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Burn that NAZZZI beatch at the stake....


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. The thought of Mann Hitler's Book Of Lies in Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, bookstores forcibly being made to carry that Tome Of Trash across Bu$Hitler's AmeriKKKA was just so horrible that my nerves got frazzled and I fell asleep. I had this strange dream about Mann Hitler, Monkey ManneKin and Laura Ingrate having a footlong hot dog eating contest.

ponytailed guy

To protect free speach this book must be banned!


Mounds of avocados is what is between your ears, Larry, nothing but Trader Joe's guacamole. Speaking of which have you see the great movie, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle? You could be one of the Alan Aldas, Larry, knitting potholders for the cannibal women. That's all you emasculated hippie males are good for, anyway, girly man!!!

Red Loser

But wait, if government is our god, then doesn't that make Bush...Jesus?



Lar, it's good to see how principled you really are when faced with the neo-KKKon rantings of a blonde witch like Coulter. Let it never be said that you judge a book by its cover, but rather you judge it by the pictures that are on/in it.


And after regaining some composure after rereading Lar's, speaking truth to power, I just want to express my love for all Gaia's creatures: I LOVE.....TO HATE ANN COULTER.

May peace and harmony reign throughout Gaia's cosmos.

Bush4Ever, you're grasp of theological principles and the black abyss is truly breathtaking. Did you drop out of seminary or something?

The Exorcist

Sweet Jesus of Tel Aviv, I've been busier than a Dumbocrat at a bathhouse for the last 48 hours.

First of all, I had to Exorcise the living green-shit out of a whole bunch of pussies that decided 6/6/6 was the perfect day to become possessed. That's a lot of Exorcisms to do, even for me, Father Merrin.

Then the esteemed Senator from Old York, He'll-Lick-Me Clinton, started talking major-league shit to Ann Coulter. That's a tranny-fight that I want nothing to do with. Even The Exorcist knows his limitations.

Then I find out that Libby Larry actually read the ENTIRE cover of Annie's book. Got-tayum, that's a lot of reading, not to mention a whole lot of Exorcisms. But what's an Exorcist to do? Vote? Fuck you and the Republican Donkey you sodomized in on.

I'll be Hillary-Damned if I'm going to escape from jail, the bathhouse, the AIDS clinic, or even skid row to sell my soul to THE MAN.

No, I'm right here, in the alley behind the Vatican, where Bushie Boy gets his marching orders, waiting for another bowl of pea soup to totally fuck-up my perfectly crisp goth-black uniform. Thank My Boss that 6/6/6 only comes around once every 100 years or so.


Why would a talk show host/ess have a brain? I've never perceived that to be of any needful use. The lack of one seems not to have held back such great shining stars suchs as Hoperah. Let ANN become zombie in Philly and she will become even thinner than she is now searching for brains in talk show persyns.


WOW, do you people even understand what you are writting. First of all your comparison to christ taking from the rich to give to the poor, is just plain funny. Please find me a verse where Jesus forces anyone to give to the poor. The whole point behind giving, is that it is a persoanl choice. Also the comment about tax cuts taking the food out of poor peoples mouth is a bit over dramatic. How about blaming the amount of money wasted by our government. Not referring to the party that has controll, but to the giant machine in general. If you want an interesting analogy on tax cuts check out this site obviously this analogy can not cover the extremely complex tax system we have, but it is an interesting analogy nonetheless

Furthermore saying Ann Hitler is a little over the top. I don't agree with most her points or arguements as well, but if I was her I would keep writting just to piss you guys off. I mean seriously you guys need to slow doen and take a deep breath, and make a good argument. To claim "the book should be banned because its propaganda", are you flipping serious. What isn't propaganda. I know how about that Michael Moore documentary, of course that wasn't. Its only ok to slander and lie when it benifts your own point of view or what? Why don't you guys chill out a little bit, or at least make decent arguments without regressing into a 10 yr old in a name calling contest. Then again it is pretty hard for Democrats to actually take the higher ground and offer an actual platform. They are much better at just calling people liars and slandering their opponents, which as we all know has worked very well in the past 2 elections. By the way, this in no shape or form is implying I am a republican. I just think that we as people need to stop slandering each other and actually stop and come up with a plan to change/fix our society. Then pitch your plan soley on your plan, not by attacking other plans. Its easy in life to tear other peoples ideas down, go one step further and create solutions. Just putting my two cents in, feel free to personally attack me with name calling as you did Ann Coulter.

Trying to impose a new way of thinking, Nicholas Tocco


Hey Nicholas Tocco:

So you think you can just waltz in here and play with the big myn (and womyn) of the Intelligentsia, huh?

You are way outta your league & NO match for Professor Chomstein or us, his loyal sheeple...err...followers at Blame Bu$h(itler). Why I just betcha you tried the same thing at the Rhodes Scholar hub of Dimocrat Underground (DU) and those tolerant, objective, free speech advocate peace doves chewed you up and spit you out!

You just can't handle the force of Truth To Power when it's spoken, can ya Nic???


I guess that must be it!

Ali Ali Ali

posted by Nicholas:

"...To claim "the book should be banned because its propaganda", are you flipping serious..."

