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Don't hold back, Larry...tell us how you really feel.

Fist of Larry

Late night, eh?


Just remember this: Ann Dogface Coulter, Laura Lizardface Ingraham and Michelle Monkeyface Malkin all have to look in the mirror each and every day of their lives...and they have to live with what they see. Now THAT is justice done!!! When they look into their dark and soulless eyes, and think about the HATEFUL ANGRY SHRIEKING SCREAMING PUTRID VILE EVIL FILTH THAT THEY SPEW IN THEIR "WRITINGS" THEN I HOPE THEY FEEL THE FIRST FLICKER OF HELL'S FLAMES BURNING AT THE EDGES OF THEIR COMPLETELY BLACK SOULS!!!!


Lar, proper chakra alignment prevents the passions from unbalancing the placid spirit. This is even true when superstitious whores with skin the texture of sandpaper and hair akin to steel wool because of too many bad dye jobs mislead the feeble and ignorant minds of the peasantry.

Ali Ali Ali

by Allah, I can add nothing more- this is truly a review worthy of our religion of peace.


Hate Ann. Love Larry.


If only Ann Hitler would read this website and see the peace, love, and compassion that flows through it every day....perhaps she would think twice about calling Progressyves.."godless". I haven't seen an ounce of hate or evil anywhere here.



Has she had a tit job? Those don't LOOK like "bolt-ons", do they?

Oh, yeah...the book.

I dunno, I bought it for the cover.


Faux FOE

...and it takes them THREE MONTHS to find her ROTTING, BLOATED CORPSE at the bottom of a ditch in Pittsburgh...

Hey, don't drag Pittsburgh into this! As evidenced in the George Romero documentaries (Night of the Living Dead, Land of the Dead, etc.) our ditch corpses tend to reanimate. Believe me, you don't want a zombified Ann Coulter running around, doing the talk show circuit, spewing conservative talking points whilst devouring hosts' brains.


So, final verdict. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS

I find the timing of this book curious.

Isn't it obvious that Ms. Coulter is trying to divert attention away from Dan Browns expose' of her and The Shrub having been married!!!!

The damning farsual evidence of the DaFiction Code would ruin Bu$hitler's chances at a 3rd Peeresidential term! BWHAHAHAHAHA! No more election stealing for you, Bushie Boy!!

Menstrual Rainbow

Anne Coulter is a man and Michelle Malkin is 'her' mail order bride.

Ban All Hate Speech NOW!

Free speech is one of the rights most revered by Liber~ I mean, Progressives (right up there with abortion and public intoxication), but the Constitution specifically forbids propaganda and hate speech, which this book is crammed full of.

You can see how much grief and disunity it's already causing.

Is there an ACLU cell that can pursue this legal angle, and keep the gullible public from being exposed to this malicious crap?


"The apocalyptic dogma of a judgmental clergy holds no power over the sheeple herds when we have benevolent progressive leaders grounded by science, who will tell us we can go right on having casual sex without fear of consequences, but the atmosphere will burn off if we don’t correctly sort our recyclables."



Wow, that's hot. Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin making hot monkey lovin' ...

I mean NO! ICK!


Nasty gross Nazi WHORES!

They make me ill!

I'm going to go find my photo of Peace Mother Sheehan crying sobs of righteous grief over the martyrdom of her only begotten son, slain on the altar of Bu$hitler's war for oil. That should take care of any sinful arrousal remaining from picturing those two diseased neocon Helliburton-owned prostitutes.

No more purient thoughts of Ann Hitler in a seafoam-green satin camisole and matching tap pants kissing a submissive Michelle Pol Pot Malkin in a white silk teddy. Their bare legs intertwined ...


"Anne Coulter is a man and Michelle Malkin is 'her' mail order bride."

If you could ever find any video, on tape, DVD, anything, of these two lying together naked in a bed, please send it to me so I can study it closely at great I can expose them for what they truly are, of course. That's all.

SPEAK TRUTH TO P...Coulter and Malkin together, huh? Think they could convince Ingraham to join the mix?


I don't fear that nazi ape Coulter.

It not like I lay awake dreaming of her standing over me with her black jackboots on eiether side on my head. "Polish them with your tounge, you progressive scum!" She yells at me and I obey. Not doing a good repubiKKKan job she gets out her riding crop and spanks my bare white ass to a high pink for I have been a very bad progressive and I need to be punished............

Moving on, I have to go to the book store and hide the copys of her hate-filled-screed. She must be stopped!


I forgot to say her picture make me sit down when I pee...


... the tense look of lust in Michelle's eyes as Ann unsnaps her teddy ...

I won't be thinking those thoughts at all.

Especially wry, subtle smile on Ann's face as an eager Michelle moves her teasing mouth down the taller woman's long, lithe torso ...

Thankfully, my mind is free of such thoughts.


If you read her book carefully, she will tell you in code how to find OBL.


Can anyone send me some cigarettes? The cons use them for money apparently. The screws (that's what we call the guards) beat on me hourly. I need some lawyers from the ACLU to help me. The Nazi's at Barnes an Noble are saying that I've defaced their merchandise, which is total bullshit! All I've done is mimic Larry's wonderful artwork... Gaia help me!


In light of the content of this hate filled book of hate, I think, er, feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

Son of the South ©

' . . . cottage cheese-filled angora socks . . . '

I am not worthy.



In the name of free and open speech, I put seven of her books over in the cookbook section of the book store. I also told the booksellers that if anyone asks for it tell them that you can order it but it will 4 to 6 years to get a copy. if that fails I told them to show them kos's great best selling book.


I know I wont be buying the book I will judge it without knowing a thing about it!

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