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I hope the Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, have enjoyed my tribute from Impeached President William Jefferson Clinton to his Wyfe, Mrs Senator William Jefferson Clinton.


Go Annie, go Annie...

Heywood U. Reedmore

In the meantime, the J-gyrls are launching a 50 state tour starting with dozens of television and radio appearances to refute Ann's charges that they like media attention.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Thank Ghia that they have the time and money to go around the country refuting this lying liars lies. By the Ghost of Al Franken I say this Skinny Heartless Republican Gender Trader has got to be muzzled....oops I just found out our Hero "The Zark man" was killed. Our Prince is dead.

I light of this I think we should pull out of Iraq immediately. It is a sad sad day for those of us that consider ourselves "True" patriots.

Mother of all Blog Pimps

Zark man is dead maybe the price of gas will finally go down since nothing else good will come of this tragic death.


randi rhodes explained 2 me in detail while connecting the dots about everything that was in that hate mongers book i guess randi heard about someone who read the book so Randi as usual has all the details and can connect those dots


Didn't Hanoi Jane give up a kid for adoption?


This is the dark night of facism we all feared. Four grief-stricken widows walked tall in that face of unending adulation from progressyve politicians, television interviews, and lavish magazine features, and they still spoke truth to power. Now, one blue-eyed, bad-dye-job-blonde Nazi whore bludgeons the sacred 1st Amendment rights of these ladies and soils the memories of those who sacrificed themselves to further our multicultural understanding of the peaceful Muslim faith. I weep, my friends. That leather-clad Nazi might come for any of us next, and not in the way which leaves one all sticky and guilt-ridden the next morning.

Menstrual Rainbow

US death squads have butchered one of Iraq's minutemen Al Zarqawi. I'm shocked by this callous act and await Dodger's suggestion of what our next step in Iraq must be.

Menstrual Rainbow

I suspect that Ann Coulter will probably laugh at Zak's widows too, the heartless bitch.


I'm shocked by this callous act and await Dodger's suggestion of what our next step in Iraq must be.

Well, I haven't really given it any thought.

I'll get back to you.

Friend of USA

I don't know how American leftys can survive in a week where Ann Coulter publishes a book and al zarqawi is dead...

this is too much for a progressyve, Bush should provide free therapy.


It is all Bush's fault that we can't trash anyone about Haditha. Oh no. He goes and offs al-Zarqawi, the only one of my True Loves who managed to shoot himself in the foot while shooting off his mouth.

Well, he has gone to meet his reward...look at what is waiting in store for him over at 'Caption This!'

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

You inadvertently have spoken something close to my very thoughts...err...feelings. Did the Shrub EVER offer any counseling, 12 strap..err...step program for Mr. Zarcoward?? Of course not!!! Neither did he do so for Saddam Insanes 2 precious boys! He just kills kills kills innocent victims of difficult childhoods, who's parents had difficult childhoods too.

"In the meantime, the J-gyrls are launching a 50 state tour starting with dozens of television and radio appearances to refute Ann's charges that they like media attention."

And this would be a perfect time for al Zarcowards grieving, cherished widows to get on board with the brave & misunderstood J-girls on this tour. What a united freedom fighter front against Bu$hitlers illegal and immoral war.

This is SOOO exciting--to see how the voice of Truth To Power & Imperialist Impeachment grows louder and louder. Don't you SEE it?? Peach Mother Sheehan has tirelessly been through the rigorous bootcamp fire of proving that she's no media/attention seeking whore. So much so, her unwavering committment to her refuting tour disallowed her the opportunity to buy Casey a headstone! That's a mothers love. That's a roadwarrior freedom fighters integrity and bravery!!!

It's KKKreepy that Mr. ZarCoward is senselessly murdered in the same month as were Poppa Saddams precious sons. Is it any secret that the Shrub-Rove KKKrime family has remote controls and timers for all their despicable deeds!

