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Country Music has been Satanic for years! "Brokenheartsville" talks about Satan driving a Coup Deville, but Lucifer really drives an SUV and looks surprisingly like Dick Cheney! (Whose daughter Mary, by the way, is a devout Lesbian).


Amen to THAT, Larry!

Just to show these Xtian hillbilies, I've painted a pentagram on my forehead and covered my naked body in goat's blood and I've been reading Latin witchcraft incantations since this ridiculous superstitious idiotfest of 06/06/06 started. See? Your ridiculous religious fantasies are just that! These stupid Xtian fools! I will eat their children's entrails! I will cover their churches in blood and sulphur! I AM LEGION AND I WILL HOLD MY DOMINION OVER THEIR SOULS! LOOK UPON ME AND DISPAIR! I WILL GRIND THE WORLD OF MAN UNDER MY HEEL AND BRING THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN CRASHING DOWN UPON IT. BOW TO ME AND BECOME MY SERVANTS! GIVE YOUR HEARTS OVER TO THE BLACK PIT AND SERVE ME, OR I SHALL ROAST YOUR SOULS IN THE FIRES OF GOMMORAH!


Wow, that's pretty deep NeoconPincher... I think I'll start playing "God of War" again on my PS2...

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS


Pardon my lysdexia, but did you just say: "...SHALL ROAST THEIR GHOULS IN THE FIRES OF S'MORES!"

It looks like your i-tunes jukebox list isn't complete! Where's the stuff like "Seasons In The Sun", "Feelings", "McArther Park", "Bang Shangalang", "Don't Worry Be Happy", and "Killing Me Softly", etc.?

It's not like the Xtians aren't all audio forcefeeding their fetally expelled flesh blobs loops of Strypers "To Hell With The Devil", today!!

Oh, And NOBODY light any matches today, either! In Dutch their called "lucifers" [LOO-see-fairrrrs]. We progressyves don't want to give off the impression we're like the witch burning TheoKKKons!


Your girdle too tight or the bondage chaps chafing?

You know, Larry, that the vote for straight marriage is taking place in the Senate today. Brilliant way to get the supporters of such a definition of the law to foam at the mouth and their heads to do a 360.

Other than that, nothing to see here.


I've traveled to the Real Capital of the world San Francisco so Gavin Newsome could officiate a wonderful marriage between my wonderful lyfe partner Mohammad the Baboon (Peace be upon his sweet, tight, rashy ass). He and I are doing famously thank you very much.



Some demon thinks he can possess me? Bah!

I had six straight bowls of good red-haired Columbian glaucoma medication and watched taped episodes of Ren&Stimpy one after the other. After a while, he left.

Mmmmm.... melty DingDongs.

*smack* *lick*


In honor today's devilous date, I'm going to do something so completely vile, it chills me to the bone:

I am Satan Incarnate!!!!!!

Menstrual Rainbow

Look I'll be honest, I don't fully understand why we are all worshipping Santa now, after all Christmas is a tacky celebration of commercialism and christianity and Santa represents patriarchal authority over womynkind. However I will be sacrificing a lentil to him anyway because if the god botherers are upset by this it can't be bad.

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS Latilla

" However I will be sacrificing a lentil to him anyway"


#1: When referring to Santa, MR didn't capitalize "Him"

#2: The Multi-colored Mensus is threatening to burn at the stake our Goddess Superior: NoseToDamn-us!!

Oh...Lentil--not Yentl...Never mind.


Well, Hell's Bells, all you AC/DC to speak.

Bush Eats Iraqi Infants




BuShaitan Prepares For The Future


Speaking of the lucky number 666, I hope and pray to Gaia that Hillary Clinton wins in 2008 and Bill Clinton becomes the Secretary General of the United Nations. This will be the start of the great harmonic convergence and the Age of Aquarius and peace will reign through out the planet.

And the bright and morning star will light our way to global harmony and peace as the angel Lucifer consummates his heavenly marriage with Gaia, the giver of all life and wisdom.

I think I see the mothership arriving now...or maybe it's the black helicopters. Now where did I put that tinfoil hat....?


The remake of 'The Omen' opens today. In honor of that, I am watching 'True Grit.'

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS Latilla

"The remake of 'The Omen' opens today. In honor of that, I am watching 'True Grit.'"==PTPFP

OOPS! My lysdexia seems to be exacerbated by the hot weather: In honor of this day, I watched Nemo!

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

Oh, I get it now--your jukebox at work...
That's some crazy Seattle Hemp I-Tunes

Talking Toaster

[I'll try this once more]

My owner set the dial to 6 expecting his brand muffins to be cooked to tasty golden brown.

Unfortunately, the muffin in left slot got jammed in my heating coils. There was a lot of smoke and a small fire - ha ha ha!

Never use 6 on your toaster.

My owner got so angry he exorcised some guy bending over on a prayer rug with a #2 pencil. Sadly, the pencil broke (splinters and all).

He told the cops that the guy was a constipated mathematician and he was helping him work it out with a pencil.

The paramedics gave the rug guy a pillow to hold between his legs on the way to the hospital.

But, on happy note my owner is out on bail.

Charlie Manson

Where's Helter Skelter?

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