What’s wrong with banning propaganda? There’s certainly something in the Constitutions penumbra that accommodates barring truly insensitive and politically incorrect speech. If Souter and Breyer can’t find it in there, well then- the Constitution is a living and breathing document, after-all, and necessary adjustments should be made.

btw- I don't stoop to personal name calling- But everybody knows Nicholas is a crazy right wing kkkonservative slave owner name.


I read a portion of your article because I do angree with the fact that Ann Coulter is wrong by declaring anybody as "Godless." However, you are also in the wrong by taking potshots at Christ and people like me who believe in Him. You said that the Republicans are self-righteous, but turned around and declared that Christ would have been a Demoncrat. Don't you see that as a little hypocritical? Furthermore, Coulter wrote the book because of people like you. She isn't right, but you are fuel that feeds the fire. And by the way, how the heck can you be spiritual and not religious? Believing in the spirit is a religious belief, and therefore, if you believe that a man has a spirit that is separate from his/her body then you basically are religious.


Holy crap!!!! Where do you come up with this absolute bull$#it? Worst site ever!!!!!!!!


Wow. The review of the book and the majority of the subsequent posts have actually lowered my IQ. For the reviewer, a tactic that might be worth exploring is focusing on the actual material in the book. Not the physical appearance of the author, not the ignorant conjugation of dirty words - the book. If the author took the time to actually read the book, which he claims he did not, perhaps he could include some elements of counterpoint in his review. He may find it humorous that one of the central arguments of the book is that the defense offered by the Left to anything that contradicts its tenants is name-calling and a general unwillingness to debate. The more I read the assembled words that drivel across my web page like the product of some kind of catatonic seizure, the more I think 2 things: 1. that this woman has hit a nerve and the reaction she outlines as typical of left-wing thought is EXACTLY RIGHT - LMAO! 2. If this is the best the Left has, it's very little wonder the Democratic party has been in the toilet for the last 40 years (to which I say "40 more years! 40 more years!". I can only hope you lefty posters are under the influence of some really good weed, because if this porcelin spray taco shit is all you have, 40 mores years of your irrelevence is the TIP of the iceberg in this country.

Nicholas Tocco

NIcholas, thankyou for proving my point. You simple took one line from what I said and spun it. I said that you are claiming it should be banned, but negleting the fact that propaganda is on both sides. This book is merely her opinion. Try re-reading my original post, and no I am not a hard core conservative, like i said I consider myself and independent, and vote for the canidate I like no matter which party they are representing.

I thought this blog was suposed to be about the book, someone should try reading it and debating it logically.


Wow! I don't think I've ever seen this many clueless people gathered together in one place before. It's SATIRE, people!

What maroons!

Titan Mk6B

Careful Karen. You are playing with fire now.


Dude, chill out. You're too angry.


Haha, look at Karen! That wrong-wing KKKonservative is too bigoted and intolerant to accept that there are viewpoints different from hyrs, therefore disagreeing positions must be satire.

Go back to IdaHO.


Made me stop and think... You said: "By definition, a religion requires a belief in a divine being – a supernatural entity that guides and nurtures his faithful flock through life, rewarding them for their obedience while punishing them for their transgressions against his Divine plan."

Webster's 1828 Dictionary shows: "RELIGION, n. relij'on. L. religio, from religo, to bind anew; re and ligo, to bind. This word seems originally to have signified an oath or vow to the gods, or the obligation of such an oath or vow, which was held very sacred by the Romans."

Not exactly the same...

Ali Ali Ali

"...thankyou for proving my point. You simple took one line from what I said and spun it. I said that you are claiming it should be banned, but negleting the fact that propaganda is on both sides. This book is merely her opinion. Try re-reading my original post, and no I am not a hard core conservative, like i said I consider myself and independent, and vote for the canidate I like no matter which party they are representing.

I thought this blog was suposed to be about the book, someone should try reading it and debating it logically."

Don’t talk about logic with me, sir. I am a logistics magician. My logic is a three hundred pound, perfectly chiseled, California pony-tailed professor kicking sand in your emasculated conservofascist face. My logic puts the smack-down on you. I’ve got so much logic i… er, well, you get the picture.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah… that disgustingly ugly nazi bitch coulter. Er, her book, I mean. What’s there to discuss? Debating the ‘value’ of this book with an uneducated, kkkristian kkkonservative like your-self is like a really smart person talking to a really stupid person.
A more apropos comparison might be to say, its like someone who’s really intelligent trying to talk to somebody who’s really not very smart.
Or even-
It’s like a super smart guy trying to talk with another guy who’s not smart at all.

So just take your hate-filled, intolerant, radical, hateful hate speech about being ‘open-minded’ to some other nazi forum.


What? Ann Coulter mocks goofball Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who finds Bush abhorrent but swaps spit with murderous dictators such as Fidel Castro and pisses all over her son's grave because he joined a cause she opposed and died for it? HOW CAN YOU MOCK SUCH IDIOCY? IT'S SELF-MOCKING!


I must say I quite enjoyed this book, it is deliciously sarcastic! Although, I agree with nearly everything Coulter wrote in this book, I think she gets her points across in a very demeaning way, and she must say the word "liberal" eight thousand times in the book. Also, she seems to infer that all liberals think a certain way which is of course not true, however she is right in all her points about religion. If anyone agrees with the left's ideals, at least enough to call themselves a democrat, then they are a hypocrit if they call themselves a Christian.

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