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Yes. We can all learn from a man like Al Gore. He sacrifices away a life of walking to work so his personal oil derrick can help him spread the good word of America's selfishness.

Talking Toaster

That's it!

When glaciers back over of poor inner city Blacks like a bulldozer over Rachel Corrie and entire crops of glaucoma medication vanish from Larry's porch - it the end of cultivation - no make that civilization.

Grab your baklava and what little glaucoma medication is left, lockup up your wife and run for your life. Hell has no wrath like the wrath of Mother Nature smoking rock and drinking white lightening.

And, Larry is right. It's high time we join Kyoto like France by BBQ'g all cars with a petrol bombs.

Further, the top 1% of Redneck Rethugican tax payers should squeeze their obese behinds out of their gas-guzzling, smog-belching pickup trucks and push Al Gore's Internet powered limo to lucrative speaking engagements.

I doubt this will happen long as there White Republicans in the House. Elect the only Black President, Willian Jefferson Clinton - or his wife to the White House - no to the Colored House. It will be a fresh hot summers breeze - or scorching sandy Santa Ana wind at the land fill.


I was a little bit confused about what the albino monk from Halliburton was doing. What I do know is that global warming has been covered up by the catholic church for millenia in order to suppress womyn. Thanks Al.

Menstrual Rainbow

Damn you Bush, stop making me post under another name. The above post was mine.

Heywood U. Reedmore

We're even guiltier than your review indicates. We breathe "toxic" greenhouse cases out our mouths and fart them out our butts -- we're all nothing more than Global Warming factories. I eagerly await Gore's "butt plug" program to help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

Fist of Etiquette

Inconvenient movie is more like it. I can't find the thing anywhere. I drove all over town, from cineplex to cineplex, trying locate one that was showing it, but all I could find was that bio on how TomKat got together (Cruise plays himself but Holmes is portrayed by the wildly miscasted Philip Seymour Hoffman).

It was hot, too (thank you very much, global warming). It's a damned good thing my Hummer has A/C because I spent the whole day searching fruitlessly, and let me tell you, with gas prices where they are, I dropped a pretty dime at the pumps.

Ali Ali Ali

We are but a toxic stew replicating like a virus over Mother Earth’s precious garden of eden. Damn it for being born! My wretched existence is further frustrated by the preeResident selects efforts to rape our Sacred and Holy natural resources. As hard as I try to create buildings as near to thatched huts as possible- dictator dumbya has created yet another heat wave that has shut down one of our premier greenhouses:

From The Detroit News:
The $121 million Detroit School of Arts earlier this year won an award from the U.S. Green Building Council for the school's energy and environmental design. It was the first building in the city to win the award.
The council lauded the school for using energy-saving designs and equipment. Examples include trees to provide shade, energy-efficient windows and a highly reflective roof surface. Energy costs dropped 20 percent as a result of the design. But today's heat and humidity proved too much…"There is too much heat," Majors said.

All of the potential stem cell donors were sent home for the day.. or two, depending on whether the shrubinator directs his pollution ridden, global warmed ocean currents towards Detroit.

spd rdr

If everyone just stayed home from work, I bet we could lick this global warming thing in three hundred years or so. I'm starting today.


GAIA works in mysterious ways. In Al's case, she spoke to a humble man, a man who was nursing the psychic scars of his Vietnam service, through the burning tip of a rolled-up amalgamation of glaucoma medicine and demanded her world back. After Al took care of the munchies and a vague paranoia that the 'man' was after him, he struck out with courage. This courage allowed him to make a movie which faces the same level of scrutiny in Cannes, the entertainment press, and the political establishment as Ted Kennedy's driving record. Stay strong, Al. The dead white males who founded the United States never faced such odds. Where they failed, you can succeed.


A wise hippy was wright when he said, "Every where is within walking distance if you have the time." The only people that should have engine based transportation is our socialist leaders, the rest of us should walk or be forced to take "The People's Hybread Bus" to work.
Movie stars should also be allowed to use SUVs because they are important and need that transportation.


"Inconvenient movie is more like it. I can't find the thing anywhere."

Truly Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, don't have to find the movie. It finds us. With every breath, we smell the stench of the KKKonservative KKKhristians' KKKulture of KKKorruption that not even the fresh wind that would be created by Impeaching and Imprisoning of Der ChimpenReichsFuhrer, DicKKK Cheney, KKKondi Rice, Donald KKK Rumsfeld and even John AshKKKroft for their hideous War KKKrimes that have kkkcomitted in the pursuit of their Blood War For Oil For Sunshine for their Oil Masters at HitlerBurton followed by the installment of The Rightful President of 2000, Al Gore, and The Rightful President of 2004, Jean Francois Kerry who actually fought in a war for 3 whole months, even that fresh wind would not wash away the malodorous fumes of The Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family and their SUVs.
BTW, I just got a 60GB iPod and have loaded about 25 CDs of Hendrix on it. Anyone who thinks there is such a thing as too much Hendrix is a fuckhead. IMHO.



