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Fist of Etiquette


Wait for it...



I had a sever case of Vitus Geralitis,(I think I caught it from a toilet seat in Detroit)its a dabilitating illness that made me also get erectile disfunction,it was not a pretty sight.As a matter of fact it was a soft problem that was hard to solve.

Fist of Etiquette

I didn't see halitosis on that list of ailments that can be cured by stem cell throat lozenges.

I also didn't see anything on the list of curables that George W. Bush is suffering (ADD and dizziness aside) so I think we can see a big reason the president is pulling out his "Veto Is Neato" rubber stamp on this one.

Well, that and the Big Life lobby making huge donations to the Republican Par-tay.

It just goes to show how stoopid Bush is. Half those babies born will be just as likely to have their votes counted for Democrats in eighteen years.

Menstrual Rainbow

As someone who suffers from, metabolism, binocular vision and blood circulation I have been given a death sentence by this announcement. I just hope John Edwards doesn't forget to bring me back to life with a fetus when he becomes President. Oh and also Tookie.


I guess this means we can FINALLY blame Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer for everyone who's ever been in a wheelchair. Color me One Shiny Happy Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve!!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"......stem cells can be a miracle cure for a wide variety of debilitating afflictions, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, paralysis, rhuematoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, sickle-cell anemia, migraine headaches, erectile dysfunction, Attention Deficit Disorder, excessive body hair, male pattern baldness, problem flatulence, dizziness, numbness, tough, hard-to-remove stains, Helsinki Syndrome, toe jam, indigestion, dyslexia, insomnia, narcolepsy, vertigo, hepatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, Vitus Geralitis, chancre sores, the 7-Year Itch, gridlock, and the bizarre mental illness"

Bummer....I am deeply saddened and dismayed---this means there is abso-freakin'-lutely NO hope for ANY amount of relief for our own Eggs-Or-Cyster! *sniff*. Nor is there hope for a Hezbollah Abzugs resurrection with a new hat!!

Hey, Professym

Did you mean "canker" sores...instead of "canchre"?

Go ahead, baby---call me a fascist. I love it when you get all worked up in a hemp/castile soap lather and name call! It's just so super syxy!

Talking Toaster

I don't like to spread conspiracy theories. But, why would Bush and his Big Stem Cell Buddies want stop the sale of stem cells from human embryos?

It's simple supply and demand.

Bush's Brown shirts are in the middle of the biggest organ harvest in recent memory.

As the bodies pile up in the Middle East Bush and his Big Stem Cell Buddies are hardly able to keep up with the organ/stem cell harvesting.

Huge government refrigeration buildings are stock to the top with eyeballs, livers, lungs, skin and stem cells.

What better way for Bush to keep the price of these vital organs and stem cells high?

Bush wants to make sure that only the top 1% of tax payers can afford them. That is why!

The average progressyv who is on a strict college budget can barely afford the basic necessities of life such as medicinal hemp and hemp accessories - let alone a few stems cells to cure his/her erectile dysfunction or the 7-year Itch.

Bush just wants to keep the little persyn down while the top 1% of tax payers continue to enjoy their tax cuts and stem cells.


If The Imaginary Friend of The Reich-Wing KKKonservative KKKhristian KKKulture of KKKorruption had not wanted us to use embryonic stem cells then s/he/it would not have had Al Gore create them like he did the Internet.


Talking Toaster U are so right (whoops my bad I mean so progressive) about organ supplies. I have been chanting so ong "No War for Organs" Finally somone else see's this war for what it is. Forget the War for Oil screamers. Organs are where it's at. My cohabiting female friend has even gone so far as to tell me the last time I was gone to a Military funeral to protest a man she hardly knew offered her one of his organs. She said she only borrowed it for a while just so she would be able to experience the horror of it all. She seems in a much better mood now I guess from realizing I was right all this time.

Kiki B.

"I had a sever case of Vitus Geralitis,(I think I caught it from a toilet seat in Detroit)its a dabilitating illness that made me also get erectile disfunction,it was not a pretty sight."

Okay, considering that you had a "sever" case, I'm going to assume that this went way beyond ED to possibly...dare I say? Lorena BobbedIt?

Kiki B.

Hmmmm Mmmm Mmmmmm! "metabolism, binocular vision and blood circulation" It's no wonder the Perpetual Menstrual One is seeing Rainbows.

Kiki B.

Aren't Cohabiting/Lyfe Partners the best? Unless, of course, you're June Fandong giving "it all" to your Beloved Eggs-ham-and-Cysts Omelette.

