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Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"....their mustachioed backsides only a few away from..."

Uh-Oh...NeoconPincher and The Eggs-o'-sister are gonna get all excited!!!!

"..... the crazed animal’s sharp, horn-like protrusions...."

OOPS!....too late--- The mister-sisters were already there!

Don't ya think..uhm...feel the Shrub just turned those Crawford Ranch critters loose to deflect attention away from his offing Ken Lay and provoking Kim Jaundice Il into firing off missiles (via KKKarl Roves remote control, no doubt!!!)

I must go see what sage wisdom the Premiere Anti-KOnSpiracy Theorist Kos has to impart about this.....


Dude, I did the Running of the Tofu in San Jose a few years ago. I was Gored by half a dozen flamboyant Elvis impersonators before the cops told me to get a room.

<Sigh; Good times>

Kiki B.

Oh sure, NP and I are under the sink, smoking all of Lar's stash, and all of the sudden, he starts coming out of the closet with all sorts of Progressyve wisdom.

I would like to blame Bush for the Goring of the Bull(runner)s, but I really do, feel that this was actually just Gaia's creatures paying us back for eating them and fighting them.

Liberal Larry

It's 11:05 pm on a Friday night, and here I am fixing typos on a blog entry when I should be out practicing my fasting.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Jack-In-the Botulis..err..Box is a great place to practice fasting, Lar!

The pictures of the Bush Bulls sending those poor Spainxicans and visitors running is eerily reminiscent of the photos of the poor young Pay Palestinians running in terror from the warmongrelling Jooos and their illegal and immoral war toys Friday.

Both happened Friday!!
Coincidence? No Jean F'n Heinz-Kerry way!!

Menstrual Rainbow

It really is surprising how much time peeResident Bush manages to spend on petty mischief isn't it? He rings the doorbell and runs away at my house. Sometimes he also leaves a burning turd on the doorstep and then laughs in his neanderthal Texan drawl as I jump on it to extinguish the flames.


Q: What do bulls sleep on?

A: Bullsheets

((ba-dum, crash!!))

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Bulls running unchecked through the streets!

Who do we know that thinks that when things are "Bullish" it's just great? Karl Rove's finger prints are all over this. It was all an attempt to psychic out their stock market buddies and cause their little rally monkey to pour money into their un-taxed, tax free accounts and avoidall of the taxes.

Their little plan fell to pieces Friday evening when President Amgonnaneedahandjob of Iran adjusted the market back to the proper level with his brisk denial of the right of the state of Israel to exist. Oil went up to its proper record level and the collective hard on on the floor the NYSE went up and then quickly down crashing like a Taepo Dong 2 in the Sea of Japan. I have charts to back all of this up.

Bush's "Appearance" in Michigan today just provided plausible deniability.

The very idea that someone would bring up Kos as a place to look for conspiracies makes me ill. Friend you don't need those other sites. Larry is the Howard Stern of conspiracies. We are a one stop shop you sell out bastard.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Let's just call it what it is Larry. This is another tick on the Bush Body count. Click!


If I may be so bold, I'm going to offer an alternative theory. For too long, our speciest race has enjoyed burgers, steak, etc, and I believe, on Gaia's instructions, the animals are beginning to take their world back. We've already seen the beginnings of bee rebellions. Who among us has not experienced their stings of protest? Michael Moore's first documentary The Birds shows what happens when humans have eaten one too many chicken 'fingers'.

I think our upcoming fast in protest of Chimp's hegemonic war can also be an olive branch, obviously a metahporical one, to our animal friends and mentors. It might just take animal rage off the boil long enough for us to make some progress.


I'd rather join the Running Of The Nudes...


i disagree with larry but i dont think his progressive wisdom is correct on this issue i don't blame chimpymcbushitler directly 4 this 2 me this has Cheney written all over it these bulls were used 4 medical experiments in 1 of Haliburtons off shoot companies and being released by loving and caring peta members the actions of the poor animals was do 2 all the torture they had to go through


dear progressive comrades forgive me for capitalizing a word in the above post forgive me even more because the word was cheney


Damn that Bu$Hitler. Now he's resorting to releasing mechanical bulls controlled by Rovian Mechanical Bull SDI Satellite technology. When will such outrages be stopped? Only if we impeach Bush for daring to bring democracy to a bunch of Arab madhatters.

