet (or so I'm told), and fasting on ice cream has to be getting old by now.

RoCkY mTn. LiOnEsS

"Do stem cells count as food?"

I dunno about that...prolly a form of protein...BUT...that made me think of something that infuriates me about that *#$%&*$%& foul mouthed evil genius Dumbya and his %*(&$$%*& sheeple....:

Just think of all the 'precious resources' that have gone_to_waste ever since scAlito and ReichRoberts stole the Supreme Court vote:
(un)Planned Parynthood(winked) safe havens!!!!!


This all about OIL my friends... everybody knows that with a little genetic re-engineering, STEM cells can easily be converted into STEAM cells. Yes that's right! I read an article about this on DU... I can't remember the source, ya know I was pretty fucking high... but anyway there's this guy who converted STEM cells into STEAM just by adding an a to it. This little suckers can put out twice the BTU's of Oil and they're fucking free. Well we jsut use up them babies nobody doing anything with. If this gets out, this will ruin the Chimpmaster and all his oil buddies...


Neocon-Pincher, roll over sweetie, I'm having trouble reaching the keyboard. There, that's better!

I'm confused! My lyberal, I mean, "progressyve," friends told me that BusHitlerBurton had banned stem cell research a long time ago.

Could somebody please pass the kool-aid, while I adjust my tin foil beanie?!


Don't forget that Bu$Hitler is behind the Jooooooooos in Israel taking poor Palestinian children into their fancy smancy hospitals and harvesting their organs for rich Halliburton and WalMart executives.


Yes Mystress


Jamie Dawn

Bush crushed all hopes of medical science. We might as well just lay down and die.


Kiki B know wonder it was so hard to cure,I just looked and found you are right.

Fist of Etiquette

"Bush, keep your laws off my body!" -National Organization of Women

"Bush, keep your hands off my body!" -Chancellor Angela Merkel


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

Talking Toaster

Thank you tamada.

Michael Moore went to Los Vegas to enjoy the organs but all he got was the shaft.


No Stem Cells For Oil For Blood For Sunshine For HitlerBurton!!!


One of those hideous Reich-Wing shrill, shrieking girls will be taking over for Bill$hit O'Reilly tonight. Laura Ingraham will be the one. Let's all watch so we can make fun of her hideousness.


Good idea Bush4Ever. I listen to hear every morning so I can scream at my radio! She and Ann KKKoulter should get a room.

Neo-Con Pincher, can you give me details please?


"make fun of her hideousness"

I call first dibs on making fun of her cancer!


"She and Ann KKKoulter should get a room."

I just happen to have a room for rent.


*removing ball gag*

Well, at the moment, I'm wearing leather butt-boy chaps and laying in front of Mystress JannyMae's computer chair while she is resting her stilleto heels on various parts of my anatomy as she types. I've never seen an off-the-shoulder Dominatrix outfit before, but she looks stunning in it.

*replacing gag*

The Exorcist

Neocon Pincher,

I would greatly appreciate it if you'd take those live battery-cable clamps off your hairy nipples and step away from my wife, Ellie Mae, who also happens to be my little red-state sistyr.

Jethro Clampett

RWing Nut

The Chimperer's veto will have a chilling effect on ALL scientific research. As we know as an article of progryssive faith, no progress can be made without government funding. In my own case I have devoted many hours of self-funded research in the actions of pistons in cylinders at the local adult media center in an effort to find an earth-friendly replacement for the internal combustion engine. This was after the local library installed an internet firewall; no doubt at the behest of Bu$h's Big Oil Buddies. Without government funding I fear my research can never be brought to a climax.

Someone needs to tell Bu$h to cut this s__t out!


*removing ball gag*

Don't diss my Mystress or I'll have to drive an ax through your skull.

Hmmm... you know ... It's difficult to sound tough when you have a stiletto heel poked in your anus.

However, I know Gaia loves me for this. I can feel the "white male" sins of my birth being taken from me -- along with no small amount of dignity.

*replacing gag*


Now don't fight over me, boys! There's plenty of love here to share...if you know what I mean. *wink*

Oh drat, it's my lyfe partner! Gotta go! NP! Get back in the closet...oh wait, that would be The Exorcister!
I'm so confused lately! Maybe I ought to cut back on my, "dosage," of the glaucoma medicine???

The Exorcist

No, no, Ellie Mae, you were absolutely ryte in the first place. Neocon and I share the closet and the gimp-coffin buried deep within it.

Oh, and Nee-a-tois Pinchme, that's my stiletto. Now roll over, darlin!


RW Nut,

Were you researching those engines that had pistons in all of their cylinders? Now that's efficiency! No chance for greenhouse gasses to escape there! The only problem is, they tend to get bored out after a while. Someone should find a way to resleeve them.

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