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RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS Latilla


Did you link that from DUnderground?


I bet she doesn't talk at all about the Bushitler sex scandals, both interracial and homosexual. And she probably doesn't say anything about how Bush destroyed the world yesterday because he's the Anti-Chryst -- don't believe me? Look at his name: six letters in "George", six letters in "Walker", and, since Bush=Hitler, six letters in his last name too.


Forget Ann Coulter, RethugliKKKans just stole another election in California!!!

And what is it about the AmeriKKKan people? The people of AmeriKKKa are certifiably stupid. We progressyves offer gay marriage, open borders, legalized drugs, dismantling of the military, larger unions, more social programs, concern for those who cry rape against lacrosse players even though the whole case may turn out to be another Tawana Brawley scandal. We can become more like Europe yet we're always being held back by a bunch of KKKnuckledragging neanderthal reich-wingers.

We need to think about moving to KKKanada. At least the kkkonservatives there aren't as fascist as AmeriKKKa's....yet.


Hey, Lar. You forgot to turn Ann's hair red to symbolize the blood of 10,000 minorities who were mercilessly drowned by the racist huricane KKKatrina that swept on shore at New Orleans because of Rove's Weather Control Machine. Otherwise I thought your defacing of Ann's bookcover was professionally executed. Did you use Photoshop™?


And haven't you noticed that her book was released on 6-6-06? And the Senate vote to bring to the floor for a vote on Ending Choyce in Lyfe Partners was ended?

It's all a plot by Bush=Hitler to lead progressyves down the merry path to hell by letting us do what we want, when we want and to whom.


Um, I'm writing from the 4th Street Jail in Mesa, Arizona. I tried to mimic Larry's wonderful Artwork at my local Barnes and Noble, but the Pigs arrested me before I could master it. After 34 copies were improved, they threw me in the slammer. Does anyone know anything about criminal law?

Sen. Edward Kennedy

Any liberal can have reason to hate Ann Coulter, but you sound much too sophomoric to be taken seriously. No kidding. You sound like a parody of a liberal. Are you still in high school?


Senator Kennedy!!! My savior!! You had a wonderful defense team when that slut drove herself off that bridge and nearly killed you! Could you please "pull some strings" for me! I'm one of your biggest fans!


So far that is the most mature and grown up review of her so-called "book" that I've seen. We liberals are the ONLY ones who should be permitted to speak in hyperbole. When Rethuglican'ts do it it's totally hatespeech and should be arrested for hate crimes.


Um, I'm writing from the 4th Street Jail in Mesa, Arizona. I tried to mimic Larry's wonderful Artwork at my local Barnes and Noble, but the Pigs arrested me before I could master it. After 34 copies were improved, they threw me in the slammer. Does anyone know anything about criminal law?

Posted by: Arbiter

Well, I don't know anything about criminal law, but I live close enough that I could be there to, "bail you out," in about ten minutes. Does the jail take food stamps?


"Sherf Joe" is keeping me down because of my color! He hates all Hispanics! He won't even let me have my hemmorhoid medication- he keeps calling them "buds"...

Thanks for the offer Jannie Mae. I'm going to write you some wonderful Children's Books. Hopefully, that will be my ticket out of here. That, and the ACLU of course.


Nah, Arbiter, if Sheriff Joe really hated you, he'd put you in the tent city. Wouldn't be too bad though, as it's only 103 here today!

I bet you look really sexy in your pink, I mean, uniform!

**fanning self and swooning**

Could somebody hose me off?


These pink handcuffs are bad too JannyMae... Good news! The ACLU has agreed to take my case; although I had to tell them that I was arrested for protesting Bruce Jacob's KFYI studio in addition to being a transvestite hispanic prositute immigrant addicted to crack who refuses to say the Pledge of Alligience.


Oh, crud...sorry, I'm dripping on the keyboard...

Good, I'm glad they've taken your case, as I'm too busy to get over there right now.

I'll have to watch our local icon of truth, "The Arizona Republic," to see how your case comes out.


Janny Mae,
What noxious thing were you dripping on the keyboard?
Was it bongwater or nasal wash?

Mine is now berries 'n cream dr. pepper with white cheddar cheetos.

have a nice day. Of to get Phred Felps to deliver Zarqawi's funeral eulogy.


It was bong water, PTPFP. I hosed myself down with it, because I was way too, "hot."

In a very bizarre stroke of fate, I was interviewed this morning by a reporter from, "The Arizona Republic."

He took my picture, and asked my opinion on a local grocery store which is closing. Said it will be in the paper tomorrow. Strange coincidence, if you aske me.

Arbiter was not available for comment!


I've been released! My ACLU lawyer was excellent!! He told me to put on my booking papers that I was only 4' 10"

He then argued successfully that I was "too short" to go to prison! Ain't Justice Grand? :-)

The Therapist

Good one, Larry. Just what I'd expect.



You guys can't back up anyting you put on here, It's just a Bush hate club for lefty's- LOL!

bo ure

Funniest thing ever! Thank-you for the hilarity. Especially like the shopped bookcovers, I knew right off this review was going to be great.


Can i borrow this pic for to start a new anti-ann group on face book?


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