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Talking Toaster

Shouldn’t we be burning cars in solidarity with France?


If Bush hadn't been too busy with his illegal war for Oil to properly kiss Hezbollah and Hamas's Korans, then they wouldn't need to attack Israel. To think, Clinton's legacy of peace in the mideast has to go up in smoke because Bush was too arrogant to bend over for so-called "terrorists."

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"Shouldn’t we be burning cars in solidarity with France?"

Talking Toaster,
Because The Shrub didn't sign off on KYOTO, we are fored to take some responsibility ourselves, so burning our cars would be inconsiderate of a KYOTOless Gaia.

However, in solidarity with France, we could all just (continue to) not bathe.

I guess, in light of this situation, my("illegal") immigrant peeps won't be offended by my hanging their countries flag underneath Frances'out on my porch....even though keeping a white one clean is no easy task! But it's worth all the effort if it shows support of the troops(of Hezbollah).

VivAllah France!


MidEast is going up in Smoke? No one told me they have herbs in Israel. Is the smoke free and how much can I bring home, is it duty free? What's the fastest way to get there? Bonnie you have made my day to think I was so upset with Israel and its war mongering ways. Now though I feel only love and warm feelings for those sweet sweet people. Anyone who has smoke and shares can't be all bad. Israel here I come light a Dubie up for me and I'll be there.


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraqu.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

In light of all this, Dodger, I feel we should surrender to ChIraq, too.

Jason Lomberg

It's quite obvious why Israel is fighting its war- for oil. It's obvious to anyone with the special insight inherent to all progressives.



Bus-bush? Coyncydence? Y thynk not.

Although Y wouldn't mynd seeyng an explodyng Bush, yf you know what Y'm talkyng about.


"What point is existence if you’ve lost France's love?"

I get along fine without it, thank you very kindly...

Menstrual Rainbow

It always amazes me that despite having so many Jews, many of them elderly, Israel has yet to accidently vote Pat Buchanon into office.


I've experienced France's love several times in my life. Why do it hurt when I pee?

Maria in Iowa

Whew! That was overdue. I have been anxiously awaiting some guidance from Larry on what my take should be on this whole icky Israel thing. Thanks. Now I have some direction.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Because of these people I haven't seen a piece of Blond Lebanese hash since the 80ties. I tell you guys, I have been to Israel and there is hardly any weed there. No hydro at all. If you get a mach box of dirt weed in an American Expat bar in Tel a Viv you are shitting in tall cotton.

There are thousands of Israelis in a real dry spell right now because most of the Glaucoma medication comes from dudes throwing smoke-ables over the fence between Israel and Lebanon. I've been there. It ain't that nice and they eat cold fish for breakfast every day. You could be the coolest guy there and you still don't have a hook up.

Fist of Etiquette

The president swore! He used a bad word in reference to Hezbollah, and in front of the other world leaders to (jack)boot. I haven't been this embarassed for the red, white and blue since earlier this month, when North Korea almost shot down the space shuttle as it was being launched.


What is it with the practicioners of this gutter religion which makes them lash out at the religion of peace? Did the Mossad discover a deli which serves a great Pastrami on Rye somewhere in Lebanon? Did a Jew satellite spot an unclaimed penny on a Beirut sidewalk?

Or, is it something more sinister? Did Hezbollah's ongong investigations discover that the '6 million', in fact, spent WWII vacationing at a resort and health spa, thus obliterating the holocaust myth?

Two things are certain: 1. The fascist Jew media will conceal the specifics and 2. Blame rests with Scholmo Chimpenstein and the fellows in funny black hats and long sideburns.


if only r youth would learn 2 riot like the non-citizen youth of france did amerikkka would be a better place we could learn alot from them


This reminds me of an incident when that reich-wing meat-eating NeoKKKon KKKonservative RethugliKKKan ameriKKKon rocKKKer Ted Nugent was being interviewed by a French journalist. Eventually, the conversation turned to his love of outdoor pursuits.

The journalist asked, "What do you think the last thought is in the head of a deer before you shoot it? Is it

- “Are you my friend?”

- or maybe “Are you the one who killed my brother?”

Nugent replied, "They aren't capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is,

- 'What am I going to eat next?”

- Who am I going to screw next?”

- “Can I run fast enough to get away?”

- “They are very much like the French in that way."


I believe that if we sent the Lesbian Daughter of The Evil Who Lives With A Mechanical Heart, DicKKK Cheney, to explain to the Phrench that the Joooos are actually trying to keep people who hate homosexuals and womyn from taking over the world, that we would, once again, be loved by Phrance. If it's one thing the Phrench undersatnd, it's Lesbians.



"What point is existence if you’ve lost France's love?"

Look, you paid your 20 bucks, if you lost it, that's YOUR's not like the girls offer a warranty .



The joooos blame Syria, Iran, and some other country called Hezbollah.. for what amounts to a drunken fireworks show and sieze the infidels game that got slightly out of hand.

Do they negotiate! Do they extend an Olive Branch of LOVE? Do they look inward and try to figure out how they caused this.

No... They invade Lebanon and Gaza!!

WTF does Lebanon and Gaza have to do with any of this kerfuffle?

That page was taken straight from the ameriKKKon bible of warmongering (RE: D-Day and OIF).

I hang my head in tearful shame to live I in a KKKountry that props up these cuttroats and storm troopers.


If only Olmert give up the land he stole from the indigenous peoples of Palestine this whole misunderstanding could be rectified. Why does he insist on being such a Jooo?


After Hezbollah has peacefully tried to force Israel to see the error of their existence, stubborn [email protected] keeps taking the sides of the Jooos... He called the leaders of Hezbollah this and said this
when asked about his use of saying these nasty neo-con words! to Tony Blair...

Bush caused my E.D.

YOur post reminds me of this:


I just don't see why the Joooze are so upset over a few armed incursions into their cities and the kidnapping of a few of their babykilling soldiers (whom I support).

They didn't have to turn around and start a bunch of violence!


When will they learn to embrace Phrench enlytenment and just lay down and play dead.


"When will they learn to embrace Phrench enlytenment and just lay down and play dead."

Perhaps our Ryghtful Presydent of 2004, Jean Francois Kerry, can teach them the Pretend-To-Fight-For-3-Months-Then-Run-Away Tactic. Not only will it save their lives but they'll get 3 free medals!!!

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