And, again, I find the timing of KKKoulters book curious in light of Mr. ZarCowards untimely demise. I weep as I recall, to my minds eye, pictures of Zaq's stocking cap topped sweet and kind face.

Peace at any cost

Zarqawi, a peaceful man in tennis shoes was murdered today by the likes of Ann Coulter.. When will this madness end?

ponytailed guy

I heard that they killed Zarkowi with an exploding Diebold voting machine.

Friend of USA

Bush timed zarqawi's assassination just in time to draw attention away from the Haditha scandal.

What a stupid clever imbecile genius!


To revisit one of RML's masterpiece comments:

When he found himself in trouble
smart bomb seeking company
Fighting Falcon droped on -- al-Zarqawi.

And in his hour of darkness
Exploding right in front of me
Streaking blood and entrails -- oh yippee!

Let him bleed, let him bleed.
Let him bleed, oh , tee hee hee!
The high-explosive acronym is "H E"

They Can't Fool Us!

Abu Musab looks a little rancid in his picture. Makes you wonder if they've been storing him under ice, waiting for just the right minute to go public.

[draws deep on wake-up bong, loses train of thought]

Cheney W. Halliburton

It's a good thing the FBI only searched William Jefferson's freezer. If they'd searched mine the news of Zarqawi's death would have gotten out earlier than planned.

The Exorcist

What a terrible week it has been for us progessives. First off, 6/6/6 didn't bring the world to a fiery end as should have happened with a RepubliKKKan in the white house.

Then a tranny-fight breaks out between Coulter and Shrillary. And only a conservative beeyoch, like Coulter, would fight dirty by reminding everyone that Shrill's hubby, Billy Bob, was a murdering, serial rapist. Now things go to an all time low when I wake up from my crack binge to find out that our beloved freedom-fighter, (D) Abu Muslob al Zarqawi, was murdered by the Bush regime.

That absolutely rips it. I'm going to go ahead and have that heart-attack Tony Blair's little sister started 30 years ago and I might even let her throw me the hell out of the window too.


When I woke up this morning, I turned on the tv and saw some bombs hitting some bulidings, I thanked gaia that Pres Gore acted to stop the hate and global warming and dropped the bombs on coulter's new york apartment. And we would soon see her dead face on tv, her nazi officer's at a rakeish angle, her dead eyes staring into space. But alas, it was just film of another marine war crime....

another freedom fighter murdered at the hands of the new waffen-ss

I'll say this slow so you repukes can keep up. When we on the left say things that MIGHT be seen as mean-sprited we are bravely speaking truth to power.

And when you cave-dwellers on the far right open your cock-holders to say something mean-spirted and hateful we'll call you on it.

Cheney W. Halliburton

Dave, you know anything about fixing freezers? I think something may be wrong with mine. Could you take a look in -- I mean at -- at it?


To Mr Cheney W Halliburton.Your hate-filled words hurt me.

I have to ask you,What are you going to do? park a bulldozer on my brain pan like you muderous zoinists did to Rachel Corrie?

I also ment to write " her nazi officer's cap " Rove's brain wave control machine made me make a mistake.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

Again, I revisit my curiosity about the timing of KKKoulters fictionary butt wipe book & the murder of Iraq's Own Captain al ZarKangaroo:

For the sake of the children, Zaq so loved & wanted to protect, he was merely flushing copies of NeANNdretha KKKoulters book down the toilet when the BushReich's jackbooted thugs caught & off'd him!

I'm just taken aback at those Freedom Fighter fiends..err...friends of Zarq's. They're so forgiving & tolerant toward this KKKountrys Warmongrel, baby killing troops (who I support) picking on them. Here's their gracious, unconditionally loving announcement:

"In a statement posted on the Web, Al Qaeda in Iraq confirmed the death of Zarqawi and vowed to continue its "holy war."

"We want to give you the joyous news of the martyrdom of the mujahed sheik Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," said the statement.

Which, do I interpret that correctly as saying we, in solidarity with them, should be celebratory also??

Allah AkBong!

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