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it just gets murkier by the minute..


All Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, know that the torturing, murdering, raping, low I.Q., slack-jawed, redneck baby-killing machines that have voluntarily signed up for Bu$Hitler's Blood War For Oil For Sunshine are already guilty, no evidence needed. BUT I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!

Fist of Etiquette

it just gets murtha-er by the minute..

Ali Ali Ali

Mother Sheehan foretold this- in accordance with the prophecy.


The reason repugs screech for delays in the mass imprisonment of all US Marines, who I support by the way, for their obvious warcrimes is so they can return to their crypts and consult their WWGB (What Would Goebbels Do?) bracelets. This gives them time to manufacture the newest lie which the right-wing, corporate, and verbally bulimic media will ingest then puke onto the American people.

Ali Ali Ali

"..verbally bulimic media will ingest then puke onto the American people.."

your paralogical metaphors are the dewey buds in my bong. Gaia bless you.


The dewey buds in my bong make me repeat the term "paralogical" over and over.


I was driving Down the road ( IN MY HYBRID CAR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) and saw what I thought to be a huge amount of rethugs dancing in the streets in punch-drunk euphoria about the dayly warcrimes( ours not theirs ) going on in Iraq. I told my lifepartner, " someone should call NPR and tell them that the repukes are so happy about the deaths" he/she looked at me and said, " that is NPR"

It's about time the US news stared to report the REAL news about Bu$hitlerhaliburton's war for oil!

Me and the boys from "jump, little eichmanns, jump" will be doing songs about this masscare on our summer tour of palistine. The tour is called " RAUS JUDEN!! " we will be opening for the dixie chicks....

Bush Eats Iraqi Infants

Well it's obvious the BushReich has you completely snowed under.

The answer is obvious.

The media are quivering in fear. I told you when the Joint Chiefs of Staff launched that vicious, unprovoked letter-writing campaign against Tom Toles that this was the beginning of the end of Freedom of the Press in Amerikkka.

But did you listen? No.

You were silent when our brave, murdering troops came for Fred Hiatt. And now they have come for thee.

RWing Nut

After a few hours licking the slime from my arroyo toad, rescued from Judge Roberts clutches...
Word is the Army will issue a brief statement in regards to the war protestors at the deployment ceremony, "fix bayonets".

The Exorcist

These horrific war crimes never would've happened in John Kerry's Navy or John Murtha's Marines. Although I suspect they very well could have happened on John McCain's watch. In fact, McCain isn't worthy of the name "John". The name should only be given to American heroes and prescription drug-addicted, mafia whore chasing, headless prezodents.



*cackling laughter*


hee! hee! hee!




Sounds like dicKKK was out hunting with his troops in iraq.

this is just another page in the "repiKKKan culture of genocide"

Hey, that has a ring to it!


Larry, brilliant as usual.

I can testify that I have been brutally attacked by soldiers at the vet hospital for simply voicing my opinion about Bu$h's war for oil. I usually sneak in through the chapel, act like I believe in their fairy tale "God", clear my patriotic throat and spit on these monsters who are trying to heal at the vet hospital, almost all of them still support this horrible war. I've spat on their visiting families too, only to be beaten and arrested by the Man! The humility I've suffered is far worse than the "sacrifice" of some of these inhuman beasts. Having handcuffs put on you is far worse than having your limbs blown off! Now these demons won't even let me protest their funerals!!! My brother, a Nazi Marine, keeps kicking my ass when he KNOWS I'm suffering from hemorrhoids! He claims he's trying to "knock some sense into me" but he only makes me more filled with hate for the Bu$h regime. My stupid bro doesn't even realize that I support the troops!!


Well, on NPR that broadcasts in a red state, Natalie Mange of the Dicksie Chix finally apologized to the Chimp for her off the cuff remarks made in England three years ago.

In the meantime, Algore is holding up a giant phallus to show all children what rethugs have done to Gaia.
I am so waiting for Andrea Dworking and Susan Sontag to
rise up and whack that pee pee.


