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Couldn't have said it better!


Whoremongering power hungry slut!!! Is that Mrs William Jefferson Clinton behind all of those scribbles?


What's with Ann Coulter and the Jersey Girls? I mean the Jersey Girls are only speaking truth to power when they say Bush let 9/11 happen and where was Condosleeza Rice while 19 brave freedom fighters were getting faulty flight training a RethugliKKKan flight schools?

Just because these four poor progressyve widows seem to be enjoying themselves in the objective media limelight and are now set for life because of the millions they received from their husbands' deaths gives no call for calling them opportunistic sluts. So what if they go to male strip clubs what business is that of Coulter's?

Sure she's one hot chick, but maybe she'd look better wrapped in tinfoil AND ROASTING OVER SATAN'S BBQ PIT!!!! I agree with Howie Dean, when I see this woman....yeeeeeeeeaaaarrrrggghhh!


You speak for me, Cin--Larry!


I think you're becoming obsessed...

Menstrual Rainbow

I see that Anndolf Coutler hasn't responded to your latest devasting attack, very telling.

Kiki B.

Ooooh! I like the cover of her new book. Very artsy.


You speak truth to power Larry.

The Den Mother

This reminds me of a drawing I once saw in the paranoid schizophrenia chapter of my college psychology text book.

Larry, was that YOUR case study? You're famous!

Battling Bravely Against The Junta

It's good to see you masterfully deconstructing Eva Braun's hate-filled book of hate, down to the nuts and o-rings, but by Speaking Truth to Power so bravely and forcefully, you are just begging to be dragged off to Gitmo in the middle of the night. The dark clouds and chill winds of Corporate Fascism have descended upon the land.


How DARE she? It's just SICK to question anyone who has lost anyone to any tragedy regardless of what they say, how many microphones and cameras they run to or how many covers of magazines they pose for. If they want to say that Shrub-ell-U dances around in the moonlight wearing a belt made of nipples- that should be gobbled up as true and never challenged. BTW: You are REQUIRED to vote for Nick Berg's dad who is running for Congress in Delaware on the platform that Shrubell-U is a bad president and that we should give the men who sawed off his son's head cupcakes and pictures of unicorns. Vote often, Delawarians. And to the many undocumented workers there, you DON'T need papers to vote.

There's three times as much hate in the above post and comments than there is in her entire book. Kind of scratching the bottom of the "enlightened progressive" barrel aren't you?
Also, please save your breath about Christ's teachings if you don't believe in him in the first place. I’m sure he would rather have your belief in him rather than your wisdom about what you think he teaches. You’re not qualified to comment on his teachings if you don’t believe he and his, how did you put it, “Mary Chain” are even real. You’re proving Ann’s point.

sad display of idiocy

well i can certainly see why ann has a book which debuted as number one on the new york times best sellers list, and you have this pathetic little blog.

the whole defacing of the godless cover was a wonderful show of intelligence on you part, and i can see why all of your followers adore you.

always remember- bush is the blame for EVERYTHING. although i think a more fitting title for your website would be, "being dropped on my head when when i was a baby is to blame for my learning impairment" .

go team moonbat! #1 douchebags!


Ann Coulter rocks!

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