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I love you larry.


"Make no mistake, this is NOT a retreat..."

Quite right. We call it "advancing to the rear".


What a clever ploy... REDEPLOY!!!

Jimmah Carter (rightful cold war winner) was right, "after 9-11 amerika stood proud". Since then, I've had few, if any, chances to be a proud amerikan.

Today, I hold my head high. Thanks to the John's (prez kerry and my main man), we now have a real plan! More tougher and way stronger then anything the chickenhawks have come up with. Victory through Retreat!!!

Take that Freedom Fighters!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

"...a decorated war hero thrice wounded in Vietnam..." Lar, isn't that suppose to be "rice" ?

I LOVE a man with A PLAN and, and in that regard, Jean Heinz Kerry is well endowed.

Kelp is on the WAAAYYY!


"Take that Freedon Fighters!"

In that comment, I now realise that I went way overboard in my proudness. I may have offended a broad strata of people.

I am so very very sorry.

To our future Overlords, whomever they may be.... Please don't kill and/or behead me.

Did I mention that once you've had a MurthaFan, you'll never go back to goats?


Okay so this:
"Make no mistake, this is NOT a retreat, but merely a phased "redeployment" of our troops back to the States" is funny

but THIS:
"where they can be reunited with their loved ones and then tried for possible war crimes" says everything that needs to be said about the democratic party at the national level today, MSM, and also is hysterical

That line is what separates you from typical morons and places you on another plain .. one with maybe - Larry Fine. I salute you.


The esteemed Senator walks ahead of hys time, like all the world's peacemakers, and this often leaves hym in a vulnerable position. For, since he walks ahead, chickenhawk neanderthals are behind hym, and they often shove hym to the ground, bend hym at the waist and use hym like that lithe prison inmate who can fetch as many as three packs of cigarettes on the open market.

Our nation will soon learn what the Senator has learned. Like France, you get used to it after a while, and it's not that bad. Thank you, Senator. Thank you for showing us our future.



You show, once again, that you are the prince of left wing bloggers.

Flaming Progressive


Kerry's plan should include the automatic awarding of 3 purple hearts for any of the troops who have stubbed toes, bumped into doorways, etc, so they, too, can apply for immediate discharge, come to Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer's off-White House and throw not-their-medals over the fence at Bu$Hitler. Oh yes, and all troops should be given their own set of matching billionaires/billionairesses to marry so, like Jean Francois kerry, they, too, don't have to actually work.


I'm sure we're all properly terrified at the spectacle of this universally honored war hero and U.S. Senator waiting impatiently for the electorate to turn to him for salvation. I blame the youth of today. Sometimes I despair; it seems they might truly prefer to join in this nebulous "war" rather than boldly assemble to seize city parks and endure squalid conditions to hurl profanities at the fuzz. Can we even still imagine one of our broken, demoralized Marines showing the courage to march up to a jihadi freedom fighter and put a flower in his gun barrel?

And, may the Lady and Lord help us, now we are even lowering our standards: for the first time since the War on Slavery, a new version of the standard infantryman's rifle is being issued that lacks the necessary doohickeys to which to attach a bayonet. As this new weapon becomes predominant in U.S. forces and eventually even standard in our Domestic Oppression National Guard, even the last few doddering professors who still hold high the holistic flame of the Anti-War cause we kindled in 1968 will be robbed of the chance to demonstrate the clarity of their convictions against cold steel to a new generation. Sheeple.



"I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty!".

And they call this man a "flip-flop"!



Mr Kerry (who fought in vietnam and had the vote stolen from him ) is right.

Anytime you are faced with a fight the smart thing to do is to back down, start crying like a girl and give them what they want. I used this type of diplomancy all through school and it worked for me. Sure, I got the shit kicked out of me a time to two, but it was my fault (I was white and rich) they always left me alone once they got what they wanted. AmeriKKKa should do the same.We should call our islamic overlords to the table and say " What will it take for you guys just to leave us alone?"

New York city, LA and Washington DC might be safe to enter in 10,000 years but at least the europeans will like us again.


We should call our islamic overlords to the table and say " What will it take for you guys just to leave us alone?"

The powermad, bloodthirsty RePuKKKes will never allow that as long as they are in power. They will goosestep around Washington vowing not to allow nationwide mandatory calls to prayer. They would rather kill us all in this suicidal fight against "terrorism."


