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Stevie Wonder

"No sir. You're a Dyke..."

NO!...It's "Sir Duke", you average whitebread crackas.

I know what you're thinking..."How could he even see that?". I didn't, I can feel it all over. I can feel it all over, people!

Vishnu Troll Daddy Earth Goddess

Praise Gaia, the miracle of embryonic stem cells saved me from my coma! I was left for dead, lying to rot in my hospital bed, but fortunately, I saved all my aborted fetuses over the years for just such an emergency. I am only able to type again today because my devoted non-gendered affirmative life-partner smuggled me into Canada, where doctors could perform the life saving procedure without fear of reprisal by the evil Chimpy McDumbya Bu$Hitler and the Cheney-HALLIBURTON junta. And it only took 18 months for the Canadian doctors to see me!


"No sir. You're a Dyke..."

And I do believe the second word should be spelled "syr".


Sorry Bush4Ever, I guess I'm the little bitch then...

I like to wear silk shirts and pradas...


"I like to wear silk shirts and pradas..."

Regis? When are they gonna bring back Millionnaire?

The Exorcist

Hello Infidels,

Liberal Larry has hired me to fill-in for him while he's in rehab. He did this to show his appreciations for my awarding him the well-travelled Crimson Crucifix Award for his Frankie Vallie & The 4 Season post a few months back.

He also wanted to thank me because his comments have routinely surpassed 100, and sometimes even 200, since I've been part of this family. Of course, 99 or so of those comments were made by me, but let's not get caught up in the details.

Now, to the untrained, unnuanced eye, this might sound like a deplorable, embarrassing and pathetically shameless plug for my own blog. But, I ask you: Why would I use another person's blog to try and reroute people to my own blog when I get up to 2 readers per post? Especially when my own blog is little more than a lame rip-off, dare I say plagiarization, of the Liberal One himself. Exactly!

We aren't going to start winning election just by voting multiple times, unlocking the doors to mental institutions and jails, giving cigarettes to transients and race-baiting alone. No, we need a team effort and there's no "t" in the word team. So until Larry takes that 12th-Step, this Bud's for you.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

This is no time for silliness, fun and games, ExtraZits!! This is a time for mooning in zackcloth and sashes!! The filthy Zionist, Killer Bushite Joooooos just off'd one of our Hezbollian Freedom Fighter Top 3 In Command!!

Let us each light a camel, join hams & together sing Koons Buy Yarn, Milo.

The Exorcist

Oh my Allah! This is bad news, Rocky. Has anyone gone to Abu Jaafar's house to tell his camel the bad news? Was the camel pregnant with Abu's lil' freedom-fighter? I sure hope so.

Let's open up our Korans to the book of Omar....Shariff.

Rocky Mtn Lioness

Let's open up our Korans to the book of Omar"

*sniff*...I can't. That Theocon RetuhgliKKKin' Jooo Lovin', warmongrelling, landlord of mine who was here recently flushed my Quran down the Qurapper! That was so totally like Omaha Beach!

Rocky Mtn Lioness

..and now I have a new name for that neoconvict quran flusher, too. ♪♪Qurap, Qurap, Qurap...they call him the Qurapper...♪♪


Should we also accept Embryonic Stem Cells from Jooooos or should we just toss them away in hopes that all Jooooos will disappear from the face of the Earth?

The Exorcist


That all depends. Are those KOSHER stem cells or are they of the gentile variety?

And, Rocky, how prophetic of you. In fact, if you replace the words "rap" and "rapper" with "bomb" and "bomber" you've got a 70's hit that any freedom-fighter could get all pumped-up on by playing it on his 8-track player on his way to kill little girls. Brilliant!

"Hey girl, I bet you
There's someone out to get you.
You'll find him anywhere
On a bus, in a bar, in a grocery store.
He'll say "Excuse me, haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

Rap, rap, rap, they call him the Rapper.
Rap, rap, rap, you know what he's after.

So, he starts his rappin'
Hoping something will happen.
He'll say he needs you,
A companion, a girl he can talk to.
He's made up his mind.
He needs someone to sock it to.

Rap, rap, rap, they call him the Rapper.
Rap, rap, rap, you know what he's after.

He's made an impression,
So he makes a suggestion.
"Come up to my place
For some coffee or tea or me."
He's got you where he wants you.
Girl, you've gotta face reality.

Rap, rap, rap, they call him the Rapper.
Rap, rap, rap, you know what he's after."


Since there was no Holocaust, the Jooooos are causing one on the peaceful Hezbollah Freedom Fighters!


Rocky, you caused me to shed tears. I haven't worked my abs like that in a while. And then the group reading of the Book of Omar is not to be missed. When do we have the social hour and will rooms be provided for those who want a 'little privacy?'

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Oh Cricket... Social hour, as always, under the Professym's sink (I get dibs on him sitting in my lap). I believe Lar has opened up the other cupboards and drawers as private rooms. BYOF (bring your own forks)


I am so there.


I love Bush and fuck'n american

1965 Buick Riviera

The 1965 Buick Riviera is the coolest car of all time! Well, at least the coolest car I ever owned.

steven davies

Alzheimer's will be a forgotten memory.Too good to be true.Alzheimer's prevention is very difficult.


If you're harvesting human embryos it sounds like you're the one devaluing human life.

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