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RIP big al. We loved him dearly.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Look no further than New Orleans and all the people who thought THEY could weather Dumbyas storm in their "Safe Houses" when--lo & behold-- the Shrub ordered up---with an anti-safe house/anti-African-French-American vengeance~~~ Katrina!!!

There IS no place safe from The Shrubinator!!... except maybe Usama bin Hidin's cave, Michael Ted Kennedy Moooores belly and Peace Mother Pelosi Sheehans bed.

Liberal Larry

Dammit, I got his birthdate wrong. That's the last time I listen to my right-wing boss.

RWing Nut

Al Z as he was known by the CIA video technicians who created the image for the Bu$h crime family to use as an excuse to steal Iraq oil is no more. The peeresident's ratings got so low so he had to go.


It is obvious to me they 'doctored' those photographs of Al..making it LOOK like he was a murderer and a 'beheader' whoever even heard of such a term. SEEE..!!
They even made up words about him...beheader indeed. Poor man, a trained physician, as misunderstood politically as that other terrorist, I mean gynecologist...Howard Dean.

The brutality these people have to suffer, all because they want to have a little
oil garden of their own..instead of having their birthright stolen by BUSH!
The thing you know..GWB will be going after all the Iranian's little
nuke garden dreams...trying to scarf up all their Uranium AND oil.


Larry, I just have to say, I love that drawing!! Hee hee......great stuff..........I am so chuckling right now...

This site rocks!!!

The Exorcist

This senseless murder of an innocent Democrat is hardly surprising to us enlightened progressives.

(D) Abu MuSlob Al zarGOREy produces, directs and stars in the greatest movie (other than FatAndHow 9/11) ever made, An Inconvenient Truth, and within 10 days of its premiere, WHAMMO!....President Cheney drops the hammer.

Speaking of hammers. Doesn't anyone else find it just a little bit curious that the very moment Tom "Culture Of Corruption" DeLay is lead out of the Halls of Wrongress in handcuffs, to begin his life sentence for using outlawed pesticides, an icon of the DNP is murdered?

Liberal Larry

Don't go to bed
with no price on yo head
Don't do it!
Don't do the crime
if you can't do the time.

Keep your eye on the sparrow,
When the going gets narrow.

Don't roll the dice
if you can't pay the price,
Don't do it!
Don't run your feet
down a dead-end street.


I guess it wasn't such a safe house after all...


Once again, Bu-shaitan demonstrates that he's not willing to grant dark-skinned people their 4th Amendment rights to be safe in their homes from searches and JDAMs. I can just imagine al-Zarqawi (pbuh) doing a sing-song with his friends as the ordnance of death hurtled towards him:

"Our house it has a crowd
There's always something happening
And it's usually quite loud
Our mum, she's so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And a mess is not allowed"

Fist of Etiquette

Zarqawi made the mistake of being a person of color living in Bush's world.

Jack Bauer cuts off a dude's head (Day 2, 8:49am) and he, a white, male actor-man, gets a three year contract. The Zack Attack does it a few times, and he gets torn a new skylight. What a world.

Menstrual Rainbow

No doubt Halliburton has conveniently been awarded the contract to rebuild Al's house.


If we find out Al Zarqawi went to law school, we'll have final confirmation that Dick Cheney's recent 'lawyer hunt' in Texas was, in truth, a training exercise. Connect the dots. Speak truth to power.


You got it all wrong Chom-steen...again, you're making with the kookie-talk.

Bush didn't want to kill Zarqawi.

It's Zarqawi and his pals' own fault. Do you know what those sons-of-bitches did to the plumbing in that joint?

Some blockages...well...a thousand pounds of high explosives is the only way to clear the clog, y'know?

Reason enough to eat your fruits and veggies, and lay off the goat meat.

This was nothing more than a drastic and last ditch plumbing procedure.

Get yer story straight and knock off smoking the loco-weed, it's makin' you paranoid!



couldnt thay have just called up the UN and the UN could have went over knocked on the door took him into custody? then he could have a fair and balanced trial in a county like france or with is peers in iran. no bush made up the nick berg video whos father is a good person and said he cut off someones head. KKKarl rove is behind this i tells ya.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

In light of our dear brothers passage into the arms of 72 virgins and in order to Support headless Nick Burg's father's run for congress as a green party member I think we should withdraw from Iraq immediately. Isn't that what the Zarkman PBUH would want.