Giving the troops "purple" hearts is inherently racist. There must be a diverse rainbow of hearts awarded. Perhaps a golden heart for soldiers who have sand caught in their buttocks.


And a brown heart for those soldiers who ate the bad lamb gyro.


"They would rather kill us all in this suicidal fight against terrorism"

I agree, and it's not like we even have to fight this. Hellooo... Booosh... ever hear about the circle of violence? We stop with the cartoons, pissing on korrans, become mooselimbs, burka and beat our woman, and BOOM!! All the world will be nice and quiet, and dare I say.. peaceful!!


Don't forget the pink hearts for our brave, yet duped, killbots who aren't asked and can't tell.


Helen Thomas has some brilliant insight into all this as usual:

Apparently Iraq is quite similar to Vietnam. I thought that was a good insight.

She cleverly quotes Murtha who was calling Rove "fat". True progressyve irony. Both Helen and Murtha could eat Rove at a single sitting with enough room left for a wafer thin mint.


My peace plan :

1) Iraq.I would take all the troops that voted for bu$h and turn them over to our islamic overlords in Iraq for war crime trials. I would also turn over all US warmaking equipment there to the freedom fighters in Iraq. We won't need it anymore because we'll have peace.

2)Iran. I would give israel 30 days to surrender all of it's land and riches to the people it has oppressed for the past 2000 years. If they refuse to do so, it's back on the boxcar with the lot of them. also we will give you all the nukes and the means to deliver them world wide.

3) North Korea. We will give you South Korea so you can work your economic wonders on a much larger scale. then In five years we will give you japan.

4)All we ask is that you guys come over hear with troops to fight the three true evils, rethugs, capitalism and global warming.

The Exorcist

I'm beginning to suspect that some of you at this site aren't completely sincere in your admiration and respect for John Kerry. Furthermore, I think it's important to point out that it isn't just his service to our country in Viet Nam, in which he served valiantly and was heavily decorated for, that makes him the stand out diplomat that he has become.

How many of you who so eagerly mock this hero know of what he has to go through on a daily basis?

It may seem to some of you that he's just gold-digger, but his marriage to Teresa Heinz comes at a price that you might not fully appreciate.

For instance, he doesn't sleep in one of the thirty-four elaborately decorated estate bedrooms. He is forced to stay in the basement, where Teresa keeps and beats the rest of the servants she brought over here from South Africa.

And he isn't free to roam around down there soliciting votes. She keeps him chained to a pipe. Although, as her boy-toy, he has a 24-carat chain connected to his diamond-studded collar. He does, however, have to eat his Bulgar caviar from a dog bowl marked "HERO", just to keep him in line and to remind him of his own humble beginnings at the Paris Charm School.

How many of you have ever had to witness such humiliation without being paid by Governor James McGreevy to inflict it upon him?

Fortunately, the many, many, many years he served as a POW trained him to handled such humiliation without so much as flinching or even expecting any recognition whatsoever for his courageous feats.

His expertise in the area of military matters, foreign/domestic policy and world-class henpeckary should not be questioned by those who've never had to walk a block in his Ferragamos.


Dave, wonderful idea! To add to the peace plan:

1) Give Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona back to Mexico. I'll have to move, but screw it! It's for peace!

2) Sharia Law Now! If we look like the muslims, maybe they'll just take our lunch money and not give us bloody noses.

3) Reparations! I figure since Oprah has done the most for African Americans, she should get the most money from the reparations!

4) Take a good hard look at the so-called Holocaust again. If the president of Iran denies it, then heck, that's good enough for me!

5) Follow the peace charter of the San Francisco board of supervisors, and abolish the military! That will show any aggressors that we don't mean any harm, and they'll leave us alone.

Menstrual Rainbow

As Thomas Jefferson once said 'Running away is the highest form of courage, as surely as Mary Cheney is a lesbian'. He was right then and Kerry is right now.

If I have one concern about President Kerry's plan for US troops to return home, it is the well founded fear that they will be used to blow up flood levees all over Amerikkka, particularly those near black neighbourhoods.


"surely as Mary Cheney is a lesbian"

WTF!?!? We could have used this information to keep The Bu$Hitler Crime Regime from being Re-Selected in 2004!!!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

I'm lovin' that Socialist Flag, Free Palestine Flag kinda vibe going on with Jean---in that pic. The flag of shame and scorn overshadowed by President Kerry's authoritative, decisive, "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect hominy", fist.


Hooray for John F. Munster! The only politician who truly understands that "the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind."

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