"By “we”, Gore of course means “YOU”, for we simply can’t have the once and future President walking around to all his lucrative speaking engagements like a common peasant. "

...not to mention crapping in the backyard behind the rose bushes.

Nice to see you've come around on the universal Human Right of indoor plumbing, LibLarry..."Mr. Tire Iron" is VERY persuasive when he debates "Mr. Kneecap", huh?



Unless we surrender ourselves completely to our benevolent progressive leaders and reject the right-wing's use of fear as a means to control us, civilization as we know it will cease to exist.

Damn straight! From this day forward I vow to be the lapdog sychophant of every exteme liberal ... I mean Progressyve leader in government so as to avoid the terrifying spectre of the end of all civilization!

I mean, granted, if we all died starving and riddled with disease, it would give more room for Gaia's other bountiful non-fossile-fuel consuming creatures. But without civilization, there will be no more Michael Moooores ... no more Charly Sheens! No more Peace Mother Sheehans! No more Alec Baldwins!! My GAIA! The horror!


As a progressive, I'm really good at looking down my nose and saying " Do as I say, cavedweller, not as I do".

I'm just thankfull to Gaia that she gives him the lifespirt and the jet fuel to act as a bright candle in the dark world of bush's fascism.

I so was shocked and upset on 9/11. I saw the burning twin towers and I sceeched, "Look at all that dark smoke!" "It will cause global warming!"

I hope that our islamic overloards find more earth-friendly ways to stop US imperialism!



I mean GLOBAL CAPITALISM = GLOBAL WARMING! The rove ming control machine is working overtime today!


I would join you spd, but the drive to your house is even further than the drive to my work. So to help out on global warming, I will drive to work instead. My heart will also remain stone cold.


Studies Portray Tropical Arctic in Distant Past

This "news" article somehow fails to mention how The Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family have used their SUVs throughout unrecorded and recorded history to influence the climate of Gaia's Planet Earth to enrich their own pockets!!!!


I cry for our civilization every time I play my bootleg copy Al Gore's masterpiece on my laptop. *sobs*

This is all the more reason to abort all children now, so one of those snotty bastards doesn't invent a nuclear powered SUV to wipe us all off the face of Mother Sheehan's green Earth. Oh, and wipe out the evil Joooos while we're at it...


Now this is speaking truth to power in a Pearl Jam concert review!

After two encores, and phone calls to multiple cab companies which would not pick up passengers in Camden, a city considered by many the worst in the U.S., I eventually made it back over the Ben Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia to try a famous Philly cheese steak. As I approached the register at the restaurant I noticed a sign asking customers to remember Officer Daniel Faulker, “shot and killed by Mumia Abu-Jamal.” Until that moment it hadn’t occurred to me that anyone still believed Mumia, who is probably the most famous political prisoner in the United States after the Rosenbergs, was actually guilty of killing a cop here in South Philly. I didn’t notice the second sign, admonishing customers to “Order in English, This is America,” until the girl across from me, who had also just come from the concert, pointed to it, exclaiming, “That’s so funny, I want a shirt that says that.”

The Exorcist

I watched this movie at a private screening with my dear friend, fellow progessive, and Hollywood-controlling Joo, Steven Spielbergstein. The climax of this fact-based documentary is the final scene when President Gore turns into that green bitch from The Wizard Of Oz and starts shieking: "We're melting! We're melting! You little red-state bitch! That bucket wouldn't have been filled with water if another iceberg hadn't melted and flowed into my castle! Where the hell are my monkey-servants when I need them?"

There wasn't a dry eye in Steven's mansion. We poured another glass of French wine, held hands and just cried. Of course, Steven has human servants so fortunately, we all got take turns beating them to release the toxic feelings in our hearts. It's a night I'll never forget.


"Hollywood-controlling Joo, Steven Spielbergstein"

There are Joooos in Hollywood?

Who knew?


I am outraged (OUTRAGED!) that Al Gore could be allowed to spread his inconvenients 'truths'!
Where's fascist the police state we were promised?
Al should be frog marched to the re-education camps (which we were also promised)!


Over at Villainous Company, there is a pic of Algore either whacking himself in the head with a giant penis,
or giving an acceptance speech upon being given "Knob Of The Year" award.

He deserves nothing less in his tiresome efforts to single out the haves and have nots and screw them.

Red Loser

"Unless we surrender ourselves completely to our benevolent progressive leaders and reject the right-wing's use of fear as a means to control us, civilization as we know it will cease to exist."

Genius. I applaud you with those funny things on the ends of my arms.


Does anyone else smell...Oscar?

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