I don't blame you guys for thinking that Zark was a CGI character created by the CIA. I haven't been able to trust my Television since they faked the Apollo missions to the moon back in the day. I do kind let out a dark chuckle when I think about a real Zarkman being frozen into a popsicle until the CIA needed a corps to show the press to keep B$shitler's poll numbers up but I guess we all have our character flaws.

I will hit the bong extra hard tonight to try and repress these dark thoughts. Have I ever told you guys I have a blog too?

Larry nice post PBUY too. Oh also Rumsfled should resign over this.


zarqawi was a man of peace. and for his peacekeeping troubles he got two 500 pound bombs placed in his lap by the bu$hitlerhaliburton war machine. You will pay for your war crimes you repukes!



The Dick List cordially invites you to our 2006 SUMMERFEST PARTY and VIRTUAL BARBEQUE, even though we know you'll be horrified by it. You can BYO organic beer if you want, but we'll take care of the grilling....

The List Admin.

RWing Nut

After working my way through my breakfast pitcher I discovered that if you peer intently at the photo of Al Z's "corpse" on the bar's 12" screen TV, you can see the outline of a shadow of an impression of a suggestion of the seam of the inflatable doll they are using. This is the same technique the Supreme Court uses to detect new and wonderful penumbral rights in the Constitution so I know I am correct.

The point of this whole "killing" is to repress resistance to the PNAC plan for world domination. The message from the neoKKKon borg is clear "resist and we'll drop 2 500 pound laser guided bombs on your house." After which they will drag your near-lifeless body from the ruins and report that you, like Winston Smith confessed with your last breath "I love George W. Bush". Think it can't happen to you? Hah!, the neoKKKon junta already dispatches someone to check up on your home everyday cleverly disguised as a US postal worker.

Gotta signoff now, the facist bartender insists that I pay in advance for the next pitcher even after I explained to him that the top 1% control 110% of the wealth and therefore they should be the ones who pay for my self medication therapy.


I think Bush should just launch a bunch of Tomahawks at asprin factories.
That'll teach Al Kida a lesson.
I mean, it worked so well for Clinton.


Poor Harry Reid, with tears in his sweet, weepy eyes, yesterday delivered a very touching eulogy to this freedom fighter. Thank Gaia that Cindy Sheehan is planning to get Abu Musab Al Zarqawi a head stone for his grave by the end of the week. He deserves at least that much for fighting Bu$Hitler's war for oil.


'Twas the night before, and as Al Zarpatooi knelt beside his bed for his nightly prayers, he could hear his god Al AckAck softly say 'lift up your head for your redemption draweth nigh.'


So, the military finally arranged the meeting between him and Allah.

The Den Mother

MoaBP wrote: "I do kind let out a dark chuckle when I think about a real Zarkman being frozen into a popsicle until the CIA needed a corps to show the press to keep B$shitler's poll numbers up but I guess we all have our character flaws."

Hmmmmm... It's all becoming clear to me.

1. The late great Ted Williams is frozen in a tank in Arizona.

2. Ted was a mindless Rethug and Papa Bu$h's fishing buddy.

3. There are many other frozen bodies along with Ted, and the law of averages tells us that at least some of them are likely to be Rethugs.

4. When the Bushies need to steal another election, they need only fetch as many voters as they need from the cryo tanks.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

5. The CIA knows where Arizona is.

6. "Zarqawi" and "Arizona" both have a Z, an R, an I, and two A's.

7. In that picture being illegally and immorally broadcast throughout the world by the compassionless leaders of Our Murderous Troops, Zarry-Zarry-Night's allegedly "dead" body looks a little blue.

8. When I go swimming in water that's too cold, I turn blue.

Connecting the dots, we can clearly see the undisputable evidence that the CIA is holding a frozen Al Zarqawi in Arizona without charge or trial so the right-wing fascist known as the Frozen Splinter can spy on him, thereby denying his constitutional Right to Privacy.

Shameless. Bush is shameless.


Brilliant observation Den Mother!

Arizona is 108 today, and the temperature of the bombs was exactly 10,008 degrees on impact.

One of the soldiers was overheard saying "Hey, that's the dude Bushie wants. It looks like he's taking a dirt nap."

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