"These horrific war crimes never would've happened in John Kerry's Navy"

John Kerry was in the military? Yeah. Right. Next thing you'll be telling me is that DicKKK Cheney, The Evil That Lives With A Mechanical Heart, has a daughter who is a Lesbian.

Save Iraq from us

Hopefully, we're going to learn that this massacre was part of a deliberate policy, enunciated from "On High" (Don Rumsfeld, call your office).

Our troops are known for being bloodthirsty and sadistic and out of control, but these kinds of things only happen if they are given direct orders.

This could finally be the issue that we use to impeach Bush!

[prances around giddily]

Tony B

I've been reading the site for quite awhile, but never commented before. This was one of the funniest I ever read.


Tony B: You're not one of those sneaky ReTHUGliKKKan bastards, are you?

We're all liberals ... I mean, Progressyves here!

*sanctimonious hip swish for effect*

Is that meat I smell on your breath?

*distrustful leer*

Let's see you suck half a pound of tofu through a soda straw. We need to test your liberal ... I mean, Progressyveness.


I agree Neo-Con Pincher! Let's see him watch "Brokeback Mountain" and see if he doesn't tear up. We should set up a secret "Progessyve Police" to look into people's homes to find neo-con material like crosses, bibles, and John Wayne movies. Then we should haul the filthy criminals to a special re-education facilty.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

Well well well...KKKarl Rove & Bu$hitler's jackbooted thugs have been HARD at work! What should read "US Military BABY KILLERS off the hook for MURDERING innocent Iraqis", instead reads as: "U.S. Troops Cleared of Misconduct in Iraqi Civilian Deaths at Ishaqi"

Yeah, I'm real surprised. And can you believe that one soldier poseur thought he could cover up & absolve himself of all his murderous acts by giving (injured) CBS's Kimberly Dozier his Purple Heart?

Insult to injury to the 3rd power!!! It's sickening! This uniformed murderer gets "awarded" for his crimes and then presents that same award to an ultra RIGHTWING news network reporter. The Shrub has had CBS SO snugly in his hip pocket since Kinkos came into existence!

If that warmongrel wanted to put his purple heart to good use, he should have given it to rightful Presidente' Jean Fraud Kerrie! After all, someone threw all his war hero awards over the Whiteyhouse fence!

It's important we support the troops by speaking to/about them the truth that hurts to power.

The Exorcist

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have very reliable sources who work for 60 Minutes II and the night manager at Kinko's who can verify that, not only was John Kerry in the military, but he rose to the rank of Fleet Admiral in less than 3 months.

I'd like to see any of those marauding, murdering Marines who killed those future freedom-fighters rise to the rank of Fleet Admiral in less than 3 months, especially when you consider the fact that there are no Admirals whatsoever in the Marines. All the more reason to respect all that Admiral Kerry accomplished in such a short time.

President Kerry himself could prove all this but he and Muhammad Ali tossed all their Olympic Gold Medals into the Mississippi River in protest of what the white man done to 'em.

In Ali's case, whitey made him very, very rich. In Kerry's case, Terazor made him very, very rich.

But it was whitey from all those red-states that made Admiral/Prezodent Kerry return directly to Terazor's mansion one cold, wintery November in 2004. To this day he remains chained to a pipe in the basement where Terazor keeps the rest of her servants. However, Terazor and John's love is real as the diamond-studded collar connected to the 24-carat gold chain connected to the pipe demonstrates.


Next thing you'll be telling me is that DicKKK Cheney, The Evil That Lives With A Mechanical Heart, has a daughter who is a Lesbian.

Ya know, seems like I heard a rumor about her. Don't know if it's true though.


RML: YES! You are SO right (left)

The truth with which pain does come to power when by US it is spoken ... at ... YEAH!


Who needs a trial? We already know those Marines are guilty because they are Bu$Hitler's stormtroopers.

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