Kiki B.

I am in a true, true, difficult dilemma. Help!!

Do I seek stem cell research and replacement to help overcome my Chronic Anorexia. I would imagine those little feti aren't too fattening.

Or, do I continue to use my proven therapy, which also works for Glaucoma, Cancer, and Arbiter's Chronic Hemorrhoids. What miraculous wonder is that, you ask?

Why, none other than the sort of pseudomedically proven medication, the Sensational and Phenomenal PRODIGY unrivaled in today's Pharmaceuticals.
I give you....Medicinal Marijuana!!!

P.S. I continue to debate with myself as to which treatment is more progressive. *sigh* I am torn. I may have to stoop to taking them both, and releasing my test results on my study. I bet there is nothing in this world quite like hitting the bong, then munching on baby feti.

Menstrual Rainbow

I also suffer from Anorexia, but only for 10 minutes at a time.


So, Mary Tyler Moore (is she related to Michael?!) digs farm animals, eh? Hmmm...


One thing stem cells can't cure is stupid. They can give the breath of life to Christopher Reeve, allow Stevie Wonder to overcome the handicap which has ruined his life, and justify research funding for scientists so they can study global warming. Rove explained this in small words so Chimp could understand, but before Rove could finish, Chimp got distracted by a shiny thing on his 'big boy' desk and decided 'veto' was a funny word. Rove said it was fine if Chimp wanted to 'veto' and use the big rubber stamp, and now, billions will remain dead while millions more die.

Maria in Iowa

I'm sorry, I got all sidetracked on that article about what happens to chickies and piggies in commercial farming operations.

We have solved that problem in Northeast Iowa. We have our chickies and piggies ranging free. Mine live in the kitchen, mostly, but they are free to frolic and roam through the house, contributing fertilizing goodness everywhere they go. They are part of this happy collective we call a family. That's the way Nature intended it, you know.

Menstrual Rainbow

{allow Stevie Wonder to overcome the handicap which has ruined his life}

Moonchild, being black is not a life ruining handicap, shame on you.


Larry, can stem cells cure me of my problem? I guess it's okay to tell everyone here. I'm a chronic sufferer of hemorrhoids. The worst hemmorhoid I have is shaped like Bush and Rove enjoying a lap dance from Ann KKKoulter...


If Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer had not stopped the Blessed Ryte of using stem cells to cure the world's evils, we could have used them to equip Americans living in Lebanon with gills so they could swim quickly to safety...or giant frog legs so they could jump to safety instead of waiting on the failed policy of rescuing people who don't vote for the Re-Thug-li-KKKan Party!!

By now, Ryghtful Presydent of 2004, Jean Francois Kerry, would have flown over there on a helicopter, much like he would have done in VietNam, and he would have sprayed a scientifically perfected stem cell mist to make all this happen.


I got the Vitus Gerulaitis from a 2-dollar whore one time in Ciudad Acuña


Maybe Lance Armstrong will grow his ball back?

The Exorcist

"Unless, of course, you're June Fandong giving "it all" to your Beloved Eggs-ham-and-Cysts Omelette."--Kiki Dee

Wow! When I was consuming a lightly-salted RuPaulo (no salsa needed and You Know What I'm Talkin Bout) it never occurred to me that anything could possibly taste better. But that Vatican Omelette you speak of has me thinking.

When you and Elton John teamed up for "Don't Go Breakin My Heart", I'm assuming you exchanged phone numbers and still get together from time to time to shop, get pedicures and go home with strange men.

Would you and Elton like to take a ride on the wild side in my Beautiful Bal-looooon?

Ellie Mae Clampett is bringing a side of farva beans, NeoCon Pincher has promised not to take a bath until the ride, Petty Officer NoClass MurthaFan is already getting drunk on his step-daddy's liquor, and RockMyworLd Catwoman is putting the finishing touches on her designer-DoMANatrix suit by Rupaul....snap.snap.twist.twist

There's always enough room under the big-tent balloon.

Up, up and a-waayaay
in my beautiful,
my beautiful


Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Those elected Nazi's just voted to allow the Jooooos to "defend" themselves!!! Will Bu$Hitler's madness never end!? The Hezbollians and their peaceful friends in Iran, Syria, and Palestine are doomed! Where is Jimmah Carter and his peaceful solution to this mess!?

Bush caused my e.d.

Why in the world did you not mention adult stem cells, we can still harvest adults, but, alas, your incisive logic cuts throuth the veneer of right wing hypocrisy.

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