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Ann Coulter couldn't hold Janet Reno's douche bag! (I should know, I bought it off of Ebay and tried...)

The Exorcist

So you're the one who outbid me for J-Law's 25-gallon bag o' Summer's Eve. Only a fascist would pull that old stunt of waiting until I had to go to the free clinic for another batch of clean needles and then close bidding. Would you consider trading for the Crimson Crucifix Award last displayed on Madonna's "Gang Banging The Red States" Tour?


I've got the high bid in on Hellen Thomas' colostomy bag.


Exorcist, DEAL! I'll even throw in a signed Heinz catsup bottle from President Kerry!

Neocon-Pincher, not if I outbid you first!! I need that for my collection! It will go great with my Janet Reno bed pan!

Ali Ali Ali

I don’t understand why ebay was pulling your pictures of above mentioned ‘free love’ toys and ‘provocative art’
Its not like it was pictures of Mohammed, or anything.


Is it time to line up the murdering, raping, torturing, slack-jawed, redneck, low IQ Moron-ines for a firing squad yet? I'm against the death penalty for The Tookies Of The World but these thugs probably have never written a children's book and, if they did, it would probably be all about murdering, raping & torturing innocent womyn & chyldryn.



Ali,Ali,Ali- Excellent Point! They pulled my "Jesus Christ on a stick" popsicles off Ebay! Where the HELL is the tolerance! We should only respect the peaceful religions like Islam!

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