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The word "Marine" is from the French, meaning murdering scum of the Earth!

Darth Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield wins again. To add insult to injury, Casey Sheehan got a grave stone. What's this world coming to!?


I can't wait to look down my nose and point my finger and shout, "I told you so, I told you so, I knew all of you marines were baby killers!" I'm going to do it to the first marine I see!

This guy speaks truth to power!


You'd think those damn Jarheads would've learned after 1983 Beirut. When a car charges your checkpoint, give the driver the benefit of the doubt. He's probably just looking for a place to park.


"I've been reading the site for quite awhile, but never commented before. This was one of the funniest I ever read."

There is nothing funny about the KKKonservative KKKhristians' KKKulture of KKKorruption stranglehold on The Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, Brethryn, Systeryn, and Othyrs.


When I berated my best man about murdering civilian freedym fyghtyrs and unborn chyldren, he made some smarmy remark about how it's, "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6". He's obviously never been to the court of public opinion.


We should set up a secret "Progessyve Police" to look into people's homes to find neo-con material like crosses, bibles, and John Wayne movies.

I agree Arby!

In fact, we should put electrodes on the genitals of every prospective new member of Gaia's chosen ones (us) and show them the Michael Mooore/Cindy Sheehan sex tape. If they don't show enlyghtened arousal, then they're bound to be baby-killing ReTHUGliKKKan scum suckers in disguise! Then we can throw HIV-infected blood at them!


Neo-Con Pincher, once again, sheer brilliance.

By the way, I'll trade you a copy of my Janet Reno/Helen Thomas "Womyn who love Womyn" for a copy of your Moore/Sheehan tape (make sure it's the one where Cindy's wonderfully gifted enlarged snout gets caught in Michael's voluptuous underbelly).


Arbiter! Ewwwwwwww!

Bad visual! Bad visual!
NP, could you move that electrode a little over to the left for me, sweetie?



Larry, either you've run out of inspiration or you're letting some other dude write your pieces.


He sucks.

Please come back, Larry.


Arby: Yes, it's that one. "Beluga Bellylap Snuffling Moonbats in Heat"

Sounds like a good trade to me. That is the one where Helen Thomas has the strapon, right?

Janny: You'll have to take off the black vinyl Dominatrix pants before I can adjust the electrodes. A little more voltage as well?

RWing Nut

The slaughter of innocents by the US Marines shows the shocking lack of cultural sensitivity the PNAKKKons have towards the Arab street. Even a casual observer knows the local custom is not to gun down groups of civilians, you talk some 14 year-old into driving an explosive packed marytr mobile into a public market or building instead of fixing water treatment plants and opening schools. That is certain to bring progryssive jihadis rushing to your side from around the world. It got the UN infidels out of Iraq didn't it!

It really, really, really speaks truth to power that the neoKKKons haven't been able to talk horny teenage boys into becoming suicide bombers with promises of 72 virgins.


Dodger, while it is true that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian, the more important question is why. I am sure the poor woman child was made every night to listen to her oppressed neocon mother forced to make Big Dick's babies, while she beged forgiveness for getting her face in the way of Big Dick's buckshot. No wonder she vomits uncontrollably every time she hears the word penis. It makes me ashamed to be male.

P.S. Neocon-Pincher, those photos you linked to a while back were vile, degrading to womankind, and deeply disturbing. Please post some more. With Regards, Loveisblue.

Talking Toaster

I am going hold a candle light vigil for 444 days or until Murtha is elected - or until we surrender in Iraq - or until the man turns my electricity back on.


I could tell you what 'French' translates to, but since this is a Progressyve site I will only say that it loosely translates to 'cheese eating surrender monkeys.'

PM Sheehan and Michael Moore at least can't dilute the gene pool...they can only strengthen the resolve of the Freedom Jihadists!


loveisblue: I know what you mean

Kiki B.

*strides into room*

Hello, loved one! *Thwack!*

Did I hear a request for "Progressyve Police"? PP for short?

I am here to humbly serve.


Looks like our Enlyghtened Socyalyst Brethryn, Systeryn, and Othyrs from Across The Pond don't have their media shackled by the Enslaving Re-Thug-li-KKKan Jackbooted Brownshirts:
Massacre at Haditha: how the occupation turned an Iraqi town into hell



As a self-respecting progressyve I continue to maintain that the illegal and immoral war in Iraq is an exact parallel to the illegal and immoral war in Vietnam.

However, in this case, when AmeriKKKa cuts-and-runs, instead of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis being murdered, millions more being subjected to re-education camps, and a flight of millions of civilians from Iraq (like what happened when we cut-and-run from Vietnam) this time Iraq will turn into a worker's paradise where peace will prevail. When President Hillary immediately withdraws all Coalition and AmeriKKKan troops from Iraqi innocent civilians will no longer be targetted and we will have a new utopia on earth.

Thank Gaia for this new wisdom that I have! Visualize whirled peas!


the englands no there flag iz shame full and an embaressment 2 the people of england. at the request of the fine muslum people england has banned its own flag. when will chimpy mcbushitler wake up and c the errors he has made?????!??!!??



the religious right and chimpy mcbushitler forced this woman to get an abortion!
Bush 's abortion plans hypocrisies!!!!11!!!

Ali Ali Ali

thank Gaia she was able to get that tumorous wad of flesh out of her without having to spread eagle in some filthy back-alley while "dr. razmadzjahidah" scraped her out with a nearby martinizing hanger

if that nazi peeResident select gets his way, we'll be up to our hairy armpits with bastard children and useless elderly people

KKKristian KKKonservatives are obsessed, fanatical, homophobic, negative, fundamentalist, puritan AND ANTI-CHOICE.


She is also a lawyer who was FORCED into it! She should have gone to the ER at the hospital. They would have given it to her if she claimed rape, and then come clean to politicize the lack of availability of her Plan B.

A lawyer who didn't plan ahead and think about it before she and her husband paid homage to Gaia...and then sacrificed.


Uh Neo-ConPincher, That's not a strap-on Helen Thomas... She's got it going on like Donkey Kong!!


Arby: I think that's Ann Coulter on the receiving end. However, she's appears to be taking a break from her hate-spewing ReTHUGliKKKan ranting to show us that it's not all about surface attraction -- more important is the beauty on the inside.


the religious right and chimpy mcbushitler forced this woman to get an abortion!
Bush 's abortion plans hypocrisies!!!!11!!!

Where was Planned Abortionhood in all that? I would have thought RU 486 was a mere phone call away. I bet Planned Abortionhood would have made a house call in her case since she was so busy being a progressyve and all. We must get government to earmark at least $10 Billion dollars for PA house calls. This is inexcusable.

Also, I think we should advocate for a law which provides the following: every time a progressyve womyn aborts an evil tumor-like fetus, the Immigration Service should allow an undocumented worker into the country who will vote for Democratic candidates even if "they don't have papers".

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