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From what I see Ann Coulter is doing her job very well! You people are so enraged, who is hate filled here? All I see is a bunch of people calling Bush and Ann Hitler, very original. Go smoke your weed, collect your welfare check and go to your rallies, we will keep working, making money and gaining power. Good job Libs! Your predictability and incapacity for an original thought, I mean reproductive rights, rain forests, government programs and global warming, same old thing every year. You keep on forwarding this rehashed 60’s agenda; we will wait you out in the White House.


When Anne KKKoulter calls me "godless", I say "" There IS NO GOD FOLKS! No God, No Zeus, No Apollo, and No Santa Claus. Science is in the process of sending god(s) to the scrap heap of history, along with alchemy and astrology. Someday, soon hopefully, only dumbass rednecks will believe that a supernatural entity controls their destiny. An X-ray does not expose a hint of a soul, the Hubble telescope finds galaxies and quasars, NOT a heaven filled with angels. Organized religion continues to kill humans in great numbers and undermines progress. Wake up and smell the 15th century, folks.


"Organized religion continues to kill humans"
Is it really John? Wow. All this time I thought organized religion was strongly opposed to the 47 MILLION slaughtered children from 1973 to 2005 ( You wanna talk science? Bring it on! Did you know that as early as the 18th day into pregnancy the CHILD (to translate for the liberals, you always refer to the unborn silent VICTIM as "it" or "a glob of goo")has a heartbeat? ( Or how about at 14 weeks the defenseless little tyke has eyes, ears, hair, toes, and fingers?
I don't know about you, but I'd say those are pretty good qualifiers of a LIVING human being. But maybe you can answer a question for me John. I've been trying to figure the reasoning for a tube being inserted into the uterus and a vacuum so powerful that this living, feeling baby is ripped to pieces and sucked into a jar -- arms, legs, torso, and head... All because liberal mommy didn't want this "consequence" of her actions. Wake up and smell the 15th century? The barbaric action of ripping an innocent child to pieces...sounds like you feel at home there.

P.S. When do we "progress" in modern science and enlightenment that we stop the heart beats of those burdens in the Senior Citizen home?


I just published my review of the book here:
It's slightly less slanted, and it doesn't attack Coulter as this one had.

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