Here is an actual letter to the editor from one of our local progressyves:

To the Editor,

In his June 6 letter, Mark A. KXXXXXX puts very succinctly what the present administration has failed to grasp - that democracy is a completely foreign concept to the Arab culture and that it will never work.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, centuries have shown us that the Arabs are a quarrelsome and fractious people who have battled each other and everyone else from time immemorial. They have an inbred need to follow blindly some bloodthirsty Ayatollah even unto self-demolition (sic).

Amen, Mr. Lehman, and thank you for speaking out. I have long wondered why most people seem to accept the madness of this senseless turbulence and death into which we have waded. I hereby resolve to speak out as often as possible.


Here, here! I pray to Gaia that this isn't simply a poor attempt at satire. Dow has hit all our progressyve talking points - Arabs and their culture are inbred and democracy is incompatible with Arabs just as it is incompatible with colored/negro/Afro/black/African-American Africans.

NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL and BRING HOME THE STORMTROOPERS WE SUPPORT President Bushie so we can try them for war crimes! We must continue speaking truth to power.

Gaia, it's good to be a progressyve!


Thanks camo for an update on our very good friends at PETA.

Hey, Lar, given all this progressyve empathy for the bulls in Spain, when will you begin advocating for inter-special marriage rights for gay men to marry the bull of their wet dreams? I'm sure there are many progressyve women who want to marry the donkey of their dream, too. After all, we must be fair and equal about marriage rights. Why stop with your fourteen year old cousin, right?

Fist of Etiquette

Only two things come from the Plaza Del Toros, Soldado Cowboy, and you don't look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down. (Although, that does look like a chunk of horn sticking out of your thigh, you might want to get that looked at.)

Anywho, I must say, I really had higher hopes that Spain's Socialist government would have done a better job protecting her citizens from this kind of thing.


I will go even deeper down the rabbit hole.

As we know Spain almost went communist back in the 30's. You add that to the fact that they surrendered to their islamic overlords in 2005 after the tragic accidents on the trains, ( Thank you KKKarl Rove ) You have a lot of rethug hate for this proud nation.

And where ever there is a lot of rethug hate, You have Rove mind-controled bullbots goring the shit out of people.

A where ever you have people with the shit gored out of them, someone has to clean it up.

And who gets the contract to clean it up?


The Exorcist


NeoconP, get the Prius fired up....oh wait, Spain is across the ocean. Get the windmill-powered air-balloon fired up. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the 19th celebration of my 29th Unaborted Day than to take the LONGHORN HIGHWAY TO HELL, BABY!

We simply MUST go because just like Sergeant Foley told me and MurthaFan when we foolishly chose to serve our country instead of sitting on our fat asses back home and pontificating foreign-policy with Hollywood Stars and Grief Whores:

"Theyuzz only two thayngs that come out of Barcelona. Steeyuz and Queeyuz. Which one are you, boy?"

Son of the South ©

' . . . flamboyantly gay Elvis impersonators wearing Mickey Mouse ears and brandishing giant martini picks.'

Note to self: must not read BlameBush! with liquids in mouth.

The Exorcist


Did I read that correctly? Did you say you were willing to "go even deeper down the rabbit hole"??

Sir, would you be interested in joining Neocon Pincher, MurthaFan and I on our "Magical Mystery Tour" hybrid air-balloon in search of good times and Anoplasty Surgeons in Barcelona?

We could always use a 4th pilot because we have to get all the way over there, ride the LONGHORN HIGHWAY TO HELL, get stitched up, and get all the way back in time for the 7/12 LLRBF 10-minute Fastfest.

Jason Lomberg

Shrub is obviously taking petty revenge for Spain's brave retreat from his imperial Iraq adventure.


I must say I bet Rethuglicans aren't as funny and creative as the progresoves that post here.From the main article from Lib LARRy to the comments,never be drinking or eating you may choke or spit.Very Very funny thanks all.


Damn that Bush! He just wants to compete with the Brigades and us Pink Turbans! It isn't enough to
blow up a train to steal the vote for us, but he has to
pander to the reichwingnuts in AmeriKKKa. I want Cindy Sheehan on this pronto.

*gets horn out of butt*


Say, Lar, I successfully held up my end of the bargain when it came to fasting between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:30 AM. Actually I fasted from 6:30 PM to 7:00 AM but I didn't want to appear to be boasting.

I'm now working on my fast which goes from 12:15 PM to 6:00 PM at which time I will force myself to eat a one inch thick, 18 oz. Porterhouse.

That should sit me pretty for my nightly fasting session.

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